SitRep (2/5/2016)

Situation Report (SitRep)I am starting a new series of article called “SitRep”

I actually started the SitRep series on 1/21 with my first article about Burns, Oregon. There was also a follow-up article that appeared on 1/27/2016.

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I have written some “Warning” articles and a few with other titles as well. But I think it makes sense to put them together all under one general article title. I will differentiate the articles by adding a date to each one. If any given SitRep is a single issue I will add that issue to the title as well. And to top it all off and satisfy my OCD, I will create a Table of Contents page to list each article as they appear with links to each.

But let’s get started with today’s…

Economy –

SitRep - EconomyI promised on 1/21 that I would follow-up with a better feel for what is happening economically. I wrote the 1/21 article because I was seriously worried about what happening with the economy right then and there. More than normal worry. In that article I said we were at the 25% probability that we could see an almost instantaneous economic crash. But, I also said I would write more when I got a better feel for where we are at. This is it.

< click here to read the 1/21/2016 article >

Our national (USA) economic numbers are worse now that on the 21st. Our employment numbers continue to get worse. Granted, the normally referred to unemployment rate appears to be good. But, the “U6” unemployment rate (or real unemployment) is still siting at 10%. And, it is the “workforce participation rate” that is the driver here…it still is the worst its been in nearly half a century. Additionally, the new unemployment claims continue to get worse. And the middle-income demographic continues to shrink as well. The most disturbing numbers come from terrible GDP going down, manufacturing getting worse, and a tumultuous stock market.

China is continuing to implode, Europe and Asia aren’t much better. Russia is having a horrific time economically because their economy is about 50% dependent on oil income. And their economy is designed for $50 – $60 per barrel oil…not $25 – $35. Oil in the $20’s range ensures that Russia’s economy will collapse. We are seeing a lot of privatization of Russian assets. Many economists and other experts say this is a serious indicator that Russia is trying to raise cash to keep its economy running. I won’t disagree with that observation but I also think that move is occurring now to benefit Russia’s insiders. It moves valuable assets from government hands/control to the hands of individuals…making those individuals even more wealthy and powerful. I think if you looked hard enough you would find ties with all of those folks to Putin in there somewhere. Russia is a ticking time bomb.

All that being said…I no longer feel the economy is ready to tip overnight. I think it has returned to its slow and steady fall into oblivion. But remember, I still say that any number of “triggers” could tank the economy overnight, but I think we have backed away from the 25% probability to the 5% probability.

But don’t get to feeling too comfortable, all the major indicators such as the VIX, 10-Year Bond yield, and gold all point to investors, economists, market watchers, banks and CEOs all being very, very wary of the US and world economies.

Civil War (civil disturbance) –

Civil War (civil disturbance)I can’t think of a better term for it than that. The FBI apparently unwarranted killing of Robert LaVoy Finicum is a huge red flag to what is happening right now. I said early last year the the FBI was coming after the Bundys. And they did, and it isn’t stopping there.

The IRS has been going hard after any “patriot” or related group for almost 7 years now. The FBI joined the IRS is targeting patriot groups in a coordinated program of persecution and prosecution directed by the White House. The program took its latest lethal turn when it gunned down Finicum and wounded another in the FBI ambush in Oregon. But, the federal government is not winding down…to the contrary, the federal government is just getting started with its latest phase of its plan. A plan that is being well supported by the media.

Along with the ambush and killing of Oregon patriots, the FBI moved in and arrested 11 others for various federal offenses. They are not done yet, there are more arrests coming. I am 100% positive that when those arrests are attempted there will be more ambushes and claims of “he went for a gun” or some such other nonsense. I don’t think the FBI has truly assessed the patriot movement accurately. The turnout for Finicum’s funeral was large and the protests against his killing have been substantial. Fortunately, all have been peaceful.

The FBI got away with the murders of a child and mother at Ruby Ridge. The FBI got away with burning to death 78 men, women, and children in Waco. But, this cold-blooded murder of Finicum is different. It may be the new social media aspect of it. It may be that so many every-day-people were aware of what was going on. Or it may have been extremely sloppy set-up by the FBI. I am not sure what makes it different, I am just sure it is. And I think this will turn out vastly different than previous murders and killings by the FBI.

There is a movement in this country, that if pushed too far, could erupt into wide-spread bloodshed on both sides. There are too many veterans that know just how corrupt the federal government is, they may not stand for it to continue. And that is one of the reasons that Obama has been working so hard to produce Executive Orders on gun control, he knows we are approaching critical mass in this country. Obama fears what the guns, patriots, veterans, and righteous principles could do.

You will see even more labeling of “patriots” as “armed”, “domestic terrorists”, “right-wing militia”, “extremists”, etc. by the President, his minions, and the media. This is necessary for the Progressive movement to label the enemy before they can move further to crush (i.e. kill) the enemy. And it is coming.

The Election –

ElectionsWe have already have seen where the election is headed. Clinton is the chosen one. She should be attending her prison sentencing hearing but is participating in the election process as the potential President of the United States. But as corrupt as the federal government and political process has become, we shouldn’t be surprised.

On the Republican side we are seeing a bloodbath as well. The Republicans are eating their own. The Republicans should have easily won in 2008, but the Republicans ran a radical Progressive, John McCain. Again in 2012 the Republicans should have easily won by a landslide. But once gain the Republicans ran a Progressive candidate, Mitt Romney with a radical Progressive VP running mate, Paul Ryan. I am 100% positive that the Republicans will once again do everything possible to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Government –

US Govt-002Once again the Conservatives in Congress allowed themselves to be crushed. They allowed Paul Ryan to be elected as Speaker of the House. Ryan is a Progressive…a radical one at that. He has no Constitutional rights, liberties, or freedom belief at all. He is a politician…nothing more, nothing less. He is interested in only two things…power and money…a typical Progressive. Don’t count on him doing a single thing to stop the Progressive agenda. Actually, count on him to continue to support Obama and any Progressive agenda item.

Middle East

Man, what can I say? That part of the world just plain ‘ole sucks! I say let them fight it out and get it over with. Evacuate the Christians out of harms way and let them kill each other off.

The problem is…they are exporting their death and horrific cultural beliefs and traditions to the rest of the world.


Europe’s day are numbered. As a western culture they lost any sense of freedoms a decade ago, the tyrannical clamping down on freedoms continues to get worse. And now they have the Muslim/Islam problem as well.

I could go on and on for thousands of words proving my point. But, if you are watching the situation there with any understanding of history or Islam, you know that Europe is dead. I have heard the term “dead man walking.” That term refers to a death row inmate that is walking toward his execution. All that is left is for him is to die. So it is with Europe. It is dead, it just hasn’t stopped breathing yet.

But, the universe won’t tolerate a vacuum. In Europe’s place will rise a large Islamic stronghold, almost an Empire if you will. In 732AD, at the Battle of Tours, a Christian army defeated a Muslim invasion that was in the process of conquering Europe. The Muslims had killed hundreds of thousands of people invading Europe trying to force all to  convert to Islam. The murderous invading Muslim army was defeated. There will be no defeat of Islam this time.

The radical extremist Progressive ideology of Europe will resettle enough Muslims into their countries that Islam will win by default. There is zero chance that Europe will maintain any semblance of Western values or government. Islam has defeated Europe.

The USA and Muslims –

America defeated by IslamAs in Europe, our federal government leadership, is importing Muslims at a frantic pace. There is no vetting of these Muslims coming into the country. They talk about a vetting process, but it is 100% false. The process comes through the UN which uses local Muslims in Syria and other locations to say who is safe to come into our country. There is ZERO doubt that we are getting Muslims into this country through Obama’s resettlement program that will kill more Americans than what they already far. The violence will get much worse…by far.

And notice that Obama is settling most of these latest Muslims in areas of the country that were predominately Conservative and white. That is not accident. Obama and his fellow Progressive extremists are doing so intentionally for a demographic shift and a political shift.

Also, did you notice that Obama visited a mosque lately. In itself, that is not a bad thing. But, the fact that he visited one of the most radical mosques in the country that is known for producing violent terrorists and extremists is no mistake. Obama is showing his support for their efforts and plans. It was an absolute intentional move on his part to embolden those violent and radical Islamic individuals. Even the moderate Muslim groups were surprised by Obama’s move…and voiced their bewilderment and objection to it.

The USA, is not on the same path as Europe in regards to Islam. Well, actually that is not entirely true. We are on the same path, just not as far along as Europe. But, have no doubt about it…the same plan, the same intention, of increasing Islam in Europe is in-place in America. And that plan is a dark and evil one…just as much as Islam itself is.

Summary –

SitRep SummaryWe find ourselves still on he edge of a major problem in the USA. Any given day could see us slipping into a major “grid-down” event. Whether that event is a major move by federal law enforcement, led by the FBI, in a violent move against “patriots” or something else. The economy is such that the stock market could crash the economy is a week or much less if anything goes wrong, even minor issues.

I have a buddy that is convinced that the election will never take place this November. I think he is wrong, absolutely wrong. But, the more I see this president and how mentally ill he truly is, I am thinking more along the lines that maybe my buddy is right.

But, I am more of the long-term pessimist. I have been watching this country destroy itself for the last three decades at an increasingly light speed pace. Not a single thing has gotten better in this country in the last 30 years in terms of liberty, freedom, and rights. Actually, for the last untold number of decades those three things have taken a beating at the hands of an increasingly tyrannical government. AND IT IS NOT GOING TO GET BETTER !

All you can do now is learn, teach, and prepare. It will be all about family when it finally falls apart. And it is about to finish falling apart very soon.

Russia Story –

A number of years ago I was privileged to travel to Russia for a visit. I met some really nice people there. But, what I saw was America in the making. Their cops “put the boot” to homeless drunks on the street, I saw it. The people were so afraid of the police and authorities it made me hurt for them. But, what I did notice was what happened behind the doors of their homes.

When I would go into a home to visit, the Russians were amazingly friendly and warm. I have hardly felt more welcomed in my world travels. But, those same people when outside of their homes…well, they were pathetic…and very, very afraid.

There will be a day soon, very soon, where what happens in our homes will be very different than our public life. I want you to be ready for that day. Ready with knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Keep the faith, keep preppping, keep learning, keep your eyes open, and keep your powder dry.

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One thought on “SitRep (2/5/2016)

  1. I agree that this country has been in a downward spiral. My assessment is that the Downward spiral started with the progressive movement in the late 1800s Teddy Roosevelt gave it a leg up. Taft tried to stop it but failed. the three way race between Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson assured the Forward movement of the Progressives. The 20’s were a mixed bag but the crash in late’29 pushed the progressive movement forward again. the election of FDR in’32 strengthened the grip of the progressives. the war years from ’39 to ’54 gave the progressives time to strengthen further. the JFK assassination was another marker in the progressive movement. from RMN on we have fallen off a cliff. I am not sure Reagan even slowed the movement. By Bush I we were full blown socialists we just did not know it. I grew up beginning in the ’40’s through the ’60’s To me this country is not the same one I grew up in. Point: we used to never lock a door. Now we always lock doors. Point: we never lost things to burglary. I have been burglarized twice since the “90’s. Others have been victims of these crimes and worse as the time moved forward. I still have hope tha things can be turned around, but I fear that We The People have been complacent too long to turn it around without some sort of upheaval. .


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