SitRep (12/04/2015) – So here we go again…

I wrote this last night but I wanted to sit on it before I posted it. I spent several hours writing, editing, adding, subtracting, and checking my material. But I wanted t make sure it was the right article at the right time. This is the right time.

muslim Terrorist Attack again

Yes, again we get attacked by Muslim terrorists, and what happens in this country? We see the insanity come flying out of every nook and cranny you can imagine. No surprise really, business as usual in a country that has lost its way.

So, let’s take a look at facts, hardcore facts about what happened and why:

  1. Two Muslims arm themselves and attack American citizens on American soil. 30+ casualties
  2. The American citizens that were attacked were enjoying a festive occasion that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ.CIA-001
  3. Who exactly failed to foil this Muslim terrorist attack?
    • CIA
    • NSA
    • DIA
    • DOJFBI fails
    • DHS
    • CIANSA fails
    • FBI
    • TSA
    • CHP



All our law enforcement agencies -that we pour trillions of dollars into collectively and individually- completely and utterly failed at their one job…to keep Americans safe.

So you ask, “How can this happen? How can our whole entire government at every level utterly fail to do their job to keep us safe?”

The answer is quite simple. We have a government that has no ability, or desire, to face reality and go after our Economic Warning - Obama is a failure and a liarenemies…those who would and do kill us. Why? One of many reasons, because we have a complete failure of leadership in the person of our President, Barack Hussein Obama.

But, before we get too far along that line of discussion let’s touch on one other matter first…the lunatic left. Yes, the radical leftists and extremist Progressives in this country. Yes, I am speaking about mostly Democrats but I throw in the Progressive element of the Republicans as well.

Rather than look at the real cause and reason for the terrorist attack they were all over the place, most settling on the “workplace violence” mantra that their clown-in-chief Obama has spewed in the past. And of course they also immediately went to the gun control charade.

But is that realistic?

Destroying the gun control argument

Of course what is the first thing the liberal/progressive nutcases come out with? Yup, gun violence and the need for gun control! Ah, one problem…albeit a major one for them.

This Muslim terrorist attack occurred in California. California has the strictest gun control laws of any state in the country. Liberals and Progressives hold California as the model for their anti-gun crusade. So here are a couple facts:

  • The two Muslims bought two pistols in California legally. So they complied with California’s strict gun laws.
  • They also had two carbines/rifles, both of which were given to them. Reports are saying that the weapons were purchased legally. However, they were not transferred to the Muslim terrorists according to California law.GunControl009

So here you have two Muslim terrorists that almost comply with very strict gun laws and still acquire guns. They don’t comply with strict gun laws 100% and they still acquire guns. So exactly how did strict gun laws help? And then that begs the questions, “Who would comply 100% with strict gun laws?” Ah, law-abiding people…the ones that aren’t the problem to begin with.

Conclusion – Strict gun laws simply do not stop the bad guys from getting guns.

Strict gun laws hurt normal citizens

So far we completely destroyed the anti-gun fanatic’s argument on gun control. But, let’s now show how they are partially responsible for all that carnage. Yup, the radical anti-Constitutional, anti-gun crazies help kill and injure all those victims in San Bernardino.

Australia Gun ControlCalifornia has strict gun laws, strictest in the nation. They promote an anti-gun culture through multiple venues. One of which is San Bernardino County’s “may issue” status for conceal carry permits. And to make matters worse, San Bernardino County’s CCW permit process is long, slow, and very expensive. And this is by design, they don’t want citizens to have CCW permits because they don’t’ want citizens to carry weapons to be able to protect themselves. And that leads us to the next point.GunFrreZone-001

Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino is a “gun-free zone.” Yup! The folks there want you to be unarmed and completely unable to protect yourself. Do bad guys and Muslims terrorists abide by “gun-free zones”? Of course not! But LEOs will jump at the chance to lock up a regular person who accidently and unknowingly stumbles into one of these “free fire zones.”

Conclusion – Gun laws and gun-free zones set-up the perfect environment for mass murders.

Law enforcement failure

We have seen over and over again that law enforcement is utterly and completely incapable of protecting citizens  Failure-001from these attacks. Well, in all honesty, law enforcement agencies can’t protect us from much of anything. And, by definition it is not there job.

But how did they fail in this case? You shouldn’t even have to ask that question. They failed in a number of ways.

1. In California law enforcement promotes an anti-gun culture.

2. Law enforcement in general promotes this false concept that they are the professionals and it is their job to keep everyday citizens safe.

3. To start off this point let me ask a question, “How many traffic tickets did the local San Bernardino law enforcement agencies hand out in the previous year?”

Why is that important? Well, if they are like most areas in the country it was in the 10’s of thousands, maybe cops more interested in writing tickets than stopping terroristsmore. Do you think all of those law enforcement personnel hours, all that manpower, would have been better served doing investigations into the local Muslim terrorist networks? I would venture to say that if you asked the families of the dead and injured I know what they would probably say. I think they would have far more appreciated law enforcement working to keep their family members alive and uninjured than giving granny a speeding ticket.

4. What about the FBI, CIA and all the other alphabet agencies? Once again…simple if you look at the reality and the facts.

Take for example…The IRS has more agents than the FBI and CIA combined. Yup! Think about that for a minute. The federal government is more concerned about collecting your hard earned money by force, than they are about keeping American safe.

IRS SWATHow disgusting is that!?

And to add insult to injury, remember the IRS was, as still is, illegally focusing on Tea Party and other patriot organizations vs. the actual tax cheats. And the IRS does it in coordination with President Obama’s White House and the entire Department of Justice that also includes the FBI.

5. So the NSA has spent hundreds of billions of dollars collecting, illegally says the courts and the Constitution, all electronic correspondence and cell phone conversations for more than a decade. They blatantly violate the Constitution doing so. And, even with all of that…those clowns still can’t figure out Muslims that have clearly been communicating and working with known terrorists and terror groups from around the world.

6. I heard numerous reports, one from the police chief, talk about how brave and responsive his personnel were. What!?!?!!?!?! I couldn’t believe that he had the nerve to say something so outlandish. Here are the facts:

  • 911 calls were made very quickly after the shooting started, almost instantly.
  • 5 minutes into the incident police were just arriving on scene.
  • Even as the cops were on scene and more were arriving, the Muslim terrorists were able to walk to their vehicle and drive away.
  • For hours the Muslim terrorists remained at large completely undetected by police even though they had a detailed description of the terrorist’s vehicle. And this while the terrorist weren’t even that far away, just a couple of miles.
  • And the shootout at the vehicle…what a cluster. The cops didn’t “find” the vehicle. A citizen spotted the vehicle and called it into police, who eventually caught up to them.
  • And then the cops stopped the vehicle in a residential neighborhood and proceeded to start a military level firefight. How citizens weren’t killed is a miracle.
  • san bernadino victims With Hands Up - cop thugsBut did you notice…all the pretty police people dressed in san bernadino cop clownstheir cute little SWAT outfits and cammo? Yeah, and how did the cops treat the victims of this massacre? They made the victims march out of the building with their hands up…yeah, the victims somehow become the terrorists to the police.

I could go on and on with example after example of absolute incompetence of our law enforcement agencies but the pattern is clear and factual.

Oh, wait…one more example to prove my point on a federal level.

Yesterday and today reports were released showing that the Secret Service is a complete disaster staffed by fools. Yes, the Secret Service that is supposed to be the elite of the federal law enforcement agencies is nothing but a fraternity house of immoral and unethical clowns. They are so bad that they are averaging more than 70 security breaches per month…for over a decade. The worst of which, in terms of potential, was a man that actually jumped the White House fence and was in the White House moving around freely. He was only stopped accidentally by an off-duty agent who happened to be walking down the hallway.

Our law enforcement agencies, especially at the federal level, are dysfunctional at best…completely inept at worst. And the reason? Once again, simple. They have absolutely 100% wrong culture and mindset. They are concentrating on “enforcing laws” vs. “protect and serve.”

Conclusions – We cannot in anyway depend on law enforcement to keep us safe.

So what now?

Our Clown-In-Chief Obama will posture and endlessly mumble about anything and everything except the real Obama is a clownproblems in this country. He will go on and on about the need for gun control among other left-wing extremist ideologies. Why? Because he is a left-wing extremist that has every intention to “fundamentally transform America.” And he is making that happen.

The media will go on and on about the need to not blame Muslims…although the terrorists were in-fact Muslims. The media and the leftists will go on and on and push for gun control…although the terrorist attack in-fact occurred in the state with the toughest gun control laws.

The law enforcement agencies will go on and on about the need for more funding and the need for more “tools” to do their job. When in-fact the hundreds of billions, even trillions, of Police Are The Military occupation forcedollars spent on all those cool toys they showed off didn’t do anything to save those folks from being killed and injured at the hands of terrorists.

Nothing will change for the good, it will only get worse. More money will be spent for nothing. More laws will be passed for nothing. More politicians will pledge this or that, all for nothing. Obama will posture as the political pimp that he is, all for nothing. The government will grow larger for nothing. People’s rights and liberties will suffer and be liberals progressives Obama Destroying The Constitutiondiminished for nothing. And Muslims will continue to spread terror around the world…especially in the United States. There have been over 3,000 US citizens killed by Muslims in the United States since in the last 15 years.

Islam is the religion of peace! The numbers show that is clearly not the case.

Look at the facts! Islam in the original Arabic language means islam is violent, muslims want to kill“submission.” Most Muslims and almost every Islam apologists or sympathizers will tell you that Islam means “peace.” That is clearly not the case. And submission is exactly the way Islam was spread around the world…by submitting and conquering people by the sword for hundreds of years.

Muslims are killing us unabated in the United States and law enforcement is unable to stop it. Our President is unwilling to even acknowledge it. The liberals and Progressives want to deny it. The media ignores it. Our politicians do nothing to stop it. And now Obama is bringing in even more Muslims, this time from Syria, knowing full well that terrorists are among those coming to America.

Have you ever asked yourself “Why?”

The answer either does, or should, scare the hell out of you.

If you truly want to understand what is happening in the world today in regards to Islam you need to read the book “It IS about Islam” by Glenn Beck.

Please, protect your family, be prepared, don’t delay…what is coming, is coming soon.

plan prepare practice

Read more about Islam and Muslims…




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5 thoughts on “SitRep (12/04/2015) – So here we go again…

  1. Pingback: Do not be fooled… | A.H. Trimble - Emergency preparedness information for disasters and grid-down

  2. Just a word or two for the Progressives…
    First, I agree:
    The problem is that it would only be safer for the young and the strong. Women, children, and the elderly would all be much worse off. It is only in the last 150 years, (with the advent of small, reliable, multiple shot, simple to use firearms), that the weakest among us could hope to triumph against those bigger and stronger than they are. Also, no matter how tough you are, when confronted by multiple attackers hand to hand, your chances are very poor. Throughout antiquity ALL weapons were muscle driven- swords, spears, clubs, even drawing a bow, required upper body strength and stamina… and young strong men ruled brutally over everyone else. How does that sound to all you faux feminists out there?
    The Progressives will say “Well, it’s a good thing we have police to protect us,right”?
    The US Supreme Court has ruled (Castle Rock v. Gonzales- 2005, and at least nine other assorted court decisions) that police have NO DUTY TO PROTECT INDIVIDUAL CITIZENS, EVEN IF THAT PROTECTION HAS BEEN PROMISED. Of course if you are wealthy or a politician (that’s redundant) and have your own well armed, well trained security detail that doesn’t matter much, does it? And what is that detail likely to be armed with? The same guns they would like to keep us from owning/carrying.
    The statistics for single-person spree shooting incidents are that for each minute that passes, without armed intervention, another person dies.
    Two shooters can double that, and it is why police no longer contain and control, but immediately kick doors and go in HARD.
    Remember, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away, and that is not a knock on police. Their job is to secure the crime scene, gather evidence, and pursue the perpetrator. Do cops love to catch someone “red handed”? You bet, but the next time you talk to a cop ask him or her how often that happens.
    Gun control, by whatever name it is called is BULLSHIT. As has been said many times before “It’s not about guns, it’s about control”.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks, AH. You are a prolific writer, with well thought out opinions, and I appreciate the praise. I’ve been fighting the anti-gun BS since the GCA of 1968 (I was 14) when mail order gun sales (and so much else) was taken away. I believe I’ve heard every possible excuse for trampling our rights, and being able to offer reasoned arguments has helped me to sway a few people whose minds were not already poisoned. The rest will never change their minds, even as the last drop of blood is leaving their attacker-ravaged body. As we both know, the ultimate reason for all the hard and soft tyranny we suffer under is simply expansion of the the power of the state.


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