First Things To Do When The Grid Goes Down (#2)

First Things To Do when the grid goes downThis is the second article in this series. These articles are scenarios to get you thinking about what to do when things get bad from an emergency, disaster, or grid-down. I hope you enjoy them!

If you would like to read the first scenario posted on 12/7/2015 < click here to read that article >

On to the scenario…

It is Christmas break, two days before Christmas. The kids are home Christmasfrom school. Your brother and his family have come to your home for the holidays. And your wife’s parents have joined you as well. Tomorrow you are all going sledding in the nearby mountains since there is a fresh layer of snow. Your home is 2000’ below the mountains so you only have a dusting of snow, the mountains have a foot of new snow for a total of 16″.

Your family:Parents-001

  • Dad, age 49, regional sales manager for tech company.
  • Mom, age 47, stay at home mom.
  • Three sons – 19, 17, 15
  • Three daughters – 13, 11, 9

Your brother’s family –Family-002

  • Dad, age 43, software programmer at Yahoo.
  • Mom, age 39, part-time yoga instructor.
  • Sons – 14, 7
  • Daughters – 13, 11

Wife’s parents –Parents-002

  • Dad – age 67, suffers from COPD
  • Mom – age 68, diabetic

You are a serous mega-prepper. You have years worth of food, water filtration, clothes, and almost that much of sundries. You have a whole bunch of weapons and ammo. Each family member has their own gun-combo, Sig 226 pistol and AR-15. You have tactical gear for all family members and everyone is well-trained…well-trained. You have a Baofeng UV-5RA and accessories for all family members plus 10 extra radios, antennas, and batteries. You have plenty of solar gear to keep all needed batteries completely charged, and a Honda EU2000i for back-up. You also have a Yaesu FT-8900R mobile radio set-up as a base station if needed, or it can be mounted in your 4×4 Ford F250. All your radios are stored in what you hope is a suitable Faraday Cage.

The situation is the world is much as it is in real-life today. However, North Korea has been mouthing off more than normal about “striking the imperialist Americans” for their support of South Korea. They claim that the South sunk one of their navy destroyers and in retaliation is threatening to hit South Korea with a missile strike.

In the Middle East Turkey shot down a Russian plane a month ago. Russia imposed economic sanctions against Turkey  in retaliation. Turkey has claimed that Russia sunk one of their navy’s coastal gunboats. Russia is denying any knowledge of it. Iran has threatened to attack Turkey if they retaliate against Russia. USA President Barry announced that we won’t take sides in the conflict between Russia and Turkey. Iran immediately came out and stated they would “burn American cities” if the US got involved between Turkey and Russia, and that is why the “weak US President” went neutral and refuses to fulfill the US’s obligation to NATO.

It is now 4am, you wake up for a bathroom run and notice the house is chilly, colder than normal. You look over to see what time it is and notice the clock isn’t working. You sleepily stumble into the living room to glance at the microwave in the kitchen to see what time it is. The microwave is also not displaying the time on its clock. Frustrated to head to your den/office to look at the clock there. That clock is also dark, the power is obviously out. You aren’t real happy about it, it’s 28 degrees outside. You will deal with the power outage when its daylight. For now the house is warm enough. You get out your Mr. Buddy heater is anyone complains before then.

As you head to the bathroom before going back to bed you glance outside and notice you don’t see any lights on anywhere in the neighborhood. You get a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach and you go to the the living room to glance out its windows.Valley Power Outage

In the living room you look out the big bay window that faces the river valley below. It has a unrestricted view of the valley for over 10 miles in two directions. There is not a single light on anywhere, no street lights, no house lights, nothing. But you do see what appears to be three house fires in various parts of the valley spread out below you. It is then you realize…you don’t see any lights from any cars on any street or highway in the valley either.

You don’t want to admit it, but you think you know what is happening. There could only be two choices; 1) widespread area power outage, 2) an EMP strike has occurred.

Fearing the worst you get the emergency radio from your den/office. You turn it on, but nothing happens, no LEDs turn on, no dial light, no static sound, nothing.

You are now convinced it is an EMP, you start to panic. But, knowing you have to confirm it, you head to the garage and open your makeshift Faraday Cage with all of your Ham radio and other electronic gear. You unlock it and retrieve the hopefully protected back-up emergency radio. You connect the small battery pack and turn it on. The LEDs light up, the dial light turns on. And you hear the emergency alert system tones going off.

You make the decision to assume the worst…an EMP strike has occurred. The country, if not now, will soon be at war with someone. You “flip the switch.” You head back into the house. You will now do the first three things on your family emergency plan. They are…?????

What are the first three things on your Family Emergency Plan?

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