> Correction !

On 11/17/2015 I posted a “Heads Up!” article. At the very end of the article I posted a picture with a quote attributed to Valerie Jarrett. In that quote it states she says:

  1. She was born in Iran.
  2. That she is Muslim.
  3. She wants to make America a more Islamic country.

As I was doing some investigation on another, but related, subject I came across information that leads me to believe that the quote is not correct. I have changed the original article to withdraw the quote and associated information. This is what I was able to verify:

  1. Jarrett was born in Shiraz, Iran. However, her parents are American. Jarrett spent her early childhood in Iran.
  2. To the best of my research Ms Jarrett has not identified her religion publicly. Therefore, I can’t in good conscious validate her religious ties, if any.
  3. She has never identified herself as Muslim. Actually, one of her grandfathers is Jewish according to reliable sources and publicized on TV (Roots).
  4. In February, 2015 she attended a meeting in the White House of American’s Muslim leaders but there is no evidence she was there as a “Muslim leader”, but rather in her role as senior adviser to Obama.
  5. Judicial Watch obtained FBI files through FOIA, that Jarrett’s maternal grandfather and father-in-law were Communists. And both were under investigation by the FBI for their activities related to their Communist associations. At least one of those associations included a Soviet agent. However, those same FBI files made no mention of her connection religiously to Islam.

Valerie Jarret a MuslimI apologize for not doing a better job prior to the release of the article on 11/17.

To Ms Jarrett, I apologize to you personally for my mistake in the article. I invite you to state publicly what religion you profess, if any. That might help to clear up any misunderstandings in the future.

AH Trimble

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