SitRep (2/5/2016) – Robert “LaVoy” Finicum

Situation Report (SitRep)

This is a statement put out by the Finicum Family in regards to Robert “LaVoy” Finicum who was killed by the FBI on 1/26/2016.

The situation is developing but the basic are well-known. The exact details that are released in the coming days, weeks, and months will reveal more of what happened that day.



Page #1 –Finicum Family Statement 2/2/2016 - page 1-pPage #2 –Finicum Family Statement 2/2/2016 - page 2Page #3 –
Finicum Family Statement 2/2/2016 - page 3Related Posts –








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One thought on “SitRep (2/5/2016) – Robert “LaVoy” Finicum

  1. Was LaVoy Finicum some kind of crazy fire breathing radical? Some domestic terrorist out to hurt people? No way. His video makes it clear Mr. Finicum was just a 55 year old rancher who had had enough. A “regular guy” who could have been any one of us. All it takes is someone in power to decide that you are the squeaky wheel that needs to be greased. That is what we all need to take away from this incident.


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