SitRep (1/21/2016) – The current economic & stock market situation

american economy is crashingYeah, I just had to chime in and put my 2-cents out there this morning (1/20). I am sitting here this morning and the DJIA is down 500+ points. But that should be no surprise to you if you’ve been watching the news at all. But, the really bad part is the stock market is WAY down and has been tumbling for a while now. How long has it been tumbling? Well, it’s been tumbling down 13% for the last year. The stock market is also about the same place as it was in June 2013.

But, does this mean anything to you? Maybe, maybe not. To more accurately answer that question you have to tie it back to my article the other day regarding the price of oil. When you tie it all together then you start getting a bigger picture.

And again, if you have been reading my “Economic Warning” articles that I’ve been posting since last year none of this should come as any surprise. What I am seeing now is a significant uptick in the speed of problems occurring and continuing.

Multiple times last year I talked about the dangers of a falling oil price. Well, this morning oil is selling for the mid-$20 per barrel range. Copper is well below $2. The 10-year note is now yielding well below 2%. On, and on, and on…etc. The point is none of the economic indicators are good. Not only that, they are all bad! FannieMae is selling below $1 per share and their default rate is rising. Home sales are slowing, new construction is slowing, and auto sales are starting to slump. But, that is not the worst of it.

I started looking at long-term trend charts. Within a couple of trading days we will be see if this is a correction in the stock market before it begins another climb, or we are seeing another crash. And if we are seeing a crash, it will be worse than 2008 – 2009. And there are plenty of real experts that hold the same opinion. Last week the main bank in Scotland and the main bank in France both told their investors to get out of the stock market…now! I was saying that months and months ago.american Economic Collapse

So, the question has to be…Is this the big one? Or, is this the final crash that brings it all down? The ultimate “grid-down” that I have referred to?

A couple of months ago I would have said, “no” without any hesitation. Now…well…I am not so emphatic with that “no.”

Let me explain a little…as I mentioned, I am a couple of trading days away from being more committed to the TEOTWAWKI declaration. Yes, I am serious about that. But, I also think that there is only about a 25% probability that I would make that declaration of TEOTWAWKI. But, that is considerably higher than it has been in quite a while…as in years since.

You know, as well as anyone, the economy sucks. The President and all of his stooges can say whatever they want Obama And his Stoogesabout how well the economy is. But, for the average person (i.e. the non-ruling class) knows just how bad it is and how bad it has been getting. So I am not going to relate the long list of what is bad right now, simply no need for that.

But, what I will share with you is the following that could tip it overnight –

  • Regardless of the price of oil, if a shooting war really erupts between Saudi Arabia and Iran, the price of oil will skyrocket. The only thing remotely holding the economy together right now is cheap gasoline. If violence drives up the price of oil, gasoline with also skyrocket overnight. If the price of gasoline would double right now the average person would collapse economically. The average person simply doesn’t have any spare money in their budget.
  • While the violence in the US is down right now with groups like Black Lives Matter, we are still sitting on a powder keg. It is the dead of winter in the US, mobs and crowds will be minimal and that will keep violence ID III%ers FBI face offdown. However, if the FBI makes a Waco-style move against the Bundy Bunch in Burns, Oregon, the III% and the PPN will intervene. If that happens, the FBI will get their a$$ handed to them like they can’t even imagine. If that happens, the National Guard will be called out to put down the armed insurrection. If that happens I give it a 50-50 chance that every militia and patriot group in the country would converge on Oregon to back the III% and PPN. It would turn into an all out shooting civil war…a very, very bad shooting war.
  • Obama is getting desperate, his legacy is one of utter failure from every objective perspective. Obama Obama Is Desperate for his legacywants to claim something for Americans to remember him by other than the worst president in US history. I think he is capable of anything at this point…and yes, I mean anything. He has already violated the Constitution multiple times, and then dared Congress and the Courts to try and stop him. He has no compunction to do so again. He has already reached over the line with his latest gun-control crap. I think he was just testing the waters, he will make more moves soon. Do NOT count on the Liberal/Progressive Congress to try and stop him. Paul Ryan is a firm supporter of the status quo in Washington politics. He is a big government Progressive interested only in maintaining power for the political machine. He will substantially follow Obama on any major pro-government move Obama might make. Obama will make a major move before he leaves office.
  • The Chinese economy and stock market are perilous at best. I’ve been saying since early last year that they are imploding…and they are. Nothing has improved in China, many things are now worse. They, as a nation, can only handle so much of this economic and stock market implosion before they will make a move to relieve some of that pressure. When they do make that move it will adversely impact the US economy in a huge way…and it is all bad. Same thing will apply to the world economy.
  • The oil-based national economies around the world are tanking. Countries like Russia, Argentina, Brazil, and many of the Middle East countries are going broke because of the low price of oil. They can’t take much more. The lower price is affecting every single aspect of their national economies. Further deterioration, or continued low prices, will have a devastating effect on them. And when they hit the breaking point, they will react…or rather act in their own self-interest. They will move to relieve the economic pressure to be sure. But an even greater pressure they will have to deal with is their internal societal issues and unrest…such as civil war and violent uprisings. This will have an economic and social ripple that affects the US.

These are just a few of the major issues I see in the world right now that threatens the stability, the “grid”, in the United States. Any one of these major problems could bring it all down around our ears if that event rises to the proper level. Any two events of any significance would ensure it.

If you have been reading my “warnings” since early last year none of this is startling or new. You have been seeing Josh Earnest - chief propagandistit coming regardless of the outright liars like Obama, Clinton, Ryan, and that despicable Josh Ernest, the President’s chief propagandist.

What I am going to be doing in the coming week or two is give some very specific ideas to you that can be implemented right now. And if you do so, or have done so, then the impact of the coming events will be minimized. Notice I didn’t say “eliminated” or implied that you can avoid those impacts. You can’t, you will be affected. But, through proper preparation you and your family will be less impacted. And that will be good enough to survive the coming hard times.

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