Aweek UV-108UV Covert Dual-Band Antenna for Your Baofeng UV-5RA Radio

Aweek Antenna UV-108UVI have been trying to find a wide assortment of accessories for Baofeng UV-5RA radios. The UV-5RA is a great radio, very affordable, and really useful for preppers. One of the challenges of any handheld radio is transmission/reception range. Another issue is trying to keep a low profile and not letting everyone and their brother know that you have a radio.

So there are actually two missions here –

“Increase the operational range of the radio and reduce its profile.”

The Aweek UV-108UV is a very good answer to both of those challenges.

Aweek Antenna UV-108UVFirst let me give you technical specs:

  • 6.6″ Wide
  • Dual-Band (70cm & 2m)
  • High Gain
  • SMA-Female connector
  • 30′ cable

Now let’s see what the antenna does for the radio, the SWR readings are:

Aweek Antenna UV-108UVThe SWR readings are great on either the 2m or 70cm frequencies. Better than most antennas for the most part.

So here are the ways that you can use the Aweek UV-108UV:

  1. Vehicle mounted, no external antenna is visible.
  2. Vehicle mounted, low profile external antenna, low profile.
  3. Building antenna, no external antenna, mounted against window.
  4. Building mounted, external antenna, mounted on roof ridge, etc.
  5. Field use, thrown over tree limb, light post, roof rafter, etc.

For under $12 you have a very versatile dual-band antenna that is a great match for your Baofeng UV-5RA radio. Yes, you can use this antenna with other models of radios. I attached my to my Yaesu FT-8800R using an adapter. Like this…


This is a great all round antenna that gives you yet another operational option for your communications. I like it and I use it.

A for sure “BUY!”

I own a couple just in case I get one caught in a tree and have to leave it. I can also cache one in an area where I am pretty sure I will need to operate. I definitely carry one in my GOOD BOB. I’ve also added it to the emergency radio cache used by my church’s emergency response folks.

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