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Special Edition 10/27/2015
{ The Federal Government }


Item #1 –

Back in 2013 the information came out that the IRS was specifically targeting Conservative groups all the way IRS was specifically targeting Conservative groupsback to 2009 & 2010. Their targeting originally thought limited to not approving their non-profit status. In 2014 Lois Learner, a top executive at the IRS, resigned because of her involvement. In 2013 – 2014 Congress investigated the situation and found widespread corruption in the IRA against Conservatives. In 2014 the FBI is accused of “impeding” the investigation into the IRS targeting. In 2015 documents revealed through the Congressional investigation show clear, significant, and undeniable cooperation between the Department of Justice (FBI) and the IRS going all the way back to 2011. Not only that, it was the FBI’s FBI's Domestic Terrorist Unit that was working with the IRS to target Conservative groups.Domestic Terrorist Unit that was working with the IRS to target Conservative groups.

As if even possible, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms was brought in to work with the IRS and the FBI in targeting of Conservative groups.

But, there is even some irony to this…despicable and disgusting irony. At the order of the Department of Justice, late in 2013 the FBI was called in to investigate this horrific abuse of power by the government. Did you catch that? The very same Department that is working with the IRS to target and harass Conservative groups was called in to investigate the situation…investigate itself. Amazing that the investigation showed no problems.

One of the primary tests to determine if a police state exists is “a political unit characterized by repressive governmental control of political, economic, and social life usually by an arbitrary exercise of power by police and especially secret police.”

BINGO! Do you think that the US Federal government is in-fact expanding as an existing police state? Do you now have proof that the FBI, the IRS, the ATF, and the DOJ are wholly and completely corrupt to their very core?

The FBI has a proven history of extreme violence against the citizens of the United States. The IRS has been repeatedly, and rightfully so, compared to the “Gestapo” in their treatment of US citizens. Especially since the IRS operates outside of any judicial and Constitutional system when going after citizens for tax issues. Yet, neither government agency is ever held held accountable for their criminal violence and intimidation.

Or, are you not caring what our government agencies do to its citizens? Have we all grown that numb, we don’t care, or…it’s just not us there messing with…yet?

< source >  < source >  < source >  < source >

Item #2 –

The Secret Service is at it again. The Secret Service has a well-know and well-documented decades long history of drunkenness, use of  prostitutes (including minors), and incompetence. But, starting in 2013 the Secret Service took their behavior to a whole new level…they purposely covered up the shooting of 34-year-old Miriam Carey Secret Service Miriam Careywho had her 1-yearol daughter in the backseat. Miriam Carey was shot in the head. Miriam Carey was guilty of nothing. The Secret Service tried to paint her as trying to break onto the White House grounds. However, there is not a single shred of evidence that Miriam Carey did anything to breach White House security. To this day the Secret Service will not release information about their actions, decisions, or investigation results to the public.

Just when you thought the Secret Service couldn’t get any scummier…they out-do themselves. At 10 a.m. on March 24, 2015 Rep. Jason Chaffetz convened a House Secret Service Jason ChaffetzOversight and Government Reform Committee hearing to look into scandals involving the Secret Service. Eighteen minutes after that Congressional Committee began its hearing, a Secret Service agent improperly accessed the agency’s restricted database to unearth unflattering information about Rep. Jason Chaffetz. But it doesn’t end there. Two days later an Assistant Director in the Secret Service suggested that the embarrassing information should be made public in retaliation for the congressman’s embarrassing probe. And that information was leaked to the press.

An Inspector General found that, in all, at least 45 Secret Service agents illegally accessed the Chaffetz file. All of which are criminal violations of the U.S. Privacy Act. Some Secret Service agents took screenshots of the information in the database and forwarded them to other people inside and outside of the government agency. Secret Service Assistant Director Edward LoweryEighteen supervisors, including Assistant Director Edward Lowery (left) involved in leaking the information. They all knew that the file was being circulated widely around the agency was illegally obtained, and that their actions were also illegal. That illegally obtained information was in-fact repeatedly released to the media by multiple SS agents and directors.

So you have yet another agency of the Government engaging in extreme criminal activity, this time against a United States Congressman! They did so to bring the full force of their SS power against the Congressman to shut him up, to stop an investigation into the SS’s scandals, and extensive criminal activity.

And what is the result? Nothing…absolutely nothing! The criminals inside the SS are not held accountable in any way. Yet again, one of the primary tests to determine if a police state exists is “a political unit characterized by repressive governmental control of political, economic, and social life usually by an arbitrary exercise of power by police and especially secret police.”

Here we have the United States Secret Service engaging in criminal activity to stop the US Congress from investigating their agency’s other criminal activity. How mush more criminal can it get? How much better of confirmation of a police state do you want?

< source >  < source >  < source >

Item #3 –

President Obama authorized the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms) to begin a program called obama and holder authorize Operation fast and furious“Fast & Furious.” The program involved selling violent Mexican Drug Cartels firearms, everything from pistols, rifles, carbines, to fully-automatic military-grade weapons. When an ATF agent blew the whistle on the program after the obama and holder authorize Operation fast and furiousweapons began showing up at violent murder scenes in Mexico, the ATF went after him to discredit him. Then the weapons started showing up involved with the deaths of Americans inside our own borders. And those violent murders included Border patrol agents and other law enforcement. The gun-running scheme also involved the participation of the US Attorney’s Office (part of the Department of Justice).

The next step in this horrific scandal was Attorney General Eric Holder (Obama’s close personal friend) began to criticize the critics of the F&F scandal. He did so in an effort to intimidate those testifying against him and multiple eric holder doesn't cooperate with fast and furious hearings investigationfederal government agencies. When that didn’t work Holder simply refused to cooperate with the Congressional investigation. When that didn’t work President Obama invoked “Executive Privilege” effectively shutting down any member of his staff from testifying in any proceeding. Obama even extended that “Executive Privilege” to Holder’s wife; not a US employee.

So you have an illegal gun running operation that puts guns in the hands of extremely violent Mexican Cartel members and American criminals. Those same guns are used to kill untold numbers of citizens and law enforcement obama executive privledge fast and furiouspersonnel on both sides of an international border. And when an investigation is just about to tie this criminal activity directly to President Obama…the investigation stops cold due to “Executive Privilege.”

Once more, one of the primary tests to determine if a police state exists is “a political unit characterized by repressive governmental control of political, economic, and social life usually by an arbitrary exercise of power by police and especially secret police.”

And you have multiple US federal law enforcement agencies engaging in criminal activities with full approval from the highest of U.S. government offices…and nothing happens. They are let off the hook, no one, not a single criminal government employee, is held accountable.

Your thug police state federal government at work for against you!

< source >  < source >  < source >

Item #4 –

This is going to a compilation of events to further a point…

  • NSA flagrantly violating the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution with no oversight or accountability. < source >
  • FBI & DHS identify any veteran, patriot, conservative, libertarian, Christian as a “potential domestic terrorist.” < source >
  • Obama Administration has the FBI investigate Fox News in an effort to intimidate them to stop negative coverage. < source >obama and the federal goverment is destroying the constitution
  • Obama Administration directs spy agencies to begin anti-Constitutional spying activities on the internet. < source >
  • Obama Administration orders the EPA to begin create anti-Constitutional regulations against landowners. < source >
  • Obama’s 2012 NDAA authorizes the military to indefinitely detain, without charges or trial or access to legal council, any American citizen. < source >
  • Obama Administration orders military Christian chaplains to stop preaching the gospel from the Bible. < source >
  • Obama Administration sets a policy the military allowing the rape of minor children in foreign countries. < source >
  • BLM special operations unit armed to the teeth nearly open fire on peaceful demonstrators. < source >
  • US federal government funds infanticide that has killed more babies than all the deaths combined in WW2. < source >

And the list goes on and on and on…

Summary –

At what point? When do we? How much more?

Do you enjoy living in a corrupt, vile, all-powerful police state?

Do you enjoy living in a country where government officials can get away with any criminal behavior, even murder?

Yet, “We The People“, are brutalized at every turn by a federal government that has only one goal…POWER!

Think about it…Obama, Holder, Learner, Lowery, and many more politicians can sponsor murder, gun running, lie to Congress, intimidate, attack, and brutalize with impunity. But, you can be intimidated, dragged out of your car, beaten, maybe even shot for any violation imaginable…even a broken taillight.

Get used to your lack of freedoms, liberties, and rights…or do something about it. But, it is going to get worse, much worse.

ruling class politicians destroying america

Have a plan!

Be prepared!

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