Layers…Part #8 – Closing Thoughts…

emergency Preparedness Layers summaryI have presented a whole lot of information over a long period of time with this subject – Layers. That is a lot of information to absorb plus staying dialed in for a couple of months. And, it may have been brand new information to you. Then again, it may have been information you heard before, I just organized it differently.

But, it works, layers works.

When you look at the “layered” concept to prepping you get a sense of what is important, what is not, what to do first and what can wait.

Proper prepping is all about priorities.

For instance, you can clearly see that having a camp stove before having a first rate first aid kit is foolish. You can die within minutes for lack of even a minimal first aid kit. Not having a camp stove just means you cook over a camp fire, or maybe eat a few cold meals. Not hardly an imminent threat to you or your family.

The other major point I hope you gathered from this series of articles is this…you are the center of your prepping. It is very personal what you are doing. If you don’t take care of the most personal aspects, the rest of your preps are almost doomed to failure.

Failure is not an option - Success is

Finally, I hope you can see a path to fill the gaps in your preps. I am sure that if you are reading this, you have some amount of preps already accomplished. I am not asking you to start over. I am asking you to refine.

I am suggesting that you evaluate everything you have in light of this “layered” concept. Color in the parts that you have covered. And then the gaps will show themselves. Now you can spend your time and resources wisely. Go fill in the gaps.

And, I suggest you do it as quickly as time and resources allow. You never know how close we really are.

Based on “layers” here are some final thoughts…

Immediate Priorities –
Intermediate Priorities –
Medium Term Priorities –
Longer Term Priorities –

its all about Priorites If you follow the priority system above you will find yourself far better prepared for what’s coming in your life. You may not have it all perfect, but you will have those things that will help you handle emergencies, disasters, and grid-down.

But most of all, it will give you a “system” to follow. It will be an organized guide to help you along the way. You can visit hundreds of websites that will tell you to buy this or that gadget. Some will promote the latest fad or craze in prepping. But, going about building your preparedness capability shouldn’t be left to a trend, fade, or a “wannabe.” Emergency preparedness is far too important and critical to be left to those that are only into thrills, or preparedness as a “hobby.”

Layers-001I am going to try something new with this article. I am going to add the form you see below. This form is for you to ask questions about preparedness. It will give you an opportunity to ask me anything you wish. I will then answer the question here in this page in the form of a “reply” or possibly write an entire article about it.

The form will also contain a spot for your email address. If you wish to ask a more private question I will respond to you personally.

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