Aweek NA-773 SMA-F Female Dual-Band Extendable Antenna for your Baofeng UV-5RA

Aweek NA-773 SMA-F Female Dual-Band Extendable AntennaI am a huge Baofeng UV-5R handheld radio fan! And I am always looking for the next best accessory, anything to make the radio more useful, more adaptable, and more effective. Here is an antenna that I want you to know about.

I gotta start of this review right, being totally honest with you…I bought this antenna by mistake. Yup, a mistake. I thought the antenna extended a lot more than it does. The ad used the stupid metric system and I didn’t take time to convert to inches which resulted in purchasing an antenna I would never use.

Ooopppssss, I guess that just gave away the bottom line of this antenna review. But hang in there, there is a silver lining a little later in the article.

In my day job I use handheld radios a lot. And we almost invariably have some problems getting our Aweek-Antenna-Extend-Stubby-003transmissions out to a repeater. One of the options we have is swapping antennas to an antenna that extends from the normal 14.5” to over 36” which usually does the trick. I wanted to try that same concept with the Baofeng UV-5RA radio.

I saw the picture of this antenna on Amazon while I was reviewing some other radio gear that I will be reviewing. I thought to myself, “Self, there is that antenna I have been wanting to try. Buy it now, it’s inexpensive and will be the basis of another good review.” Click…into the cart.Aweek-Antenna-Extend-Stubby-002

It shows up a couple of days later and out of the package it comes. I loved the short stubby length because it would be out of the way and easy to store. I extended it and…dang! It is basically the same length as the ExpertPower Elite antenna I use, minus the flexibility of the antenna itself. Bummer!

But, I decided I would try to out and review it anyways just in case there are folks out there that might consider it.

It is a sturdy built antenna, decent quality materials, and connects to the radio just fine. Good “fit & feel” to it. It extends cleanly and has good tolerances, no wooble to it.

The antenna’s performance is just fine. SRW results are:

Aweek NA-773 Antenna SWR resultsAweek-Antenna-Extend-Stubby-006Nice SWR readings for this little antenna overall. But here are the drawbacks that I found:

  1. It is shiny silver when extended. Deal killer right there. I don’t want that kind of reflection capability day or night.
  2. There is no flexing to the antenna. If pressure is applied it will snap off or bend. Simply too fragile for my operational requirements.

Either, both, of the drawbacks listed above are enough to label this antenna a “Don’t buy!”

Thumbs Down Review


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