Water barrel pump

Water Barrel PumpSo there I was…walking through Home Depot a couple of months back and I spied this weird looking contraption in a display box right in the middle of the store’s isle. It caught my attention and I felt prompted to buy it. I grabbed one and headed to the checkout lane.Yeah, imagine that…me…impulsive!

$25 later I was headed to the truck with my new hand pump in the cart with some other project materials.

I was, and still am, pleased.

Here are some specs on the hand pump…

  • Pump is all plastic, but seems to be a pretty sturdy plastic.
  • Moves about 8 – 9 gallons of water per minute.
  • 39″ tall and about 2″ in diameter.

WaterBarrelPump-002So, this thing sits in my home office in a pile of other gear that I want to test a write about. But then I worked on the water storage barrel project with my wife. As I get ready to take the pictures for that project I see a great opportunity to leverage that picture taking time to cover two projects. Yup! I am a brain surgeon.

I got one of our spare 30-gal barrels and filled it with water, unpacked the water pump, asked my wife to take pictures. Credit and thanks to her for the help! Yeah, only one picture actually ended up getting saved on the camera’s memory card.

The pump dewaters the barrel in just over 3 minutes. That gives it a GPM (gallons per minute) rating of about 8 – 9 GPM. That is about 500 gallons of water being pumped per hour! That is pretty good water movement for a hand pump; especially a $25 hand pump.

The pump fit perfectly in the 30-gal barrel, would have fit a 50-gal barrel just as well. The foot is designed to get just about every last drop of water out of the barrel and prevent losing what is in the tube on the down stroke. So there is obviously a foot-valve in the pump.

It has a long stroke that is more suited to a taller adult than a shorter child. But, it will pump water no matter what length of stroke you use.

One deficiency that I did note was the lack of a screen in the pump foot. But that would be easy enough to correct with some screen material from a door or from a tent. It would reduce the pump efficiency probably by half, but it would be worth it if you had to pump contaminated water loaded with sediment or other particulate matter.

WaterBarrelPump-003When I was done I thinking about the different applications that would apply to this handy little pump. I obviously thought about moving flammable liquids with it such as gasoline. I am not thinking it would be a good idea. The plastic struck me as a material that could build up some static electricity rubbing together. That would be a bad thing while pumping gas. So don’t pump flammable liquids with it.

But, bottom line…for $25 this is a little beauty to have sitting around when it comes time to pump water. Especially true if there is a need to pump water out of barrels.

The 6’ hose that comes with it plenty long enough for most applications. With a little work and ingenuity I bet you could extend it with vacuum cleaner or shop vac hose.

Don’t forget adding the sediment screen if your water is “dirty.”

A useful tool to have when the grid goes down…or anything you need to move some water. I am not sure how long it would hold up, I mean it is plastic.

A conditional “buy!” if there is a need.

Buy It !


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2 thoughts on “Water barrel pump

    • Glad to you see you are doing the prepping thing with knowledge and competency! And you are 100% right. “2 is 1, 1 is none, 3 is a good start” Thanks for your input Jack!


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