My conspiracy obsessed ex-buddy…

Tin Foil Hat conspiracy theorist I’ve know a guy for about six years. He is a firefighter, intelligent, a solid family man, a Christian, and a dedicated prepper. We communicated regularly and shared many common interests for a number of years. Then we started talking about various conspiracies, it started to fall apart about a year and a half ago.

I am about twice as far along in my career than he is and I have a whole lot more experience in some areas than he does. As we talked about a particular event that he feels was 100% inside government operation, I took the opposite view, I still do. We compared notes and I explained to him step-by-step how it could not have happened the way he was trying to paint it. He was unfazed by facts or logic.

After about a year of various conspiracy theory discussions we no longer communicate. Last time I talked to him was probably a year or so ago, and maybe not more that three or four times in the last two years. Sad.

What I saw happening in his life, and the way he was seeing any current event news, it was all government conspiracy. And I mean everything.everything is a Govternment Conspiracy

  • No one died at Sandy Hook
  • All vaccines are designed to poison people with mercury
  • Three large, white, government agents committed the San Bernardino killings

Now, you would be hard pressed to find someone that distrusts the federal government more than me. They lie about virtually everything. They treat average citizens as complete dummies, and take the stance that citizens can’t be trusted in any way, shape or form…period. Government stooges think lying to us most of the time doesn’t jeopardize their credibility all of the time.

But, is everything a conspiracy? No. Plain and simple “no.” Are some things a conspiracy with the government behind it? Of course. There are many black ops the government carries out that appear to look different than they are. Yes, the government is behind some conspiracies. But all?

Actually, that really isn’t the point. What my point is…Is spending a lot of time on researching conspiracies worth your time and effort? I say unequivocally, “no!”

Yes, I think you should be informed. All people should be informed. But, there is a huge difference between informed and obsessive. Sanity is knowing the difference. There is so much going on in the world today, in your own personal life, that spending large amounts of time focusing on a conspiracy simply isn’t productive. And, it can be very damaging.

My advice to everyone is this…Do not become obsessed with conspiracies!

I don’t care if there is actually a conspiracy or not. I don’t care if the government is behind it or not. I don’t care what the “big picture” is with conspiracies. It simply is a waste of time, talent, and effort. I think there are far more ways to be productive in life, especially along the lines of prepping.

Govt ConspiracySo how do you approach and handle conspiracies?

Always relate back to your situation. Ask yourself, “If the conspiracy is true, how does it affect me?”

Notice I said nothing about exposing it. Chances are you are not in a position to be the hero and expose the second shooter on the grassy knoll. So don’t get it in your head you are going to plow new ground and earn a Pulitzer Prize or something.

FEMA CampsLet’s take an example – FEMA camps.

Remember, we are not here to discuss the conspiracy or its merits. We will only make a judgment on what we should do with the conspiracy itself (i.e. how much time to spend on it).

So, ask yourself the questions, “If FEMA camps exist, how does it affect me?”

The answer should be real simple. If they exist, I will not tolerate being sent to one. Case closed, you just spent all the time on the existence of FEMA camps you need to.

SWAT confiscating gunsExample #2 – The federal government is going to confiscate all guns.

No merit discussion, just judgment.

“If the government is intending to confiscate all guns, how does that affect me?” On this one I can’t answer for you, I can though give you an example by answering for myself.

I will not tolerate, or allow, forced gun confiscation. So how much more time, talent and effort do I need to put into the conspiracy aspect of it?

In my case the answer is “some” time, talent, and effort. I will do the following:

1 – Stay aware of the “feel” in the country as it relates to gun control measures.
2 – I will constantly review (Situational Awareness) the probability of gun confiscation occurring.
3 – I will take reasonable steps to help avoid the severity should it occur –

  • I will buy one or more guns through a private sale so there is no paperwork on those transactions.
  • I will buy whatever guns now that I feel I need to keep under the radar to avoid any future government restrictions.
  • I will join an appropriate “gun rights” group and support them financially.
  • I will find others that feel like I do and join with them to “war game” different scenarios and the likely actions to take.

4 – I will talk with my family about the possibility and make our decision on what we will do if it ever occurs.
5 – I will maintain my membership in Oathkeepers.

Notice the actions I talked about taking had nothing to do with delving into the conspiracy itself. I waste no time on Proactive not reactive no wasted timewho is behind it, who will promotes it, or any other aspect of the conspiracy. Instead, I focus entirely on taking proactive actions to fight it and deal with it.

I simply mitigate the probability of it occurring and take steps to reduce the severity of the outcome if it does occur.

I have seen too many people get sucked into a conspiracy black hole. They end up becoming obsessed with whatever the subject matter is. They end up spending an inordinate amount of time, talent and effort on something they can do little or nothing about. When all along they could have been taking action preparing for its occurrence.

Which do you want to be, the obsessive amateur investigator, or the successful prepper?

I think I know my website visitors well enough by now…you want to be a successful prepper!  Then just focus on that.


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2 thoughts on “My conspiracy obsessed ex-buddy…

  1. Might as well buy a telescope and spend every night watching the sky. Not for the beauty and grandeur. Not for the study of the heavens. Spend it looking for the next dinosaur killer or the mother ship. Even if you spot it, what then?


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