SitRep (1/27/2016) – Burns, Oregon

Updated – 1/29/2016 4:00pm :

The foundation of the situation started with the Hammond family who are ranchers in Oregon. They were tried under a “terrorism” law. They were sentenced and served their time. Well after their release the federal government went after them again. Federal officials petitioned the court to re-sentence the Hammonds for longer prison terms. The federal court gladly re-sentenced the Hammonds to additional terms in prison. This is not “double jeopardy” since “double jeopardy” refers to prosecution and/or trial…not having a defendant re-sentenced.

This next section of the update is important to understand the bigger picture of what is happening in this case…the bigger picture.

Judge Ann Aiken – The Judge that re-sentenced the Hammonds was Chief U.S. District Judge Ann Aiken. Judge Aiken was appointed to her position, not elected. Judge Aiken is a widow, she was married to James Klonoski, one-time chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon. Judge Aiken was also an activist in the Democratic Party and served on campaigns for various Democrats, including former Governor of Oregon, Ted Kulongoski. Judge Aiken was first appointed to a federal judgeship by left-wing President Bill Clinton. Judge Aiken earned her law degree from University of Oregon’s law school which is known for its environmental extremist law program focus. It is ranked #6 in the country of environmental law programs. Additionally, she has had complaints filed against her for misconduct in office. She has not been removed from office from any of those complaints. Judge Aiken is, and has been, an environmental activist with ties to the Malheur Refuge.

Attorney General of Oregon Ellen Rosenblum – The current Oregon Attorney, Ellen Rosenblum is also an appointed official, not elected. She was appointed by Governor John Kitzhaber. Rosenblum was appointed to fill a vacancy of Oregon Attorney General John Kroger. Kroger retired to become the President of Reed College. Rosenblum’s father served as the President of Reed’s College before he retired. Just as Judge Aiken, Rosenblum also earned her law degree from University of Oregon’s law school which is known for its environmental extremist law program.

Former Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber – Kitzhaber appointed Ellen Rosenblum as Attorney General of Oregon in 2012. Kitzhaber is a lifelong (40 years) hard-line Democrat and a founder of an organization that advocated for socialized healthcare. Kitzhaber at the time he was Governor has a fiancé Cylvia Hayes. She is the founder of the environmental consulting firm 3EStrategies. 3EStrategies is a radical environmental group that does consulting for projects of Agenda 21 and other environmental extremist projects.

Amanda Marshall, the U.S. Attorney for Oregon – Marshall is the person responsible for pushing for resentencing of the Hammonds. In 2015 Marshall was investigated and suspended by the DOJ Inspector General for “erratic behavior”, “inappropriate relationship with an employee in her office”, and “stalking a co-worker.” She was placed on administrative leave and later forced to resign. She was appointed as a U.S. Attorney by environmental activist and leftist President Obama in 2010. There are also allegations of a connection to the Mexican Mafia and a prosecutor that is under witness protection. Her DOJ security clearance had also been revoked early on in the investigation. She also received her law degree from the University of Oregon.


Updated – 1/29/2016 0640am :

I have seen the video that FBI released that shows the shooting of LaVoy Finicum. I have watched it multiple times. The video supports non-LEO witness statements up to the point of the shooting. Finicum is seen with his hands up. The FBI claims he then “reached into his shirt pocket” for a 9mm gun. It was then that he was shot. The video is clear that he did in fact reach with his right hand to his left side. What is not clear is if he was attempting to grab a  gun. At that point he is shot in the back by an LEO one or more times. Finicum is then seen laying on the ground moving but with his hands up. The LEOs on the scene refuse to provide immediate medical care to Finicum even though shot, with hands empty, and arms extended clearly in a surrender posture.

I will be reviewing the video throughout the morning and make a more detailed update later today.

I want to make it clear, I am very surprised that the FBI released any video at all. But, I find it interesting that they released aircraft video footage and not dash cam or body cam video footage. The aircraft video does not clearly show Finicum reaching for or grabbing a gun. And the LEO that shot him was behind him and absolutely could not have seen Finicum’s right hand reaching across his chest for a gun in his left shirt pocket. The video does show Finicum’s right hand crossing over his chest. It also shows his left hand moving to his waist on the left hand side.

As I watched the body movements of the the LEO to Finicum’s rear, it is very caviler in nature, almost casual as he shot Finicum. I find it strange that there is no other video available and no audio of the incident.

Was Finicum following orders to throw down his weapon?

Why did Finicum have his hands up in the air before and after he was shot?

There are many questions and the shooting remains very suspect.

I want to reach out to everyone that knows Finicum:

  1. Was Finicum right or left handed?
  2. Was Finicum known to carry a 9mm pistol?
  3. Was Finicum ever known to carry a pistol in his shirt pocket?
  4. Was Finicum ever known to use a shoulder rig on his left side to carry a pistol?

Updated – 1/29/2016 0500am :

A number of readers and friends have expressed concern about the safety of those arrested by and in the custody of the FBI. I share those concerns. The FBI has a long history of blackmail and using extremely unpleasant psychological methods on those in custody and who they are interrogating. In a May 9th 2015 article I wrote about Ibragim Todashev. He was being interrogated by FBI agents in a room full of law enforcement agents. The official report states that just as he was about to sign a confession he attacked the FBI agent and the agent shot him.


Nothing, not a damn thing, makes any sense about that story, and common sense tells you that it is 100% false. No suspect is going to attack an FBI agent with a room full of LEO’s. And even if he did, what harm could he possibly have done to the agent with all the lethal training FBI agents are given?

The rumored real story is Ibragim Todashev refused to sign his confession/statement and by the time the FBI got done with him physically, the only option left was to kill him to keep him quiet and cover-up the abuse at the hands of the FBI.

< to read the article click here >

I am gravely concerned for the metal health and physical safety of those arrested by the FBI in Oregon and elsewhere in connection with the refuge. They could be in grave danger at the hands of the FBI, especially the Bundys.


Original article posted on 1/28/2016 –

As stated early this morning I am providing a Situation Report (SitRep) on the recent developments in Burns, Oregon. For a basis of this article I am using –

  • personal knowledge,
  • speaking directly with people who have firsthand knowledge,
  • reports and court records,
  • BLM documents,
  • media reporting with varying degrees of validation and verification.

I am not going to reveal any sources of any kind. I am stating for the record that this entire article is my personal opinion and nothing more. I do so because there is limited, maybe no, First Amendment protection in this situation for me and I will not allow myself to be placed in a situation where I am forced to reveal sources. Again, for the record, this is all my opinion and conjecture.

This is a complex and intricate situation that has been in the making for 15 years. It will not be resolved anytime soon and I doubt anyone is ever going to be satisfied with the outcome. A man died last night, no one can ever be satisfied with that…ever. That man, a father of 11 children, a grandfather of 19, a deeply religious Christian man. A man who was devoted and committed to liberty, rights, freedoms, and the document that ensures those…the Constitution. There was only one reason for that man to die…and I will explain that towards the end of this article.

One more note before I get started, I will not go into excessive detail. I will do so when needed, but I will not provide details most of the time because the information I will refer to can be easily validated and verified online through a long list of reliable sources. I will work backwards on a timeline, it will make more sense that way.

  1. Robert “LaVoy” Finicum was killed during an ambush the night of 1/26/2016 by law enforcement officers. Multiple witnesses say that at the time Finicum was shot and killed by law enforcement officers he had his hands in the air, empty, and was not threat to anyone.
  2. There is no clear word on how Ryan Bundy was wounded. It is not clear what he was doing at the time. I will leave that for another day.
  3. There are reports that this was a “routine traffic stop.” That is 100% false! The FBI, in cooperation and coordination with the Oregon State Police (OSP) established roadblocks throughout the area. One primary purpose for the roadblocks was to prevent reinforcements responding to assist those inside the refuge. The other, and main, purpose of the roadblock was to force a confrontation with the refuge leadership. This had been carefully planned by the FBI and OSP for weeks. The FBI and OSP had even trained on how to do a “takedown” of any leadership vehicles. Harney County Sheriff Dave Ward admitted today that law enforcement agencies had been working and planning on “how to take them down.”
  4. Harney County Sheriff Dave Ward is not an elected Sheriff. He was appointed in 2015 by hand-picked committee. The person that hand-picked the committee members was none other than county Judge Steve Grasty. Sherriff Ward is indebted to, a crony of, Judge Grasty because the Judge made the decision to appoint Ward. Ward is not an elected Sheriff of the county in which he serves.
  5. The FBI and other law enforcement have not said anything about video of the violent ambush. If this was a simple routine traffic stop there would be all kinds of dash-cam footage available. I am hearing there is video footage but it will never see the light of day for any reason whatsoever, even if the release is ordered by a judge.
  6. The FBI doesn’t do “routine traffic stops”…ever. Have you ever heard the FBI issuing traffic tickets?
  7. The reason for the timing of the takedown was related to the offer of safety by the Sheriff of Grant County, Oregon. The Sheriff there had offered to take in the refuge leadership and provide them safety from arrest and prosecution at any level. The meeting that night was to work on arrangements to accept that offer and move some folks to Grant County and for others to leave the refuge. The FBI had been informed of that and was determined to prevent that from happening.
  8. In the days immediately prior to the ambush the Governor of Oregon had made it clear to the OSP and FBI to “end this situation.” Oregon Governor Kate Brown is –
    • A far left-wing Democrat / Progressive,
    • She is a radical environmentalist,
    • She has been schooled from day one as a liberal extremist, especially in terms of the environment,
    • She is a dedicated globalist and activist for that cause. She has even won an award from the Aspen Institute. AI is a radical globalist organization funded by the biggest globalist families in the world.
    • She is openly bisexual although is married to a man. She absolutely abhors the Mormon/LDS church stances on gay issues and has stated such numerous times.
    • She is a lawyer, earning her J.D. degree in Environmental Law from Northwestern School of Law of Lewis and Clark College, the #1 environmental law school in the country, maybe the world.
    • She was appointed Governor of Oregon, she was not elected.
  9. Obama officials sent word to the FBI to “get the Burns situation resolved.” The FBI has been drawing-up contingency plans and broader planning on this operation for weeks. The reports of reduced LEO presence in the Burns area the last couple of weeks was a ruse. The resources were relocated to out of town staging areas and new resources brought into those staging areas to join them. This was part of the plan to get the refuge leadership to drop their guard. While they were doing this, they were planning both the tactical takedown of the refuge leadership, also multiple other persons around the west on related federal charges.
  10. The FBI intentionally passed-up multiple opportunities to peacefully arrest Bundy and others during meetings with those individuals. It was the same federal tactic used in Waco and at Ruby Ridge.
  11. Judge Steve Grasty, Harney County Judge, at the center of this situation, is a lifelong Democrat hardliner and rabid environmentalist. He is a board member of RDI (Rural Development Initiatives), an Agenda 21 partner, and recipient of federal money. Steve Grasty is also the brother of Brent Grasty.
  12. Brent Grasty is a BLM employee in charge of the environmental policy review process team in the Vale, Oregon BLM District Office. Brent Grastly is an environmental extremist and life-long Democratic hardliner. Brent & Steve have talked numerous times regarding local environmental issues, mineral rights issues, and the refuge stand-off. Those conversations create a conflict of interest for both men and violates federal laws and ethics policies of government employees and judges.
  13. The Hammonds, the focus of this situation, were originally charged in another fire related matter altogether. Normal BLM policy for fires that trespass onto BLM lands are rarely investigated. When they are investigated and pursued, the offending party is normally only given a $250 citation. There are times, not many, where suppression costs are sought through the legal system as restitution. There is a long list of “trespass fires” that are/were never pursued, few citations written, and seldom was restitution sought. The Hammonds burned less than 150 acres of BLM lands, no substantial resource damage was done, no loss of life, and no injuries. Not only were the Hammonds pursued through the legal system, they were charged as “terrorists” under a 1990’s law (Anti-terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act that Congress passed in 1996). That has never occurred in the history of BLM…ever prior to the Hammonds. And, the charges didn’t even come about for 9 years after one incident and 6 years after another incident. The BLM has absolutely no interest in the Hammonds for the fire related issues. The BLM is punishing the Hammonds for an entirely different reason. I haven’t nailed down exactly what it is to my satisfaction yet, so I won’t speculate to exactly what or why. But, I am telling you plainly…this is a punitive action on the part of BLM and the federal government for a whole other reason.

Also, the Hammonds already served time in prison. However, several years after their release from prison, they were resentenced by a federal judge. Let me explain…federal judges don’t sit around looking over records and searching for people to send back to prison. The US Attorney’s office made motions and petitioned the federal judge to send the Hammonds back to prison. And, let me explain…US Attorneys don’t sit around looking over records and searching for people to send back to prison…unless there is a reason. A government employee, possibly BLM, pushed the US Attorneys’ office to pursue this issue. There is someone in the federal government, possibly the Oregon BLM office, that is trying hard to intimidate and persecute the Hammonds.

That tells me only one thing…Hammonds have something that BLM or the federal government wants, Hammonds don’t want to give in to BLM blackmail and extortion, so BLM is going to use every trick available to them.

There is a ton of official government records indicating that the interest BLM and the county has in the Hammonds has to do with valuable underground minerals. Hammonds just so happen to have rights to most of that land that BLM and the county have been intensely researching. And that research has included overflights, including FEMA airborne resources.

  1. BLM developments – Today there was a national conference call where state and local BLM managers were told –
    • Threat level “yellow” indicating a grave concern for attacks on BLM facilities and employees.
    • Offices recalled armed rangers to BLM offices to guard against attacks.
    • BLM employees are to report any interaction with people who raise concerns over murder in Burns. Those reports will be sent to a centralized LEO office for coordinating efforts.
    • BLM employees are to report any suspicious people or vehicles. Those reports will be sent to a centralized LEO office for coordinating efforts.
    • A BLM “strike force” of highly trained SWAT personnel has been activated and pre-positioned to respond as needed anywhere in the country. These heavily armed SWAT teams are highly trained for vilent encounters with civilians.
    • BLM is expecting an attack and occupation of offices in Kingman, AZ by ranchers and/or militia.

Immediately after that conference call BLM employees around the west held emergency “all-employee” meetings.

  1. Prior to the killing last night, LEOs from multiple federal agencies expressed the desire to be in Burns to take out the militia in the refuge. The comments ranged from vague threats, to putting bullets in their heads.
  2. At one point using DElta was discussed in the event that the FBI wasn’t able to handle the situation.
  3. Today, in multiple BLM offices, there was a wide range of comments made by LEO and non-LEO employees that “it was about time”, “too bad more of them didn’t get it”, “that’s what they get”, etc.
  4. The FBI has been planning for quite a while to make these moves including escalation of force to include killing refuge occupiers and militia. The FBI has been using debit and credit card transactions to track the “subjects” as well as cell phone usage. The FBI waited until the subjects were on a secluded road before executing the ambush. The FBI and OSP projected there would be no witnesses to their tactical ambush and that was the reason for that particular location. However, reports are that there are indeed witnesses to the ambush.
  5. On April 6, 2015 I wrote that the FBI would get its revenge against the Bundy Family for Bunkerville. They would take their time and then strike the Bundy Family hard. Last night was that strike. It was fully expected that the Ryan Bundy would be shot and killed, as well as any other resistance leadership that they could take out at the same time. The FBI fulfilled that dream last night but they killed the wrong man and didn’t finish the job with Ryan.
  6. The federal government is not done with this yet. There will be more arrests, more federal charges, and probably more “routine traffic stop” incidents gone bad…resulting in more deaths. The federal government is intent on total suppression of the latest version of the Sage Brush Rebellion and especially militia groups.
  7. There is discussion at the highest level on how to use this incident to leverage Executive Order(s) in regards to gun control and confiscation.

OK, I am worn out. The researching and writing of this article has taken a lot of time, effort, and energy. I have provided you more than enough information to see clearly what is going on here. You have –

  • An environmental extremist state governor who was not elected to that office,
  • An environmental extremist county judge,
  • An environmental extremist BLM employee who is the brother of the environmental extremist county judge,
  • A Sheriff who was not elected to that office, he was appointed by a environmental extremist county judge,
  • An environmental extremist President,
  • A far-left activist at the head of the Department of Justice,
  • All of the above are Progressive radicals,
  • A revenge seeking FBI,
  • And a hidden reason why the federal government is after the Hammonds.

So you have two Executive Branches of two levels of government involved. You have multiple law enforcement agencies from three levels of government involved. And you have a Judicial branch of government involved at the local level. All of the parties of the government are inter-related, all have a common factor of environmental extremism. There is motive. There is opportunity.


A conspiracy theory is an explanatory or speculative hypothesis suggesting that two or more persons or an organization have conspired to cause or to cover up, through secret planning and deliberate action, an event or situation typically regarded as illegal or harmful.

By now you can figure out what is happening in Burns, Oregon. If you are a Mormon (LDS) you are familiar with the terms “Gadianton Robbers” and “King-men.” You can see it here plain as day. If you are not Mormon, you can see where government officials at all levels are corrupt to the bone. And they are using the FBI once again as a “hit squad” to crush anyone who opposes the government agenda.

Here is the truly bad aspect…they are not done. The FBI, along with various state and local law enforcement agencies around the west, are going to keep marching right through the ranks of militias, freedom fighters, Constitutionalists, patriot groups, and anyone else who opposes or exposes the tyranny of our current government. And it is going to get ugly, very ugly.

We saw that the Obama administration has gone after patriot groups, Constitutional groups, Tea Party groups and all the while they denied it, even the President. Now, the evidence is all there and crystal clear to see that the Obama administration was in-fact using the IRS to go after their enemies. And the clear evidence in documents shows that both the FBI and Department of Justice was in on this with the IRS and other Obama administration officials.

I am telling you point blank that there will be more action taken by the FBI and DOJ. It will be nasty and lethal. More patriots, militia members, etc. will die resisting during “routine traffic stops.” This government is in an all-out purging mode right now…a violent and deadly purge. Obama will have his legacy. He already promised us a “fundamental transformation” of America…he is delivering on that promise.

I doubt, actually I am convinced, that no group that considers themselves patriots, Constitutionalists, etc. will lift a finger to do anything. They will fade away and disappear just as they did under President Clinton. There is no spine and no teeth to actually do anything as the groups have said they would. I know that may offend some people, maybe many, but it is the truth. I truly hope I am wrong, I am honest in that statement. But I know I am right, there just isn’t enough will or capacity to do anything else. At least that is the case at this time and in the near future. But don’t let that disappoint or frustrate you.

The time has come that you better figure out who you are and which side of the fence your morals and principles fall. As a prepper you must plan, you absolutely must. “What will I do when…?”

I am not telling you to push the panic button. I am not telling you to do anything stupid or illegal. I am surely not telling you to do anything violent. I am telling you to see things for what they are. See people for whose side they are on. And figure out who you are inside…who you are as a person…who you want to be…who you will be. What does your soul look like?

One day soon you will need to know who that person inside you is.
It is better to figure that out now…and plan accordingly.

My follow-up post to this article is now posted. < click here to read my follow-up post >



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21 thoughts on “SitRep (1/27/2016) – Burns, Oregon

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  4. As many times as I have looked at that particular segment of the video, I am inclined to say he was already shot in the left side which as a natural reaction would cause ANYONE to drop their hands to the wound….I say he was NOT armed as witnesses have claimed as well as other reports saying he had left his weapons at the refuge….

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sandy, Thank you for commenting, I appreciate your perspective. I agree that he was not armed. At least not the way the FBI says he was. In my “follow-up” I point out that Finicum never was known to carry a 9mm or carry any pistol on his left side. I can’t determine that he was shot before he turned around. It is possible. I had to go with what I felt I could confirm…that he was startled by the LEO in the trees and turned towards him. AT that point is when the fatal shots were fired. Whatever it was, however, it happened, it was a set-up by the FBI for this to happen. The FBI was looking forward to this encounter. AH.


  5. Finicum was right handed. I’ve seen pictures of him holstered and he carried on his right hip. That gun I’ve seen in pictures looked more like a 45. But I also have seen a still shot someone took out of a freeze frame where he has something small in his hand after he seemed to reach into his coat pocket. Squarish corners…I bet a winning lottery ticket it was his pocket constitution. The only weapon he had on him and at the end of the day the one he had the greatest faith in. As I watch that slowed video I see a man with hands up, trying to keep his balance in the deep snow. .. he gets shot from behind and instinctual reaches backwhere he’s shot but then tries to get his hands up again. Unfortunately when he reached it appears he got shot again. Then he reached for that wound, chest area, and that is when the constitution appearing thing is in his hand. Well Never knowcause I’m sure we won’t hear about it.suspect too that when the second man exits the car, he appears to pull a gun from his person and drop it to the snow. Dark object, about the right size to bea gun. Later when the drone circles around that object is missing. Could that have been a 9mm dropped by #2 that enforcement picked up and planted on lavoy?

    Liked by 1 person

    • jiatingzhufu, Thank you for your input. There is so much that we will never know. You can count on the FBI never revealing the truth, they are masters at deceit. There is no doubt in my mind that the FBI, and any other LEO on scene, went into this ambush with a clear knowledge and intent of gunning down one or more of these people. The FBI has been looking for revenge against the Bundy Family ever since Bunkerville. AH


  6. My question is, If he had a gun and planned to use it.
    Why didn’t he have the gun in his hand when he exited the truck?
    Anyone should know that if you try to pull a gun on a bunch of Feds surrounding you.
    They are going to shoot and kill you.
    Does not make any sense.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are 100% right on the money Tim! The only thing that “might” be is suicide by cop. And I am not saying that was his play here. I am just saying it might answer the question as to what exactly he was doing. “might” I am still working on it. I’ve asked a very fair and objective Peace Officer to review the video and provide me his opinion and thoughts. More to come later today. AH


  7. If you watch the video you will see a muzzle flash from behind him , he then reaches and turns around and they shoot him , in my opinion they shot him from behind in the side and he reaches down to cover his wound and was turning to see where the shot came from and they shot him again killing him . And how many routine traffic stops have snippers in the woods on both sides . I also question the poor clarity of the drone as home drones even have a clearer picture . Watch the video in slow motion and you will see the muzzle flash behind him to the left before he reaches . Sad day when our government is openly killing citizens to take their property for senators …

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am watching this video over and over and over again. Something just doesn’t seem right. I think I am narrowing it down. I really appreciate your input and will watch it again with just your input in mind.

      I also agree that quality of the video is very poor. And why video from the air where you really can’t see the details? Heck, you can’t even see that it is Finicum let alone what he is really doing. AH


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  10. AH

    Watching the R debate. We are in trouble. These guys are electing the D. Cruze and Rubio are cutting each other up. Carson is being left out. Paul totally sucks the other three along with Paul should fold their tents and go home. Trump is not fit. The D nominee is going to eat the R nominee for lunch. This plus the Oregon problem appears to me to be an invitation to a total collapse of our civility. I hope you can help me see where I am out to lunch with this assessment.

    Jack G

    Sent from my iPhone


    Liked by 1 person

    • Jack, I wish I could find fault with what you are saying…but I can’t. I personally think our only hope to slow down the fall is Ted Cruz. And the establishment Repub will not let him get elected. Any Democrat elected is the final nail in the coffin of the US. We are in a horrible jam. God help us. AH


    • Thank you. I am just trying to get more information out there for people to really understand what is going on. The information is being tightly controlled and manipulated. The bigger picture is not getting the exposure. No investigative reporter is really doing the digging that they should be. This is truly a “Boss Hog” situation here. Thanks for the feedback, AH


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  13. This whole thing is a crying shame. We no longer have anyone protecting the people. What is even more disturbing is that the morons who carry the guns for the government are completely ignoring the Constitution, and they do not even seem to care. And, yet, it seems they (the gov’t agents) think they are doing “the people” a favor.


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