UPDATED GIFT INFORMATION – Upcoming Anniversary Celebration Week !

On December 15th I was excited to announce two of the gifts being given away during AHTrimble.com anniversary week starting December 27th. Those thank you gifts were –

  • A free training class with Kevin Reeve at onPointTactical.
  • A free Surviving Deadly Contact class with Kelly Alwood.

Each of those classes is a $700 value!!

Kevin Reeve

But there will also be a surprise EXTRA gift for each winner of the classes. But you have to watch for the gift offer to pop-up that week.

So let me explain how truly valuable these classes are. Kevin Reeve at onPointTactical is a highly trained guy that trains SpecialOps guys. He also trains a wide variety of…ah…er…well…other kinds of special operations personnel. The skills he teaches Kevin Reevesrange from hardcore survival to more specialized and unique kinds of skills to some very interesting folks.

I had the opportunity to take his Urban Escape and Evasion class a couple of years ago…amazing! I learned so much it is hard to figure out where to even begin to explain it all.

onPoint Tactical - Kevin ReeveA close friend of mine took onPointTactical’s Scout class and we talked about it at length one evening. All I can really share with you is the training is first rate, hardcore, serious, real-life, field training that you can use. The class I took from Kevin built up my confidence, my skills, and gave me the security that I have a pretty decent chance of handling a lot of situations.

Hey, I had a number of folks trying to track me in an urban environment…led by a Green Beret. Kevin taught me so well that the snake eater never caught me. Now come on…that is some good training!

Now let me shift over to the Surviving Deadly Contact (SDC) class. Kelly Alwood is a hardcore Special Operations Kelly Alwoodguy. I’ve written about him before but let me share just a couple of reputation items for Kelly.

  • Security contractor in Iraq.
  • Central Operations:  Trained new security forces, supervised the main checkpoint at Baghdad International Airport (BIAP CP1).
  • Operations as Head of ICE (Iraqi Currency Exchange Program).
  • Personal Security Detail for General Petraeus in Northern Iraq, Mosul.
  • Worked as an Instructor at the USAF CPEC Sniper School in 2005.
  • Counter Sniper operations with the 1st Cav Div. in Baghdad 2003 – 2004.
  • Internationally certified Black belt and Instructor. Certified Level III US Army Combatives instructor. Holds belts in Tae Kwon Do (moo duk kwan) and (moo sul doo), Hopkido, Aikido, Jujitsu, Shotokan Karate, and Ishanru.
  • Won several IPSC pistol competitions. Competed and placed with sub-guns as well.

So how good is the SDC class? The first two days are intense real-life gun and hand weapons tactics. It teaches you 1on1, 2on1, 3on1, 4on1, 2on2, etc. He teaches you how to defend your house against attackers and how to attack a house that is being defended. He also teaches you room-clearing and how to defend against room-clearing. You do that for two straight learning intensive days.

Then on day #3 it is all live fire training. And brother I am telling you it is an incredible experience the drills you go Surviving Deadly Contact with Kelly Alwood in Utah - AH Trimblethrough and the techniques you learn. Let me put it this way…you learn extremely aggressive and violent skills that make you a highly trained “shooter” while under pressure. You learn, you do, you excel.

So how do you win one of these fantastic classes? You have to be the first response I receive once the announcement is posted on AHTrimble.com during Anniversary Week. Yup, that’s it. Just complete the form with your first name and email address, and then hit the “submit” submit button.

Hint – Keep watching the website all week long, multiple times per day.

Really good hint – Sign up at AHTrimble.com to receive notifications automatically by email when articles get posted to AHTrimble.com Look for the “Follow” on the left hand side of the page right below the “Search”

Yup, when articles get posted you get an automatic email that an article has been placed on the website. If you are signed up for those email notifications you will know exactly when the announcement for the class is made. Yeah, pretty slick, eh?

And you can attend the class for FREE !

So here are a couple of additional rules for winning these gifts:

  1. You agree to write a brief review of your experiences at the class. That review will be edited for posting on AHTrimble.com along with class pictures.
  2. You will only be eligible to win one prize during the anniversary week. In other words, you can only win this class and no other prize. Or, you can accept another prize you won and forfeit this prize.
  3. The prize is only for the class tuition, all other expenses are your responsibility.
  4. You must be able to pass a basic background check to attend the class. Kevin and Kelly don’t want to be training dirt bags. If there is a problem with this write to me, after I contact you that you’ve won, explaining the situation.

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