Something is bothering me…really kind of bugging me…

I have been working the last couple of weeks on my newest book, the preparedness manual that I hope to be Something is bothering me…really kind of bugging me…releasing this Spring. I completely redid the outline, format, and contents. It takes an amazing amount of time but I think the changes will be worth it.

The anniversary week celebration also took a bunch of my time but I really enjoyed the thank you gift give a way a lot. I also got a lot of email and comments expressing appreciation for the website. Thank you!

And, to top it all off, we had one of the busiest weeks ever getting in radio orders. One order alone was for a 10-radio cache. I love putting together radio kits for people, figuring out the repeaters for their area, and all of that. But that too takes a lot of time.

Then on top of all of that I have been watching closely current events such as the stock market dump, Iran getting a Obama final sotu address - end of an errorlittle bold, Pakistan threatening Iran, and ISIS just continuing to promote evil. And then I watched Obama and his circus show hidden inside the State of the Union speech. That all has me a little bothered, but not too much.

However…there is still something bothering me, I’m just not sure what it is.

The militia issue in Burns, OR is definitely something to keep your eye on. The Feds would love nothing better than to turn that into another Waco death pyre. But, it got exponentially worse, unstable, when the III%’ers showed up for perimeter security. Don’t get me wrong, I love the III% movement. They are dialed in. But, that is also one of the III% 3% stnad guard in burns, ORproblems.

From what I have seen and what I know about the III% folks is they are truly dialed in. These folks are trained, disciplined, and many of their leaders come from serious military backgrounds. Going up against the III% people would be a huge mistake for any federal agency. While the Bundy group are pretty much reckless rednecks, the III% people are serious and very capable of handling whatever the feds can throw at them. And, the III% group would get widespread additional support from the patriot community.

Here is that problem as I see it…

If, sorry, when the FBI decides to make its move against the Bundy militia folks, the III% group will probably not allow what the FBI really wants to do. The FBI no-doubt is chomping at the bit to go in there and do another Waco operation, shoot em up and burn ‘em down. The Feds want to teach the right-wing a lesson that they won’t soon forget. If the III% folks move to stop the FBI, the FBI will lose. But, while the FBI will lose that encounter, both sides will suffer casualties. And that will fuel the rabidly left-wing radicals inside the Department of Justice to move against patriots, veterans, militia members, libertarians, and Conservative groups more than they already have. The reaction from those folks would then ratchet up the situation, which will fuel the DoJ even more. It could get ugly…and bullets could would fly.

I can hardly begin to share what I think about the US economy right now. The market is down 8.5% since the end of December. That is over 1,500 point drop. Oil is showing how weak the global and national economies are. The GDP is looking like it may truly tank this quarter. This afternoon, as I began writing this article, the DOW closed down 365 points. Where is the bottom right now…or is there one? Oil has tanked into uncharted waters in a the Economy really Sucksgeneration, with no near-term expected bottom to it. We are breaking poor economic and poor employment records going back 60+ years. With no let-up in sight.

China is one huge hunk of economic junk right now…and will get worse, much worse.

Iran has fired missiles near a US aircraft carrier, seized two US Navy boats with crews, Iran-Capture-Boats-001and they at war with Saudi Arabia.

North Korea is rumbling again claiming they just tested a hydrogen bomb. Then they fly a drone into South Korean airspace, which South Korean forces promptly reply by shooting at it.

We have a clear divide in the Republican Party now. We can clearly see the Progressives such as McCain, Graham, Ryan, and Nikki Haley. We see their presidential candidates that are clear either neo-cons or Progressives with the exception of one, Ted Cruz. And one other, Trump, but who/what the heck is he?

I won’t even broach the subject of the Democratic candidates beyond…They are all Marxists and Socialists, or about to go to prison for committing significant felonies.

Exactly what specifically is bothering me, I really don’t know. But there is something hovering out there that is a major game changer. Something of such magnitude that would dwarf even those things we are seeing every day as current events.

Yes, I know that Europe has committed suicide on a multi-national level by letting in millions of Muslims that are Syrian Refugees are mostly military age menintent on taking over Europe. This is nothing less of an invasion and conquest today than back during the early world-conquest by Islam when they were slaughtering 100’s of thousands of people. We, here in the US, under direction of the Obama insane asylum, are doing the same thing…national suicide.

But, here is the comforting thing in all of this…I don’t have to do anything different to prepare for it than what I am already doing.

What does this mean, or where is this headed? Again, I don’t know at this point. And, I would ask, does it even matter?

What I mean by that is, there is nothing you can do about these “macro” global and national events taking place. In all reality, we have little, if any, impact on anything past the county level. Once gain…that is OK. We, as preppers, know inside, deep inside of us, that something is coming…something of a major magnitude and significant impact. What it is and when it hits I doubt very many of us know. But, it isn’t important.

All we have to do is continue prepping. Preparing for that day when “it” hits. Preparing that we as individuals, and as families, will be ready to continue on and deal with whatever it is. We will stand ready to, with our families, march forward into the future knowing we will be fine in the long run.

If there is anything that I would suggest to do it is…become “grounded” in who you are and what you believe. Figure out what your real morals and beliefs are. Then start looking at how you intended to implement them as events unfold and times change. And they will change.

There will be people that come along and test who you are, they will sound pretty, look pretty, and suggest changes through policy, rules, regulations, laws and Executive Orders. Those changes will appear to make sense; some will at first sound drastic but the reasoning behind them will appeal to some emotionally. If you are not rooted, not grounded, not clear on your beliefs you will find yourself being swayed into paths where you don’t belong. And, you Resilient - mental toughnessdon’t belong in those paths because they are fundamentally wrong, if not evil. Yes, evil.

We all know that one of the most important factors to survival, if not the most important, is mental attitude…mental toughness if you will.

I am probably speaking more to myself than to you, but maybe there are a few of you out there that might benefit from what I am saying. I surely feel prompted to write it.

I also want to thank each and every one of you who are reading this. I enjoy writing these articles and reaching out to you. It is a great source of satisfaction to me.

Hang in there…we can and we will do this together. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, that can or will be thrown at us that we can’t overcome. Something I haven’t said for a long time, but I feel is appropriate today…

“Keep your eyes open and your powder dry.”

Keep your eyes open and your powder dry


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3 thoughts on “Something is bothering me…really kind of bugging me…

  1. I believe the Oregon thing is counter productive. It could provide a straw man for the administration to issue more executive orders and distract from the miserable economy. It could also alter the direction of the current election campaign for the same reasons.
    You are right on about having virtually no way to affect the course of the economy or any of the rest. That was a large part of our moving to a rural area and doing some serious preparations. If the world continues to stagger along from one crisis to another without catastrophic consequences, well… we have a beautiful, pastoral place to live. IF the world goes into the toilet however, we still have a beautiful, pastoral place to live, and a much better chance of providing for our selves and our extended family. Yes, we have some control over our immediate surroundings/situation, we have our personal principles in order, but OCD type “A” part of me is still a little bothered by it all..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You have expressed what inhale been feeling for a while. Thank you for identifying some of the niggling back of the mind bothers. Please don’t let up. I for one need your input. I hold fast to a rod of iron but like many I get scared when the mists of darkness blind my eyes. Being grounded in your beliefs can be a great comfort in times of trouble like we face today.

    Liked by 1 person

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