Need a fully programmed Ham radio AND some silver?

Baofeng UV-5RA Radio For SaleDo you want a great radio ready to use during emergencies and disasters?

Are you a little confused about how to set-up a radio and how to use it during emergencies, disasters, or grid-down?

I can help you with that!

First of all, do you know just how great this fantastic dual-band radio is? Do you know just how much this radio can do for you and your family?

You can read all about the Baofeng dual-band radio here <click to know more>

For a long time I had a lot of requests from folks if I could set-up a radio for them to use in their area, and they would pay me to do that. Well, for the last couple of months I’ve been doing just that but at a very affordable price.

I take all the guesswork out of purchasing the equipment, I find the Ham repeaters to use, I program the radio, and test Baofeng UV-5RA radio for saleeverything to make sure it all works together. And I do it at a very affordable price.

But, the help doesn’t stop there. I keep working to provide help and answers on how to use your radio. And that is all free!

Complete radio kits, ready to use, fully programmed for your area as low as $70 each!

Click for radio information



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