First Things To Do When The Grid Goes Down (#3)

First Things To Do when the grid goes down

This is my third installment in the “What if?” series. We have been looking at different scenarios and working through some challenges and issues. This one is going to be a little different than the others. You may find this scenario a little more challenging to answer…but try, it might bring to light some things for you.


OK, here’s your family –

  • martial law FamilyDad – 55, high school teacher about ready to retire. Active, mountain biker wannabe. Took lots of classes at onPointTactical. The latest was the Surviving Deadly Contact class with Kelly Allwood.
  • Mom – 40, pharmaceutical sales rep. Active runner, use to be an EMT at a volunteer fire department. Took the SDC class with you. She hated guns until she met you, now she is a “shooter” to her core.
  • Son – 17, high school junior, computer geek, gamer. Athletic when he wants to be, but unmotivated until he goes shooting. He is a great long distance shooter and took the SDC class with you. He is a great 9-hole shooter.

You are part of a church congregation who have completely embraced emergency preparedness. Some are only the “72-hour kit” folks but many are TEOTWAWKI preppers. The families, all 12 of them, have camped together, gone to the range together, had Kevin Reeve present a 2-day survival course. The families are particularly avid fans of AH Trimble, have all of his books, read his website articles daily, and he has spoken three times to the entire congregation about preparedness and the coming hard times.

The world situation is much like it is today, except the Black Lives Matter crowd joined forces with the Occupy Wall Street people. The protests turned into violent demonstrations about three months ago. The hardcore Bernie Sanders socialists joined in about two months ago and the demonstrations turned into riots at that time. Then the left-wing extremist college professors (meaning almost all of them) joined in and the riots turned into big-city Black Lives Matteranarchy.

Riots have been occurring in all major cities, all college campuses, and it moved into mid-sized cities about two weeks ago. The nightly news is full of video showing whole neighborhoods burning down. Almost every city of any size has a dusk to dawn curfew in place. The National Guard (NG) is deployed in every major city and now deploying to mid-sized cities.violent Riots

There have plenty of gun battles, first with police, now with the NG, plenty of fatalities and injuries on both sides. The President, well-known Marxist, has shown open sympathies for the rioters and told the police and NG to stop provoking the civilians. Everyone is fractured on what to do about the situation as it continues to swirl out of control. Last night, Saturday, was particularly deadly, over 150 dead nationwide, several times that number injured.

It is about 10:30 Sunday morning, you are in church with your family. Your wife is worried about the national situation, your son could care less, he just wants to get home and play Socom 5 on his xBox. Well, that is…right after the church lunch, he is always up for lunch at church…and to spend time with Becky. Becky is at church today and she has smiled at him twice so far. The Hamilton family (Becky is the daughter) is quickly becoming best friends with your family for a number of reasons. One of which is they are a hardcore prepper family just like yours and just a competent with their shooting.

At 10:45 the leader of the congregation gets a note handed to him during services by one of the young men. Everyone takes note of the disruption, but the speaker continues his talk. When the speaker get done the LDS Church Meeting congregationcongregation’s leader steps up to the podium before the next speaker can reach the podium. Everyone notices the change in the program. Bishop Brent, the congregation’s leader looks sick to his stomach, ashen, and appears more worried than anyone has ever seen him. The chapel goes dead silent.

After a moment Brent asks the congregation to join him in a silent prayer. Three minutes later he says a verbal “amen” joined by almost everyone else in the the chapel. He scans the congregation, unable to speak, unable to gather himself for a full minute. Then he begins to speak just as cell phones begin to ring, chirp, and vibrate.

“Brothers and sisters, the governor of Missouri was violently attacked while he spoke to a large crowd in St. Louis. He was there trying to calm the situation and stabilize that war-torn city.”

As he is speaking four men and a woman, all police officers get up and leave after briefly whispering to their spouses. A Sheriff’s deputy steps out of the chapel with his cell phone pressed to his ear.

Bishop Brent continues, “The governor was killed in the attack as well as his entire security detail and a number of other local leaders. Apparently that spread quickly, and within 30 minutes a number of other community leaders around the country have been killed in similar attacks or while attending local churches.” Bishop Brent, a normally gregarious man could barely speak above a whisper now, his congregation was straining to hear his words as he continued, “About 10 minutes ago the President of the United States issued an Executive Order establishing martial law as of 12:00 eastern time. The order states that a mandatory nation-wide curfew is now in effect. As of 12:00 everyone is to stay in, or return to their home. Anyone violating the order is subject to arrest or being shot on sight.”

The Deputy that had stepped out, now returned and headed to the podium where Bishop Brent stood. He has a determined look on his face, he was all business now. Bishop Brent, worried that the Deputy may stop him, continued quickly, “The order of martial law will stay in effect until peace has been restored to the entire country and at such time that the President alone determines it appropriate to lift the curfew. Brother and sisters…”

Before Bishop Brent could finish the Deputy had grabbed him at the elbow, Brent began to pull away but the Deputy was too large and had a vise-like grip on his arm. The Deputy began to whisper into Brent’s ear. Brent, as if it were even possible, now looked even more sick. He motioned to the Deputy to take the microphone.

The Deputy hesitated but began speaking, “Some of you may noticed me leave the chapel for a moment to take a phone call, it was from the Major, second in command to the Sheriff.” The Deputy, Vincent, began speaking more quickly, two of the congregations’ police officers stepped back into the chapel and began walking to the front where the podium is located.

Vincent continued, “All law enforcement personnel have been nationalized under the direction of the Department of Homeland Security.” The police officers were now only 30’ from reaching the Deputy. Vincent, became determined, a look of defiance, “All personnel were ordered to report for duty to enforce the martial law just declared by the president. Our local Sheriff…” the cops had made the turn and within mere feet of the deputy now, they too were on a mission. But Vincent continued, “…told DHS that he and his men would not participate. DHS immediately relieved him of command and ordered his arrest by the local Chief of Police.”

He finished that just as the police officers grabbed him by the elbow. These were law enforcement officers that were also members of the same church congregation. There was a brief struggle while the officers were telling Vincent something. Vincent relaxed and began speaking again with an officer either side of him. “The local police chief attempted to arrest the Sheriff, but the Sheriff’s SWAT team intervened, no shots were fired, the Sheriff was not arrested.” There was an audible sigh of relief from the congregation.

The deputy continued, “Brother Smith and Reynolds have just informed me that approximately 75% of the police officers in town have refused to enforce or participate in any way in regards to the martial law order. They have also placed themselves under the direction of Sheriff Grey.”

OK…there is the background. Bishop Brent gets up, closes the meeting with a heartfelt prayer that leaves most of the congregation in tears. Here is your challenge, address the following situations –

  1. What Do You DoDo you return home and obey the martial law order?
  2. Brother Foster yells out that the preparedness families need to meet back at the church in an hour, fully armed and ready to march on city hall.
  3. The police officers and the deputy are asking for volunteers. They don’t give any specifics.
  4. Your wife is pleading with you to just go home.
  5. Your son wants to arm-up and join Brother Foster. Becky is crying, holding your son’s arm with her head on his shoulder.

What are your thoughts on each of the above situations?Number One Priority


After you answer that, what is your #1 priority right now?


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3 thoughts on “First Things To Do When The Grid Goes Down (#3)

  1. Where we live the nearest Sheriff, Police, or State Police are nearly 50 miles away. That town’s PD is only about 20 men. None of them are likely to come around here, and unless they were coming as refugees, they would be fools if they did. The nearby communities are such that most people are acquainted or related. It is a different world from what you describe.
    Declaring that we should “stay in our homes” is like telling gophers to hide in their burrow. Yeah, duh.
    My preparations would be camouflage, barricades, and getting distant relatives here. I’m presuming we would have been watching the mess unfold (as we are right now), and had already been doing all the last minute shopping we had been putting off.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You know, it is amazing how the people on each coast forget there is the middle part of the country…the vast majority of the country. They think that what works in the cities transfers to the real America. Wrong! It would almost be laughable….but it wouldn’t because of the consequences. GREAT observations “wunhunglo2”! AH


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