Keeping Your Baofeng UV-5RA Handheld Radio Charged with Solar!

Baofeng UV-5RAThe Baofeng UV-5RA radio is an awesome radio for use during emergencies, disasters, and any grid-down event. The radio can be used by a wire range of folks; emergency responders to hardcore preppers.

But the #1 question I keep being asked is, “How do I charge the batteries when the power is out?”

Here is yet another answer…

This by no means a prefect answer, maybe not even a great answer, nut it is an answer and it does work. Well, it will work if there is plenty of sunshine and you aren’t in a big hurry.

Remember the OCD never shuts off, so I am always thinking about challenges and issues facing preppers. I guess that might be part of my ADD kicking in as well. Radios are great, they are a “force multiplier” to be sure, a life saver no doubt. But, they are only those things if they are working. Dead batteries are not your friend!

So I keep trying to figure out different ways to keep the batteries alive and the radios functioning. Your personal solar charger is one answer. You can use your SolPad, GoalZero or any other personal solar system, this article simply gives you the concept. I used my SolPad for this proof of concept.

I simply set up the SolPad with the cigarette adapter, made sure it was plugged in to my 12vDC outlet from the charge controller. Plugged in the Radioshop888 vehicle charger, connected my Baofeng charging cradle, then set the radio in it. Well, before I set my radio in the charging cradle I verified that the cradle red light was on showing solar charger for the baofeng uv-5r radio that it could charge.

Then I remembered that I would more than likely be charging a stand-alone battery because I would be using my radio with another battery. So I pulled the battery, set it in the cradle and it started to solar charger for the baofeng uv-5r radio charge. Amazing!


It was really simple to configure and used a small footprint. Due to some previously scheduled activities I wasn’t able to do a full test on how long it would take to charge a battery. I will fully discharge a battery and begin a timed test to see how long it takes to fully charge an 1800mAh battery. I will post those results when it is complete.

In the mean time…you have one more option to keep your batteries fully charged and your radio fully operational.


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5 thoughts on “Keeping Your Baofeng UV-5RA Handheld Radio Charged with Solar!

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  2. I can’t seem to find the Solpad that yo are talking about. Which model isit and where can you buy it? Always look forward to your articles.



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