SitRep (11/23/2015)

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Heads-UP 11/23/2015

Updated at 7:30 MDT (see below)

Just wanted to bring some things to the forefront to keep you thinking and to keep the pot stirred. These are not the times to be complacent or ignorant.

My wife forwarded this email to me last night. She had received it from her sister, who had received it from her best friend. Before I go any further, I want a commitment from you to read the whole article today. Otherwise, you will miss the “kicker” at the very end of the article that brings this all into perspective relative to the email.

  1. The email –

“You’ve seen reports of the refugee crisis here.  Women and children evoke compassion, but 70% or more of the arrivals are men in their late teens thru twenties.

Every day for the past 2 weeks when I walk to the Penny Market, there’s a group on the corner by the village bulletin board. 

First few days, there were 2 or 3 men sharing one smartphone (one earbud wire in an ear of each of 2 guys).

Then the group became 4 , then 5.  Early this week, there were 8 men and a younger kid (male of course, 13-14?) hanging out on the corner – each with his OWN smartphone and earbuds. 

It is rather intimidating.  I don’t feel comfortable going into their midst to look at the concert and holiday announcements on the board. 

And if they’re poor, unemployed refugees, how do they all have smartphones?  I wonder if they have money to send back to mothers/wives at home.  Weird.”Syrian Refugee men in street in germany

  1. Let me verify for you that the author of the email is living in Germany. She is referring to the Syrian refugees that are streaming into Germany and the rest of Europe. She validates the pictures of large numbers of Syrians flooding into Europe and America…most are military age males. That is an established fact.
  1. What I want to do now is share a few thoughts on the predominant aspect of this so-called “crisis” that has developed.

70%, or more, of the refuges currently flooding into Europe and America are males between the ages of 18 – Syrian Refugees are mostly military age men30. Do you find that odd? Do you find if disconcerting? Do you find it downright scary? I find it disgusting!

Let me paint this picture for you…whatever country you live in, what would your reaction be if a group of military aged men came streaming in and beginning a war?

Especially a war where they SyrianRefugees-002are brutal, extremely violent, persecuting Christians, raping all ages of women, killing anyone they don’t like, and destroying anything that is remotely disparaging of their viewpoints.

How about if they took over entire cities and states…what would you do? What if it were your wife, daughter, or sister that they were turning into sex slaves to be sold in meat markets?

I don’t know of a single man in my wide-range of friends that would do anything less than pickup their AR or shotgun Father loving and protecting Daughteror pistol and go kill every last one of these invaders. I think most of the men I know would fight tanks with Molotov Cocktails or their bare hands if they had to. Every father I know, every brother that I know, would fight to their last breath to protect their daughter or sister.

And then there is the patriot aspect. Every red-blooded American I personally know would arm themselves, organize, and respond to any FatherDaughter-002attempted takeover of our country by enemy forces, internal or external. There would be hell to pay for anyone brazen enough to think they could waltz in and takeover our country, our state, or our community.

So, why are all the prime military age fighting capable men leaving Syria?

I propose there is only one of two reason; 1) they are the worst of cowards to the bottom of their souls, 2) they are here to perpetrate their violence on all those around the world that will take them in.

Which is the better answer?

Think about it…you have a culture and a religion that so affects, so indoctrinates, so influences these men Muslim Men are cowards - they abandon their families, wife and children(millions of them) to be utter cowards! They are convinced that leaving their wives, sisters, mothers, and daughters to be used as sex slaves, repeatedly raped and beaten till they are eventually killed. They think so little of their country they, at the first opportunity, abandon the country, their community, that they grew up in!

They are utter cowards! Are those the people we want in our country? Any decent person would say absolutely not. But, any limp-wristed, metrosexual, sissy, liberal and progressive would welcome them with open arms. These are exactly the kinds of men that they want…that they love…that they aspire to be.

As a sense of perspective…try to imagine what the American men and teenage boys living in this country would do if a bunch of Islamic terrorists tried their crap in the USA like they are doing all over the Middle East. Just think what would happen. Their little jihad would last about 48 hours before all of the murderous Muslims were all dead.

Alternatively, what if the fleeing Syrian Muslims are not cowards? Then the only answer would be they are entering the different countries to spread Islam. Don’t get me wrong, if Islam could peacefully coexist in the world with other religions, fine. But, the Muslims by the 10’s and 100’s of millions are proving that they only want death, violence, and Shira Law domination of others.

I did hear some liberal commentator saying that the men coming in are just looking to find a home, a job and then bring their wife and children. What?????? Do they actually believe anyone in their right mind would believe that blatant lie?

Test it – Would any self-respecting man leave their their wife and children, their family, in a war ravaged country to be raped and killed while the man worked safe and sound in a entirely different country? No! Absolutely not. Maybe some liberal narcissist might. But no man worth the title of father or husband would do such a thing.

  1. Before we get too far along let’s remember that the directors of the FBI, CIA, DHS have already publicly stated that they can’t properly “vet” the refugees. This means that every single refugee coming into the USA and any other country they are fleeing to, can be a potential terrorist. Granted, I will remove those under the Obama is Arrogant age of about six and Christians.

Remember Barry recently made fun of those worrying about Syrian widows and orphans? Yeah, that was the day after an 11-year old girl armed with a suicide vest blew herself up along with a bunch of other people. Yeah, the very same dimwitted president that hours before the Paris attacks claimed that ISIS was contained.

Oh sorry, Barry said “ISIL.” Barry is too arrogant and elitist to call ISIS by their true name like the rest of the world. Barry has to show he is smarter than everyone else by using terms, such as ISIL, that no one else uses.

So back to these refugees…so how are they being vetted?

The United Nations vets them for all these countries, including the USA. Wow…now there is an organization you can trust! Oh, wait…they aren’t vetting the refugees either. They have contracted it out. To whom have they contracted you ask?

The UN has contracted Muslim Iraqis and Syrians to vet the refugees that are coming here. Now there is a recipe for disaster! Do I even need to point out all the potential problems with this? Yeah, didn’t think so.

  1. Conclusively we have narrowed it down to two basic nefarious options in play here. Neither of these options is good for the United States. While Europe may like the opportunity to commit national suicide, I am not crazy about it for the United States.

And I am not alone. 31 state Governors have stated they don’t want any more refugees at this time. Congress just overwhelmingly passed a bi-partisan bill (heavy Dem support for the Republican bill) to tighten how the refugees are vetted. Poll released Sunday morning shows that 60% of Americans want the refugees to stop for now.


  • Majority of Governors say Barry’s refugee program has to stop.
  • Majority of Congress say Barry’s refugee program has to be tightened.
  • Majority of American citizens don’t support Barry’s refugee program.
  • Every major poll shows the clear majority of Americans –
    • Disapprove of Obama’s handling of ISIS
    • Disapprove of Obama’s handling of terrorism
    • Disapprove of Obama’s handling of the refugees
    • Disapprove of Obama’s handling of foreign policy
  1. All of this being said…President Obama pushes forward with bringing in more and more Syrian refuges into this country. Obama is a DictatorAnd he does this knowing full well that his FBI, CIA, and DHS directors are publicly stating and testifying before Congress that they can’t vouch for the refugees because they aren’t being properly vetted.

Actually, since the Paris attacks Obama has stated multiple times that he will increase the number of Syrian refugees he is bringing into the country…despite nearly 2/3 of everyone in the country opposing him.

That has to make a normal person ask, “Why is he doing this?”

  1. Now, let me finish the story about the email I started this article with. The woman who wrote the email is married to a Muslim. Yup, a Christian woman married to a Muslim is worried about all the military age Muslim men showing up on the street corners of Germany where she lives.
Update –

In a story on The Blaze this afternoon, Fred Lucas revealed the following, ” ‘The truth of the matter is there is no effective means or magical litmus test to assess prospective terrorists hidden among the throngs of refugees applying for entry into the United States,’ said Nathan Catura, president of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association.”

ALL, and I do mean all, of the evidence, the actual facts, prove that we can not screen out the terrorists coming in with the Syrian Muslim refugees. All the law enforcement agencies know it, the politicians know it, the average citizens know it…and so does Obama. Yet, he does it anyway. You gotta ask, “Why?”

The answer should scare the hell out of you!.


Summary –

Should you be worried? After all, Obama himself said he was going to “fundamentally transform American.” Is this the transformation you want?

Muslims want to dominate the world

violent islamic attacks in america

islam is violent and will kill you

“If ye are prepared ye shall not fear.”


plan prepare practice


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9 thoughts on “SitRep (11/23/2015)

  1. The original refugees that came to America were of Christian decent. ” our great great grandparents. Todays “BARRY” refugees are here to dilute the Republic and Constitution. Strip WE THE PEOPLE of our freedom by over taxing us to pay for them. As war is waged on us. One attack = Martial Law and BARRY is king.

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  3. Most of these people are fleeing conscription from either the syrian side or various rebel groups. Think about this in the context of

    Alma 47:5-7
    5 And now he had got the command of those parts of the Lamanites who were in favor of the king; and he sought to gain favor of those who were not obedient; therefore he went forward to the place which was called Onidah, for thither had all the Lamanites fled; for they discovered the army coming, and, supposing that they were coming to destroy them, therefore they fled to Onidah, to the place of arms.

    6 And they had appointed a man to be a king and a leader over them, being fixed in their minds with a determined resolution that they would not be subjected to go against the Nephites.

    7 And it came to pass that they had gathered themselves together upon the top of the mount which was called Antipas, in preparation to battle.

    Were the Lamanites at Onidah cowards?


    • Why they are leaving the area isn’t my problem, and I really couldn’t care less. Having them come here, having them gain access to our running-on-borrowed-money resources, and being potential terrorists IS my (our) problem. As a nation we are broke and broken! Why not take care of the estimated 50,000 homeless veterans on our streets?

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    • Lamanites are not the subject of the post. There is no way to compare them to the Islamic Syrians. This article is about the here an now, not history well over 1000 years old. And what is going on with the Muslim Syrian refugees may have a direct impact on me. If the Syrains don’t like what is being done to their country, families, friends, and communities…then they need to take up arms and defend their homes and families.


      • You are right. We, (you and I) are better than that. I’m willing to bet 99% of the people reading this blog are too. Most preppers? Yup. The rest of our esteemed countrymen? I doubt it. Joe six-pack mentality.

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  4. We were promised Barry would “fundamentally change America”, and so far it’s the one promise he has kept. Will the Hill and Bill show 2.0 be any different? I see no reason to think so. I also doubt the Republicans can win or if they did that they would be much different.

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