Happy New Year !

Happy New Year 2016 from AHTrimble

I gotta tell you, I had my doubts that we would ever see January 1, 2016 in one piece. It has been a rough ride for our country during 2015 and I highly suspected that it would be worse. I think we dodged the bullet a number of times.

But all that aside…Happy New Year!

New Program Initiative –

To start off the year I want to put into place a new program for my website visitors. It will be 100% voluntary but I would like you to participate for your family’s sake. Here’s the details:

  1. Based on the common priorities of all emergencies, disasters, and grid-down events, each month I will make a suggestion on what to add your current preps.
  2. I will provide information on why it is important with “real life” examples to encourage you.
  3. I will try to find “deals” on whatever the item might be and provide you with that information.

Why am I doing this? I want you to be better prepared at the end of 2016 than you are today.

2016 Predictions –

Now let’s have some fun! I will  make some predictions on what I think will happen in 2016. Here are my predictions (a few are tongue-in-cheek):

  1. A Democrat will be elected president.
  2. The stock market will have one of the worst corrections ever. Probably rivaling 2008 – 2009.
  3. Russia will hit someone militarily other than ISIS.
  4. Led by the Republicans, Congress will put us further in debt as a nation.
  5. Paul Ryan will be exposed as a Progressive.
  6. Hillary Clinton will almost be indicted, but politics will keep her safe.
  7. Bernie Sanders will be seen as a hero by many.
  8. Donald Trump will get even more outlandish in words and deeds.
  9. Obama will talk about himself as virtually the savior of the world as his presidency comes to an end.
  10. Islamic terrorism in the world will get even worse.
  11. Another Muslim group other than ISIS will rise up as an Islamic terror group threat.
  12. The US will get hit at least 4 times with acts of Islamic terror. At least half of those incidents will be at the hands of Muslim immigrants.
  13. The BLM will have another showdown with the public similar to the Battle of Bunkerville.
  14. The Fed will raise interest rates at least twice.
  15. GDP numbers will be virtually flat, maybe even negative.
  16. The housing market will continue to at least falter.
  17. As a result of presidential campaigning and other events, more Republicans will be exposed as Progressives.
  18. Black Lives Matter will become more vocal and violent.
  19. College student protests will become more vocal and violent.
  20. Political correctness will become even more prevalent and militant.

Bonus prediction: Bengals will be in the Super Bowl 😉

So there are my 20 predictions for 2016. How about you?

What can you expect from AHTrimble.com in 2016? –

Hope! Yup, I will be posting articles that will give you hope. Why is that needed? Because in our weird unsettling times hope is good for the soul, it takes fear out of you.

No Fear! –

If you notice the tagline on the website page header for AHTrimble.com is “If ye are prepared ye shall not fear.

That is 100% true. It means that if you are prepared for something then there is not just no need to fear, but you won’t fear. Why won’t you fear? Because you thought it through, you know what it is all about, and you have taken the steps necessary to deal with whatever the issue is.

And that relates to troubles and calamities that will befall us in life going forward in 2016. We can work together to be prepared and then there is no need to fear.

We can do this…together!


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