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New baofeng UV-5RA radio information pageI’ve been hard at work trying to give you more of what you’ve been looking for. I have a had a huge demand for more radio information. Ham radio information searches is the #1 set of search terms used on Internet search engines to find my website. And radio communications operations should be a serious focus for Baofeng UV-5RA radiopreppers everywhere. And I’ve heard that call!

And since the #1 value in radios is the Baofeng UV-5RA, I am really trying to get the information out there for you. To do so I’ve created a single page to provide links to all of the articles on the Baofeng UV-5RABaofeng radio. It is a master list if you will of information. From that new page you can see all the articles about the UV-5RA. You can also find “warnings”, “fixes” and great reviews of different UV-5RA accessories.

And there is a second UV-5RA page as well… FREE PROGRAMMING FILES!

I have complied a large list of different programming files for the UV-5RA radios. I make it easy to download the ZIP file. Then unzip the file and upload the file to your radio via RT Systems software. Or, you can download a file, open it, and copy the information you need RTsystems3into your own programming file for uploading to your UV-5RA.

Take a look at the huge amount of information that is there…and more will be added to it each week!

The Baofeng UV-5RA Home Page < click here >

The FREE Baofeng UV-5RA Programming Files Home Page < click here >

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