Happy Anniversary !

Happy Anniversary to AHTrimbleAHTrimble.com is one year old today. On December 27, 2014 I posted the first nine articles. I had been working on the concept of this website for over two years, developing content off and laying out what I wanted to accomplish. And today marks not just the first year of being on the Internet, it also marks over 440 articles that I have posted here for you.

Today, and all week long, I am going to say “Thank you!

Today I am not going to post any prepper articles, no warnings, no opinion pieces, just “thank you” posts today. And then to make it better I will put up “thank you” posts ALL WEEK LONG! And with each post I will be giving something away. And here is how it will work:

  • All day today and periodically throughout the week I will put up a “thank you” post.
  • In each post will be a freebie, a “thank you gift”.
  • To win the gift you will have to fill out the form with your email contact information and hit “submit”.
  • The first response I get for each post will win the prize.
  • One prize per person per day limit.
  • I will contact the winners each morning the following day to get information from you to ship you the gift.
  • Although posts will be made at different times today and all week, you never know for sure when someone will see the post and be the first to respond. You might not see the post(s) till the evening, but respond as soon as you do see each post. You never know, you might be that person who wins the prize.

So what are the prizes?My Journal book series special offer

So today and all week you will want to stay close to an Internet device that you can view AHTrimble.com on. Get ready to win plenty of cool stuff!

So how effective has our reach been?

We have had 27,000 visitors to our website from 136 different countries. That is 72% of all countries in the world for AHTrimble.com visitors! Look at a partial list –

2015 - CountriesAnd that’s only a partial list of the countries that folks are visiting us from. We have almost 200 people a day visiting AHTrimble.com learning about emergency preparedness. That is fantastic!

OK, hang on, stayed tuned, keep watching…gifts and prizes coming to you!

Thank You for visiting ahtrimble.com

8 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary !

    • Glad you like that Todd. And I have another potential “thank you gift” in the works that would blow you away! Still working out the details, but keep your eyes open for it. AH

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