A letter to my son. Well, almost…

This isn’t some lightweight foo-foo article. Be prepared to read…a lot. If not, better just skip on bye it now. This is the third version of this post. I cut the last version by almost half.

The days since the Muslim terrorist attack in San Bernardino has been very unsettling for our country. But, maybe, just maybe, not in the ways that you might be thinking. I have been mulling it over and over and came to some conclusions. I was going to be very academic and write a wonderful article on how to cure the country’s problems. But that didn’t fit the situation.Write a letter to my son

I then decided was going to write an article as if I was writing a personal letter to my son warning him of the coming events that would define our country’s future. That seemed much too immature in many ways. So I am just going to write to you today, I will write what is in my heart.

One of the advantages of being 60, one of the very few I might add, is the fact of having seen a lot in life. What I am seeing now is not good. Actually, in many respects it is unsettling.

For starters we have a completely dysfunctional government. I am talking the President, Congress and the Judiciary…all of it. The State and local governments aren’t much better. All of the politicians are more in love with money & power than doing what’s right. Our country is unraveling before our eyes. We, as a country, are rapidly killing our self and there is nothing standing between us and sure destruction.

Could we cure the ills in our country? Of course we could. We as a people could if we kept government out of the solution. Because government is the problem not the solution. The fact of the matter is plain…the government fails at everything it tries to do. Every single program of any significance the government puts into play fails and fails miserably. Often it is actually far worse than just simple failure…it makes the issue far worse than before the government got involved. The government is one big failure factory.

So why on earth would we turn to the government to fix what is wrong in the country today? Our President has no concept of what is truly wrong in our country. He is dedicated to forcing his radical Marxist ideology on us as a Federal government Abuse Of Power - the patriot actcountry while being blind to anything and everything else.

The other branch of government, our Congress, is incapable of doing anything with substance that could be seen as moving forward. They are mired in ideology, sustaining and building their own power and wealth. They are more concerned about politics than the welfare of our country. They can’t be counted on to do anything helpful.

The last branch of our government, the Court, went out of control long ago. They became a dictatorship entity quite some time ago. But they have changed within the last decade to more of a tyrannical branch of government passing judgments that replace legislation. And there is no recourse for the dictatorial rulings from the court.

So government at any level, but more so the federal government, is the problem, not the solution. And it won’t be a solution to what ails us now. The government will only makes matters worse. And in this particular case much, much worse.Islam-014

So what is the exact problem I referring to? Muslim terrorism in the United States.

How big of a problem is it? Well, Muslim terrorists have killed thousands of American citizens (3000+) in the last two decades…in America. From what we see happening in the US today, the problem is only getting worse. However, this is only one symptom of a terminally ill country. But I will only talk about the Muslim terrorism issue today.Islam-013

So how do we defeat Muslim terrorism in our country?

So here is my suggestion:

  1. Every level of government stays out of the way.
  2. Islamic leadership in America, with full support of all Islamic congregations in America –
    • Create an organization of leadership for America, based in America.
    • That leadership, reforms Islamic beliefs concerning Sharia Law, and all other forms of barbaric and medieval practices. It would be the equivalent of the Christian Reformation.
    • They denounce all forms of their religion that is promoting violence and terrorism around the world.
    • They formally express support for the American Constitution and enforce the concept that they support it.
    • They police themselves to root out all of their extremists and turn their names over to law enforcement authorities as potential terrorists.
    • Any Muslim in America that promotes extremism, violence, terrorism, or anything that goes against their “religion of peace” is excommunicated from Islam.
  3. Muslims integrate into American society and not isolate themselves into segregated communities.
  4. Muslims reject fundamentally un-American cultural traditions such as Burkas.
  5. All church congregations work together at the national and local levels to:
    • Acknowledge that different religions have different beliefs but agree to avoid the “victimhood of offense” of those beliefs. Example: Christians don’t harass Muslims for praying 5 times a day. Example: Muslims don’t try to have Christmas celebrations stopped.
    • Reinforce that we are all Americans and that violence against one another is fundamentally wrong and against everyone’s God.
    • Support one another in legal battles concerning religion against all levels of government persecution.
    • Form coalitions where congregations take care of each other members’ temporal needs.
    • Hold joint inter-faith services and service projects whenever reasonable.
  6. All citizens are taught that America is a combination of all peoples. But we are Americans before we are any sub-group. And as such we put our differences aside to the betterment of America.
  7. Americans must acknowledge that law enforcement’s job is not to protect people, that is not what they are for. In today’s world they are here to enforce laws, even to the detriment of citizens and society. We must take responsibility for our own protection, and the protection of others around us. We stop the bullies, we stop the criminals, we stop the bigots, we stop the terrorists. And we stop them together, unified in purpose.
  8. We must stop the political correctness. We must be allowed to talk openly and freely among ourselves. The leftists, the Progressives, the Democrats don’t want that, they fear it. If we talk together as people, freely and openly, they lose their power and control over the conversation. We must go to the individual level and reject those on the both the right and left who want to control the conversation for their own power lust.
  9. We must go back to taking care of our neighbors. They must become our friends once again. We must go back to being “our brother’s keeper.” We must be able to reach out and help those in need. The government version of “help” is soul and spirit killing by design; we must reject government intervention and help each other.
  10. We must crush the criminal and terrorist elements in our American society. Gangs and violent criminals (terrorists included) must feel the full weight of their communities that they prey upon. The average citizen must ban together with others and crush those that mean harm and destruction. It is their friends, families, and neighbors being preyed upon. We must rally together to stop the evil among us.

That is my 10-point plan. It is politically incorrect. It is government-free. It is based on individuals. It is based on a clear sense of right and wrong. It is good vs. evil. It is people working together to solve the problem.

And it will never be implemented.

Honestly, probably no single point out of the ten will ever be put into action let alone all ten. Why?

Unfortunately it is a very simple answer…power and money. How so?

  • The federal government will reject it because it takes power from them.
  • The lower levels of government will reject it because it also takes power from them as well as federal money.
  • All levels of law enforcement will reject it because of arrogance, money and power. They think they are the only real and true cure for what ails America. And they like all the money and power that is associated with government led initiatives.
  • Most Christians will reject it because they won’t believe that Muslims can change and become more “Christ-like.”
  • Atheists will reject it because it is too much religion stuff for their liking.
  • The leftist extremists (liberals) will reject it because they are just lunatic idiots. But, more specifically, they lose control of the conversation which means a loss of power and money for them.
  • The neo-cons will reject it because it would reduce violent conflicts at home and abroad. That goes against their core values plus it reduces their access to money and power.
  • Congress will reject it because they don’t have the spine to try something new that might actually work. They will also reject it because it moves money, power, and control away from government and into the hands of citizens.
  • The court system will all reject it at every level because they would have no control over it.
  • Most Americans would reject it because it would require them getting off the damn couch, stop watching Dancing with the Stars, sports, and do something beneficial for a change.
  • And finally, I think most Muslims would reject it because they have little desire to become Americans. They are more motivated to dominate the world as Islamists. And at this point they can play the victim of Islamophobia while making little to no effort to be Americans.

So did I write this article to simply show how impossible the situation is?

Yes, I know…this sounds very fatalistic at this point. And you are right, it does sound fatalistic…because it is a fatal situation. It simply can’t be fixed.america falls, america fails, america is doomed

Yes, you read my words correctly…the problem can not be fixed and it will not be fixed. The “problem” is both short-term, imminent, and long-term as well.

Why am I so confident and adamant that the problem wont’ be fixed?

Reputation and history.

Our government has a reputation and history for failure, failing at every important initiative and program it gets involved with. Islam has a clear reputation and history of being repressive and violent. Look at any Muslim country today…would you really want to live there and raise a family? And finally the radical left has a reputation and history of not wanting people to live together in peace, harmony, and especially so with anything related to religion. That is why I am so confident that there is no good outcome to this problem.

So now what? There is the most important question that you can ask right about now. Because we have to do something, but we must do something at the individual, family, and small group level. Let me explain:

The Individual –

Each individual must become aware, realistically and truthfully aware, of what is happening and where this is Power & Moneyleading. We must understand what is motivating people and what will stand in the way of a real solution. We must understand that “money & power” are the two primary motivators in this situation.

Then we must arm ourselves. We must have the means by which we can protect and defend ourselves, our families, our neighbors, and our Defend the 2nd second Amendmentcommunities. And that means buying and having weapons and ammunition. But it also means training with them. And just as importantly it means defending the 2nd Amendment against the radical Progressive war to disarm Americans. We must stand vigilant against evil…in whatever form that takes. People must be safer because we are here.

We must educate ourselves and our families concerning history. I mean specifically the history of the founding of our country.

We must find like-minded folks and form trusting relationships with them. We must reach out to others letting know that you are a good guy and that you want to be associated with other good guys.

We must get to know our neighbors and for friendships with them. I will let you define “neighbor” but I would encourage you to not be too restrictive or limiting. Spend time with neighbors and the like-minded folks sharing good times together doing things like cookouts, picnics, camping, sports, etc.Josh Ernst chief liar and propaganda minister

Don’t allow lies and false teachings to persist. When you hear a lie about Islam, Christianity, the government, preppers, etc. speak up and set the record straight. Don’t allow people to get away with lies and deceptions.

If you have Muslims living nearby get to know them. Create a real bond with them, learn about them, and talk openly and honestly about topics of the day. Get to know them, and let them get to know you.

Make the decision that you and your family will survive anything…period. You will become prepared to face any problem, incident, emergency, disaster, or grid-down from any source. Prepare your family with food, water, weapons, medical supplies, and communications equipment. Learn how to properly organize your family or a group to efficiently and effectively deal with small or large incidents. And stand-by to help others when and where needed.

Proactive not reactive no wasted timeContinue to learn and grow. Be ready to act when the time comes…not after the fact. Be proactive in all that you do. Don’t be a victim waiting for the incident to occur.

And if you don’t believe in God…look into it. If you do believe in God…strengthen that relationship.

I will be there for you as long as I can. I will give you information, advice, warnings, information, all the encouragement I can. I want you to succeed. You success, your ability to survive and thrive during the worst of experiences is the whole reason I have this website. You and your family are my priority. Together we can do this…I promise you that.


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One thought on “A letter to my son. Well, almost…

  1. The single largest obstacle to salvaging the country is mental. Political Correctness, laziness, apathy, and factionalism are like a series of mind numbing drugs, all delivered together, and like any drug addict, the sheeple select their drugs of choice and cling to them with the fervor of the junkie. The mind numbed robots are not just among the PC crowd. How many “good old boys” (and gals) are perfectly happy to chant “aMurica, aMurica”, write checks to the NRA, and wait for the likes of Trump, Jeb, Huckabee, or Rubio to ride to the rescue? What kind of intervention will break the addiction? None, not without a societal “hitting bottom” just like any other addict, and the recognition that THEY have a problem in their own heads. I hope it doesn’t take too long.


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