> Brand New Online Store !

New website page dedicated to radio communications ham radio resources

New online store at ahtrimble.com

Are those flashy enough graphics for you?

Well, many of the website visitors have been asking to buy products and to make it easier to buy my books. So here is the answer…an online store!

Nothing fancy, but a way to buy a few of the things that are in demand the most.My Journal book series special offer

Each book is now for sale individually or as a set. I will sign them and ship them the next morning USPS Priority Mail. More book information →

One of the most exciting things I’ve done in a long time is to bring the Baofeng radio to the mass market. So many Baofeng UV-5RA radio for salepeople knew this is the radio they wanted -needed- to buy. But, it was a little overwhelming to them on where to buy it, what to buy with it, how to put it all together, and how to program it so it would work in their area for them. Well, I solved that problem!!!

I decided to put together complete packages, everything from a single radio to a whole radio cache.Radio Cache for emergencies, disasters, and grid-down baofeng radio cache

I am not the cheapest place to buy the radio or the accessories. I can’t ship within an hour of placing the order. But I put together radio kits that work, are efficient, and I’ve programmed the radios personally with freqs that cover repeaters in their operational areas plus the FRD/GMRS/MURS channels, and even NOAA weather freqs. More radio information →

AH Trimble.com Online Store-001

Come visit the Online Store!  More information →

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