Well, it is Christmas morning…

Merry Christmas from AHTrimbleI really didn’t want you to visit this website today. I want you to be spending the time with your family, enjoying Christmas. I wanted you to be caught up in the holiday spirit. But, I also know that you may have some extra time on your hands and need some diversion.

It has been almost a year now since I started the website. And I couldn’t be happier with the way its going. I am thrilled with the folks visiting the site, the contributions, the feedback, the encouragement, and the tone of everyone. I am grateful for this opportunity. And to give you an heads-up, I am going to be doing “specials” all day on the 27th of December, our 1-year anniversary. You might want to visit us multiple time throughout that day. We are going to be doing “thank you” give-a-ways but you are going to have to be the first person to respond to get the different prizes.

And speaking of prizes, I am trying for a really special give-a-way that day. More info to share soon.

Back to today, Christmas…

To me Christmas is special, a special day to be grateful. I am not going to go all religious on you, although I wish I would. I just want to share my gratitude for you…my website visitors. Without you this effort would be of little value and an exercise in futility on my part.

I often paint a bleak picture concerning America. Sorry, it is just what I see coming. But, the good news is that you can prepare for the worst when it does happen. You can take the steps necessary to protect, feed, and care for your family. You can reach out to those around you that are important to you, or may become important to you. You can share information with them that can improve their lives, to help them be better prepared for what is coming.

The bright light at the end of tunnel is there, and it isn’t a freight train coming down the tracks to run you over. It is “hope” just waiting for you to get there. By having a open mind, a clear head, a knowledge of the times ahead you have hope. And you can spread that hope to others.

No matter how bad the coming times will get, you know you will have done all that you could do to be ready for it. And you will be able take care of family and friends. You can be their rock, their leader, their hope. You can do this, you can be prepared, we can do this together. Because together all things are possible!

One last message to you this day…please remember that it is Christmas. And the reason for Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

I am one of the most “rough around the edges” people you will ever want to meet. I am probably not the best example of a Christian. I have many faults and I know it. But I also know I am a child of God. I have a Father in Heaven who lives and loves me.

If you ever feel moved to know more, please contact me. I would love to talk with you about whatever is on your mind.

Again, on this Christmas day…Thank You!

Merry Christmas from AHTrimble

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