TIPS : Eating during emergencies, disasters, and grid-down.

FoodPile001When in any kind of emergency, disaster or “grid-down” situation you need to change your eating habits. During these high-stress times you are likely to be working harder than normal by a fairly large margin. Your body will need extra calories. A man performing heavy labor outside exposed to the elements can easily Men Working Hard during emergencies, disasters and grid-downburn 4000 – 7000 calories a day. Yup!!! That is no typo…7000 calories!

And on top of needing a bunch of calories when expending a large amount of calories, how those calories are ingested is also important. First, starting eating early in the day. Eat something nutritious within 30 minutes of waking up. Then eat every 90 – 120 minutes thereafter. You don’t have to eat anything big, but granola quaker oats dips Granola Barsbars, cheese sticks, crackers, fruit, nuts, etc. will keep your energy up. A decent sized lunch and dinner is a good thing, but plenty of in-between snacking is both important and required.

Foods to avoid would be anything with a large amount of sugar in it. Any Sugarcaffeinated drinks…other than a “wake-up” jolt if needed.

Mainly try to avoid a lot of any one food item. The key is variety and moderation in portions.

Your body is a machine in many aspects. And machines take fuel to stay running. And the better the fuel, the better the performance.

Running out of fuel can cause problems in any machine or in the human body when trying to get a “restart.” Avoid putting yourself in that position of needing a restart to begin with. You avoid that situation and many other problems by eating a healthy people working in the gardenvariety of the right foods in moderate amounts throughout the day.

Stay healthy, stay strong, stay alive, eat right.

And don’t short yourself on calorie intake!



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