Will I ever use my preps?

will i ever use my emergency preparedness gearPrepperGear-001That question came to me one morning while I was sitting here contemplating the current world situation. And I tell you…the current world situation is terrible! But then again, you already know that.

Back to the question…

For me the short and simple answer is a resounding “yes!” But, there is much more to that answer than such a simple knee-jerk response however. You probably already know the answer to the question for yourself. And, I am probably making a subconscious effort to reassure you. So be it…here I go anyways.

To truly be able to answer the question being perfectly and objectively honest, and removing all the emotion from the equation, we must agree on what exact are emergencies, disasters, and grid-down. Some months ago I described them generally this way –

  1. Emergencies –House Fire
  • House Fire
  • Injury
  • Flu
  • Vehicle Accident
  • Heart Attack
  • Job Loss/Retirement
  • Utility Outage
  • Death
  • Earthquake
  1. Disasters –
  • Earthquake
  • WildfireEpidemic Pandemic
  • Tornado
  • Hurricane
  • HazMat
  • Flood
  • Epidemic
  1. Grid-Down –violence during grid-down is a risk and threat to your family
  • Pandemic
  • Financial/Economic Collapse
  • Stock Market Collapse
  • War
  • EMP Attack
  • Martial Law (the ultimate Police State)

If we can agree on those generalities then we can move on. So what are the chances you will experience one or more of these events in your lifetime?

You have to admit it is 100% probability that you will experience at least one of these events at some point in your life. So, based on that alone you can answer the opening question with a “yes” albeit maybe a bit timidly. Is it still worth all the prepping for a timid probability?

This is where you have to reach inside and confront your own soul.

I would suggest that there is a 100% probability that you will face far more than one of these events during your lifetime. And, I guarantee you that there is a very high likelihood that you will face a critical “grid-down” event in your lifetime. The exception might be those that depart this earth in the next 12 – 18 months. They may miss the coming grid-down.

OK, so why am I speaking like this? We really don’t have too much control over the “probability” of an emergency, disaster, or grid-down occurring. Realistically, we won’t have any control over a disaster or grid-down incident. But what we do have considerable control over is how badly those events affect us and our families. And that is the important part…the most important part.

When we speak of an incident’s affects on us and our families we are peaking of “severity.” And I use that term because it is half of the risk mitigation process. Risk mitigation consists of two parts; 1) probability, 2) severity.

We have already established that we have little to no control over the probability of an emergency, disaster, or grid-down event occurring that will affect us. That being the case, we must concentrate more on the severity aspect of mitigating the affects of that incident. And that is exactly where our preps will come into play.

Many times when I give preparedness presentations I see eyes glaze over. It doesn’t matter what the reasoning is, EmergencyPreparedness Check Listit matters that they don’t see value in prepping, or at least enough value. I am here to tell you, there is always value in prepping.

Let’s take a 97% sure incident that will occur in almost everyone’s life – retirement. I will use my wife and I as an example. We will retire, and hopefully while we are in our early Retired Couple Mountains60’s. When we do, what happens to all of our preps?

The water storage and filtration preps stay intact and available. The food storage starts getting eaten. As the years pass by and we approach our mid-70’s some of the gun related stuff will be sold off. By the time we are in our early 80’s I can see much of the camping and related gear being sold off or given away. And so on with all, or most, of our prepping gear and equipment.

Our food storage becomes an expense reduction asset. We already spent money on buying it, then we will start eating it when the time comes in retirement. It is effectively a tangible and edible IRA.

The other items turn into cash. And that cash is subsequently used for daily expenses. Yet another form of tangible IRA account that we are drawing upon.

Based on the value and cost of food storage over the last decade, I can see all that food being worth quite a bit more when we use it vs. what we paid for it. Our retirement will be made easier and more economical because we are preppers.

But, is that the real reason to prep?

For me, absolutely not! I say that without reservation and without any qualification. I have seen too many disasters in my professional life to think otherwise. Disasters will strike, they do occur, and they can be devastating for the unprepared. But, the event that concerns me the most…grid-down.

You see, I am 100% convinced that we have a grid-down event coming. Why am I so convinced? History and common sense.

History –

If you look at every single empire that has ever existed, with the exception of one, they fell. And when they fell, they fell hard and is was devastating for the vast majority of their people. So what about the “one” that didn’t fall? Well, that is America, and Clinton Bush Obama big spending progressivesit is falling. It hasn’t fallen completely yet, but it is in the process. With presidents like Clinton, Bush, and Obama our fall, our destruction, is assured. If we don’t get a strong Constitutionalist as our next president, the chances are we won’t survive the next Progressive President’s first term. And what are the chances we will get a strong Constitutionalist as our next president?

Actually, we only have one person who knows, understands, and truly respects the Constitution that is running for president…Ted Cruz. And what are his chances of actually winning the presidency?

If anyone else wins, we are doomed…period. The only difference will be the speed and severity of the fall based on who wins. Hillary or Sanders will bring a quick and extremely painful fall. Rubio will bring a little slower fall.  If Trump wins, we might find ourselves into a transition into a fascist tyranny, or complete anarchy as the left goes all revolutionary on the country.America is Collapsing

While I may not be exactly right on the next election or the timing, my point is…our days are numbered.

What the ruling class does while we fall is the key. And that I won’t even begin to speculate on all of that in this article. But it could be extremely bad, or worse. But, whatever it is, whoever it is, the grid will go down, and times will get very tough.

The question remains…

“Will you and your family be prepared for it?”

Please join me and hundreds of thousands of others in claiming the label of “prepper.” You can’t lose if you are a prepper…and you can certainly, assuredly always win. Retirement or grid-down…you win.


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