What preppers are saying…

My Journal book series special offer“I just finished Book 1. Holy Cow!!! Thanks for keeping me awake most of the night! I actually purchased ur book over a month ago and struggled with the diary format at first. I had actually put it away after reading for about 20 minutes, but decided to give it a second try this weekend. I am so glad I did!!! I really got into it once I got accustomed to ur writing style/format. I will order ur next book. now I am hooked!!! How many books will there be in this series?”

{update 10-days later} “So I got Book 2 yesterday afternoon and just finished it….bawled my eyes out!!! I learned so much from both of the books on so many levels. I feel that I am a better person for having read them. Thank you for sharing your talents, testimony, and tactical training with us. I feel motivated to be better prepared!!!”

“Another reading marathon and I am almost through your second book. I know that I have to carve out large amounts of time because I have such a hard time putting it down once I start. My comments so far: Very well done on how you weave current events, human nature, and spirituality into your stories. I have to keep reminding myself that I am reading fiction… or am I? It is a roller coaster ride as I read through the victories and defeats (both personal and macro). I plan on sharing this with members of my family who immediately put up defenses if they think it is a religious-based book. I think it will plant seeds to have deeper discussions.”

“Liked the first book. Convincing, right down to the occasional typo or mis-spelling (nice touch). I very rarely read a novel because if it’s a good one I end up staying way late into the night and next morning reading it. This time was no exception; I didn’t get much sleep (four hours) and then had to get up and finish it! A few comments: Some of what you put into the story I knew already, but I was pleased to also find much that I didn’t know!”

“Oh Boy! I loved the first book and was left hanging waiting for the 2nd one to appear! Buy these 2 books everyone-you won’t be disappointed! They are not only entertaining, but they have a lot of really great prep info that will make you think about your own preps-very good info AH! (I laughed out loud at the names you gave to well known individuals! Everyone will recognize who they are, but really, the names are great!)”

“I can tell you all that it is a great read. IMHO it is well worth buying and I must warn you all that you will have a hard time putting the book down once you start reading it. I cant see anyone not liking this book. I am looking forward to the release so I can go get a copy as soon as it comes out and read it again. I really like this series and AH has one a great job with it. Well done AH!”

Special offer on My Journal - Surviving the Collapse

I am offering my first two books, softcover edition…

My Journal – Surviving the Collapse and My Journal – Going Home for sale for $30.00

Along with the books I will sign each book and include a “dedication” if requested. Shipping will be free; USPS Priority Mail. And, I will include a $5.00 off coupon for the softcover version of the upcoming preparedness manuals. Along with the $5.00 coupon I will also include a free PDF version of the purchased preparedness manual.

For $30.00 –

  • Two signed softcover versions of My Journal $30
  • eBook version of each My Journal books
  • Free Priority shipping.
  • Dedications for each book upon request.
  • $5.00 off coupon for upcoming preparedness manuals.
  • Free PDF version of each purchased preparedness manual.

My Journal book series special offerBuy Now Button with Credit Cards

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