SitRep (1/30/2016) – Burns, Oregon – My Follow-Up

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Man, this has been slow, tedious, painful, and depressing. But, as I promised I would relate what I saw and what my opinion is on the shooting of LaVoy Finicum. I also spoke with a very good man, he is a Peace Officer…fair, objective, pro-Constitution, and I man I trust. I asked him to view the video and give me his opinion on what happened. So here goes…

My Peace Officer buddy first –

As far as he could see, he thinks that the entire stop was all FBI. It was a felony traffic stop not a routine traffic stop for sure. The vehicles appear to be FBI vs. local/state LEO vehicles. When the truck initially stopped the FBI agents would have been loudly and aggressively giving him commands for that entire time. Finicum appears to have ignored those commands and eventually begins to flee. Finicum would have felt trapped. The truck speeds away. At the point when the truck flees the LEOs will get amp’d up, their level of adrenaline will spike, and they are keyed up at this point. As Finicum was standing there the man in the tress begins to approach Finicum, yelling commands which startles Finicum. Finicum turns around, his hands drop, and the officer shoots Finicum.

He stated that there was nothing in Finicum’s actions that warranted him being shot.

My account and opinion –

I am only going to relate what I feel I can truthfully and factually confirm from what I saw. I will not go out on a limb and speculate on any details of what happened. Without audio it is almost impossible to know for sure what is actually happening at the initial stop.

For whatever reason, Finicum flees the initial stop. At that point there is no doubt that his adrenalin will be spiking, his ability to think logically and clearly will begin to diminish, and he will find atypical strength as his heart rate and breathing capacity increases. His decision to flee probably stems from the “flight or fight” syndrome associated with the adrenaline dump.

I cannot confirm the report that he swerved to avoid a “spike strip” because I can’t see any indication that a spike strip was deployed. There is nothing in the video that resembles any spike strip in front of the trucks that are forming the roadblock. There does appear to be something in the left lane, the oncoming lane, that covers up a lane stripe. It appears to be approximately 20 – 25’ in front of the trucks. That would be on the uphill side of the road. There appears to be nothing in the right hand lane of the road. If there is something in the left lane, then it appears that Finicum aimed right for it vs. swerving to avoid it. To me it clearly appears that Finicum was trying to drive around the roadblock on the uphill side of the road. I can see that the left hand side of the roadblock has enough possible clearance to drive around the roadblock at that point.

Here is a critically important point…the most critical point as far as I am concerned. Finicum has lined up his truck to drive around the roadblock on the uphill side. He has the clearance and appears that he could make it around the roadblock. However, and this is the critical part…at that point where it appears that he will clear the roadblock a man (assumed to be an LEO) charges into that space directly in front of his truck’s path, the LEO places his body in the gap between the roadblock truck and the hill with the snowbank. It is at this point Finicum clearly and intentionally swerves to miss the LEO that has charged the gap directly in the path of his truck. Yes, everything on the video shows that Finicum swerved into the snowbank to avoid hitting the LEO.

There is a lot of speculation about what happens next. There are a lot of armchair experts that try to analyze that fuzzy video into something it is not. At least their narrations do not match what I saw. But stay with me on this.

Once the truck has stopped there is zero doubt that commands once again being shouted at the truck by one or more LEOs. If the LEOs are following their training the people in the truck are being told to show their hands, etc. At this point Finicum exits the truck and clearly, unmistakably puts his hands in the air, universal sign of surrender. His hands are clearly empty. Once again, there is no doubt that the LEOs are bombarding him with commands, some of which may be contradictory and very confusing. This is an LEO tactic in which they are trained.

The LEO in the trees was clearly there to flank the truck if/when it stopped. It appears that the LEO in front of Finicum is giving him commands. At one point the LEO behind him gains Finicum’s attention and Finicum begins to turn around as if very startled. As he does, Finicum’s right hand moves across the front of his body, his left hand moves to the vicinity of his left hip. At this point he is shot one or more times and falls to the ground.

Once on the ground it is clear that Finicum has raised his hands and arms the best he can in the surrender position. Once again, it appears that his hands are completely empty.

Notice, I am not stating how many times he was shot, what he was shot with, or who shot him. People can speculate all they want, the video is not conclusive on exactly what happens.

Here are a couple thoughts –

  • If he was reaching for a gun the LEOs had every right to shoot him.
  • Making a sudden move to his jacket, or pocket, while LEOs were trying to take him down at gun point, that could also warrant Finicum being shot.

Now, let’s explore a couple more items –

  • The FBI stated he was reaching for a 9mm gun in his shirt pocket.
    • Finicum was known to carry a .45cal gun, not a 9mm.
    • I don’t know anyone who carries a pistol in their shirt pocket…ever.
    • If there was a “hide-a-way” pocket in his shirt or vest, that would explain his movement of his hand to that part of his body. But the FBI was clear that he was not reaching inside his vest, jacket, or shirt. The FBI stated clearly that he reached for the pistol that was “in his pocket.”
    • If he had a pistol in a shoulder rig and if Finicum was right handed that too would explain Finicum reaching from his right to his left to draw his pistol. That would also explain the movement of his left hand to the area of his belt…to stabilize the shoulder rig for a draw. But, the FBI made no reference to a shoulder holster.
  • I already stated that Finicum carried a .45cal pistol, that has been confirmed many times in various media accounts of his presence at the refuge. In every picture that shows Finicum carrying a pistol it is always on his right hip, usually kind of low.
  • I was not able to find a picture of Finicum ever with a shoulder rig or a pistol in his shirt pocket.
  • I reached out to a lot of folks who knew Finicum personally, no one responded that he ever carried a 9mm pistol, or carried a pistol anywhere other than on his hip.

So here are the questions that must be answered –

  1. Since he exited the vehicle with his hands empty and extended in the universal surrender sign, why would he then attempt to draw a pistol for a shootout?
  2. Why would Finicum enter into a shootout when he had less than a minute earlier wrecked his truck into a snowbank to avoid hitting an LEO that had jumped out in front of his truck?
  3. If Finicum was intent on having a shootout with the LEOs, why, after he was shot, extend his arms and empty hands once again in the universal sign of surrender as he lie on the ground dying?
  4. If there was a pistol in his shirt pocket, under his vest/jacket, how could the LEOs see it to justify opening fire? It would have been hidden from view until it was clear of his shirt pocket and vest/jacket. They could not have known there was a pistol in his pocket.

There is plenty of speculation on what happened during that homicide, I surely don’t know exactly what happened. But I do know that what the FBI says happened is an outright lie. How much of a lie I don’t know. But, the FBI has a very long history of lying and perjury.

It is also clear to me that this was a planned ambush site to take down these folks, there is no doubt about that. It is also just a clear to me that every single LEO there was expecting there to be a shootout. And I can tell you to a man that they were prepared for it, and probably looking forward to it.

I can also tell you that every single LEO there had adrenaline pumping hard. That would affect their cognitive abilities, the ability to think clearly and logically. It would also make it almost impossible to remember clearly what happened. That is a physiological fact.

I can also guarantee you that they held an After Action Review and all the LEOs there talked about what happened and who did what. They would have made it a priority to coordinate the events, and corroborate each other stories. That is a fact.

On the downside…I put almost no credence to the witness accounts of the incident, LEO or civilian. Each group has a clear agenda. And that agenda is to justify who they are, what they were doing and what they did. Their testimony will be jaded. That is not meant as disrespect to anyone.

Bottom line for me…This was a well-coordinated, well-planned ambush by the FBI who knew it was going to end in a gunfight. The FBI would ensure that it would. The FBI made it happen in Waco, at Ruby Ridge, in Boston, and a hundred other situations. The FBI has a history of “shoot to kill” and that is a documented and historical fact.

There is a long list of whistle-blowers that have worked for the FBI that came forward and exposed the horrific behavior and conduct of the FBI over the years. It is worth looking into if you have the time.

I can’t say what was in Finicum’s head during that incident. But, his actions clearly, very clearly, do not appear to be those of a man trying to participate in a shootout with the LEOs on the scene.

I can also just as reliably say that I don’t know what was in the heads of the LEOs on scene of the incident, especially those that shot down Finicum. I can tell you that their actions were extremely aggressive according to felony stop protocols. I can also say with 100% surety that the behavior of the LEO in the trees was that of an armature. He placed multiple LEOs in his line of fire without regard for their safety. He also placed himself in their line of fire. That is a sign of an rank amateur…or a man out of control of himself and his thinking.

I hope that once Finicum’s body is released that the family has an independent autopsy performed by the best person that they can find. I think the wounds that he sustained will go a long way towards telling a more complete story.

All that being said, I want to once again state –

  • The FBI is never to be trusted or believed, they have a horrific reputation.
  • The true story will never be known.
  • The non-LEO witnesses will probably continue to evolve their story to match their agenda and justify their position.
  • The LEOs on scene will never tell the true story or the whole story. They can’t. They must maintain that they felt threatened by the actions of Finicum. That is the only thing that will justify them shooting him. They can’t and they won’t change their story in any way to indicate anything else. Their story has been well-coordinated among themselves. And agency lawyers have already advised them on how to write their official statements, how to testify in court or at deposition.

Now I want to move out of that box and ask –

  • Where was the so-called “security detail” for the refuge leadership? No security person in their right mind, with any level of training, would have allowed travel such as they did.
  • There was a whole lot of bluster made by some folks that they were there to prevent another Waco. Where were they when this happened?

I want to leave this with three final comments –

  • There was one or more FBI informants among the refuge leadership from the very beginning. These people are trained on how to instigate actions that favor aggressive FBI action or retaliation. The FBI has a long history of this type of scheme.

What value is that knowledge? If you are involved in any kind of patriot movement, any kind of militia movement, any kind of Constitutional movement, any kind of any movement similar to any of those…you are known by the FBI and there are FBI informants among your group if it is of any size. You must know how to deal with that situation. They will try to get you and your group to do things you would not otherwise do. And that includes even talking about doing something illegal. The FBI can still get you on “conspiracy” charges, it is an easy charge to get a conviction on.

  • Never, ever think that FBI will treat you fairly or honestly. The FBI is not pro-Constitution, they are not respectful towards a person’s rights, they will lie to you, they will deceive you, they want only one thing…to put you in federal prison. The FBI, as an agency, is little more than a criminal enterprise…and never, ever trust them. If they want to talk with you about anything demand a lawyer to be present…YOUR lawyer that is there as a criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights. The FBI doesn’t want the truth, they don’t want justice, they want convictions with people in prison. That gets them promotions.
  • Do not expect that any reliable or mainstream media person at any level will ever make an honest effort to investigate this incident.
  • What happens next will determine whether Finicum died in vain or not.

I want to close with a warning…

I told everyone clearly almost a year ago that the FBI would have their revenge on the Bundy’s. They got that revenge, at least part of it. But, the federal government isn’t done yet. This federal government is corrupt to its very core. It is led by a vicious anti-American president that is determined and dedicated to destroying the Constitution and America. He is succeeding.

For years he has been using branches of government to persecute and prosecute anyone and any group that professes allegiance to the principles that represented by the Constitution. And that includes the FBI past involvement in anti-Constitutional and illegal conduct against groups and individuals.

Any patriot, any Tea Party member, any Constitutionalist, most conservatives, any Oathkeeper, 3%’ers, and Peace Officers are his enemies. These people are labeled as “enemies of the state” and classified as domestic terrorists.

The FBI is the lead agency, they are the tip of the spear, in this effort that will come after you. They will do everything in their power to silence you. And as you can see, they will intimidate you, arrest you, charge you, imprison you, or even kill you to make that silencing come to pass.

You must decide who you are, what is in your soul, what you are made of. And, you must decide how you are going to go forward with your life.
Make that decision soon.
This maniacal government is just getting started on this “purge.”



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5 thoughts on “SitRep (1/30/2016) – Burns, Oregon – My Follow-Up

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  2. Wrong place? Wrong time? Wrong reason? Accomplished very little? All I can say is you know very little about what this will accomplish. If not where we live, WHERE? If not now. WHEN? If not to stand up for what we believe is right, WHAT? As for “Liberty” on our lip. we had better scream it now rather than when our heads are in a guillotine, or is that Your plan?


  3. wunhunglo2, I want to disagree with you, I wish, truly wish, I could. But, I can’t…sadly, I can’t. There is no doubt that the Hammond Family situation is a mess of corrupt and dishonest government action. It is clear that the radical, left-wing, environmental extremist Democrats at every level of government were intent on ruining that family. I wrote extensively about how corrupt they were and how badly the deck was stacked against the Hammonds.

    But, I will withhold judgement on ultimately what they accomplished by the near-future. What happens next will determine if the price paid was worth it or not.

    I fear that you are right…this will be used as a tool by the maniacs running our federal government to crush the patriot movement just as they did under Clinton back in the 1990’s. Dark days for the United States started with the election of Bush #41 in 1987, and has only gotten worse. It turned evil 7 years ago, very evil. God help us now. AH


  4. The people at Malheur were in the wrong place, at the wrong time, for the wrong reasons, and accomplished… very little. One dead, many arrested, and bad press for gun owners. This will be used to portray anyone with the word “Liberty” on their lips as criminal nut jobs. It didn’t have to be that way.

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