UPDATE : Lowa Tibet GTX Boots

Lowa Tibet GTX boots review updateUpdated12/26/2015

In Part #1 of this review I went into great detail about my first impressions of this boot. I have to say I was duly impressed. And FYI, so was the 70+ year-old leather guy I had stretch em for me.

< read Part #1 by clicking here >

In Part #2 I provided additional information after having broken them in quite a bit. I also talked about Minus33 wool socks were great for these boots.

< read Part #2 by clicking here >

Now it is time to update you on these boots after a fire assignment. I wore these boots 7 or 8 days, I don’t remember exactly. I would put them on at 05:30am and take them off about 10:30 each night. I wore good wool socks with them, Minus33 wool socks.

They are so much lighter than my Whites boots it is hardly fair to compare them. So I won’t. But, the Tibet’s were very comfortable on Day #1 and by the last day they were extremely comfortable.

One of things I noticed most was the stiffness of the sole. When I was hiking with my fire pack on (45lbs) the boot not only held my foot secure, the sole was stiff enough to easily handle rocks that would be uncomfortable to walk over. I guess you would say it “smoothed out” the terrain quite a bit.

The boots are really easy to lace, even in the dark. And that little lock to keep the lower laces in-place really makes it nice. And while the weather was hot, and the fire hotter, my feet stayed very comfortable and never overheated.

Overall…Lowa Tibet GTX boots are absolutely top notch boots!  These are boots that you could hike the roughest terrain with a heavy pack…and these boots would treat your feet well! And any cold weather would be nothing for these boots to handle.

So…to buy or not to buy?

Buy It !


Amazon Lowa Tibet BootsThe only socks that I feel are the best to wear with the Lowa Tibet –

Amazon-Minus33 Merino Wool Day Hiker SockAmazon - Minus33 Expedition Mountaineer Sock


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