When do we…

Note from AH: I wrote this article in mid-December 2015, well before the Burns, OR incident. I finished the editing and addition of the SOTU part right after the SOTU. This article is not a result of the takeover of the Malheur Refuge.

when do weI have had a whole lot of conversations in the last 7 years or so about when does “enough is enough” come into play. Meaning when do people rise up against the tyranny that grips America and the utter corruption that has taken over in Washington. We all know within our hearts that politics and politicians are completely void of morals, ethics, and decency. We know that the system is designed for one reason and one reason only…the furthering of power and wealth among the political/ruling class.

As you listened to Obama in his latest SOTU message you heard a man that is mentally unstable, actually quite insane. Then there are minions like Josh Earnst that are little more than a propaganda minister along the lines of Goebbels or Bagdad Bob. Then there are Obama 2016 SOTUthe posers and deceivers like Paul Ryan who profess a commitment to the Constitution but support the Progressive/Liberal agenda as a true believer. Then there are the real threats to the country, wolves in sheep’s clothing, such as McCain, Graham, McConnell, Reid, etc. They have no interest in supporting the Constitution, the only interest they have is forwarding the power and wealth of the political/ruling class to which they belong.

Therefore, we see the government of the United States bears no resemblance to the Constitutional principles that the Founding Fathers set forth. In other words, the current US government is now everything that the Founding Fathers feared it would become. Today’s US government closely resembles to us what the English government and King was in the Colonial days to the Founding Fathers. Actually, if you look at indicators such as regulations, laws, bureaucracy, taxes, etc., today’s US federal government is far more burdensome to current US citizens. Compared to today…the Colonists had it relatively easy.

What does that mean in “real” terms for us?

It means that we have an oppressive situation that will get resolved. But it is “how” it gets resolved that matters most to us as individuals. In my opinion the circumstances that we find ourselves in is intolerable. And it is this way Consitution Burningbecause we are in between two different forms of government. We are clearly no longer the Constitutional Republic with unfettered rights, liberties, and freedoms, the Progressives have seen to that. But we aren’t truly a totalitarian state or dictatorship…yet. That gives us two dissatisfied groups. On the one hand you have the freedom loving Constitutionalists and libertarians that know we’ve lost most, maybe 85 – 90% of our unalienable rights. But on the other hand you have the Progressives, Liberals, Democrats, most Republicans, neo-cons, and many conservatives that are not satisfied that they haven’t totally subjugated the US citizenry.

With two opposing sides, both dissatisfied, and there will be a resolution to this condition…I guarantee you that. And most likely the pro-freedom, pro-liberty, and pro-rights folks are going to lose and lose in a sea of blood. Why? Numbers…simple numbers. There are not enough of the non-ruling class that understand the founding principles of our country. Most people have no idea what unalienable rights are, or if they do know what they are, they don’t support them. Few know who God is. So the deck is stacked in favor of the totalitarian supporters.

Is it hopeless? No, of course not. There are two wildcards that could tip the scale in favor of the correct principles, they are 1) the military, 2) God.

I will take the easiest one first…God. If God our Heavenly Father wants the United States to return to its founding principles of rights, liberties, and freedoms it will happen. There is no doubt in my mind about that…period. I have no idea how it would happen, what we would have to go through to get there, but it would happen…period.

Now the more difficult and less sure wildcard…the military.

For over 200 years the military have been the defenders of the Constitution, including the Bill of Rights. In the oath Military of office for the enlisted men, they swear to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. They also swear to obey the President and officers appointed over them. But only insomuch that such orders are in agreement with the Uniform Code of Military Justice. That means that the orders must be lawful, meaning in compliance with the Constitution.

Officers must also take an oath, it is the same as the enlisted oath in regards to the Constitution. Where it differs from the enlisted oath is in regards to obeying the President and officers appointed over them…it doesn’t include that part. The officers are far more autonomous in their oath of allegiance. And there is a reason for that.

So our military folks, enlisted and officers, have sworn to protect the Constitution. Now, the question comes to mind…when the ruling class makes its push to complete the elimination of our unalienable rights and kill the remaining founding principles, will the military stand up to defend the citizens against these domestic enemies of the Constitution or not?

Sadly, I believe they will bow to the ruling class and crush any resistance by the citizenry who are trying to restore rights, liberties,  and freedoms. Why?

  • When was the last time civics was taught in Jr. High or High School?
  • When was the last time that our children were taught the founding principles of our Constitutional Republic?
  • Surely they are no longer exposed to that in college because the Marxists and Socialists have ruled the colleges and universities for decades.

And yes…I believe the elimination of civics and American history from the classrooms has been a willful and deliberate act by the Progressives and education system to eliminate that Constitutional and civic knowledge from our children. No, that is not a conspiracy theory…it is fact…100% fact.

Now, all that doom and gloom having been spewed by me, I do think there is still a chance, a small hope, that it could come out differently. But, it will be on an individual level. There are plenty of individuals in the military, officers and enlisted, that understand the Constitution and the fact is was meant to restrict government power, not control people. Those individuals know that the Bill of Rights was to remain absolute and unquestioned, let alone unchallengeable. This sure knowledge is especially true among the various military branches’ Special Forces.

The real question…Are there enough of these knowledgeable military men and women?

Then that begs the next question…What will they do when the time comes?

And now we come full circle to “When do we…” that is the title of this article.

So far the question is now two-fold –

  1. When do we, as civilians, draw the line and take action?
  2. When the civilians draw the line and take action, when does the military make its move and what is that move?

I can’t speak for the military, I’ve been out of the military for almost four decades, I no longer have personal knowledge of what they might do.

But, I know this, they have only three options when the time comes; 1) do nothing to help the citizens or government, 2) support the government and crush the citizens, 3) help the citizens to restore the Constitution.

Anything other than #3 and the United States falls into being just another totalitarian state or a dictatorship. Whichever it becomes it will simply live out whatever time it has left as an “empire” before it America is Fallenfades into the dust of history as another failure of man trying to govern himself.

My honest to goodness bottom-line feeling is we, the United States, fall. And not just fall, we fall hard and bloody the likes the world hasn’t seen in a long time. Then the entire world falls into another Dark Ages for a very long time.


Who would be left with enough power to restore the kind of freedoms, rights and liberties that were won during the American Revolution?

If America falls and the world’s light of freedom is extinguished, there will no country left that will shine like America has in days past. But, what then?

I have been talking about this on this website for a year…the individual. Freedom, rights, liberties, and all the founding principles will continue to exist…within individuals.

People will be the vessels of light and will be beacons of hope. They will share those principles and ideals with family and friends, neighbors and coworkers. It will be almost “sacred” in many respects. That same light will be a target as well. Those that have seized the power, subjugated the people beneath the state, will fear such light and all that it represents. They will try to crush it, to extinguish it, for they will see it as a threat to their power and their wealth.

What I want to encourage you to do is not ask the question, “When do we…” but rather “Now I will…

I want you to commit to emergency preparedness. I want you to learn the founding principles of this country. I want you to understand why limited, restricted government is the only good form of government. I want you to make the love of rights, liberties, and freedom an integral part of your soul.

Beacon Of LightI want you to be a beacon of light, to be that hope that burns within, so that others will see you, and they will love you for being a bright and brilliant light in an otherwise dark and dreary place.

If not now, when?

If not you, who?

Preparedness is, and will be, about so much more than simple material “things.” It always has been, and will continue to be, a state of mind and a state of a person’s soul.

Be on the right side of history, be on the right side of the coming fight between good and evil.

Be a beacon of light!


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8 thoughts on “When do we…

  1. In November, 1995, Claire Wolfe wrote the words,
    “America is at that awkward stage; it’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.”
    A few years ago Stewart Rhodes wrote the words,
    “The Federal Government is treating the ‘long train of abuses’ enumerated in our Declaration of Independence like a shopping list, and is treating George Orwell’s 1984 like an operations manual.”
    For those with eyes to see, these are both obvious. As you said, the government at all levels is only interested in power and obedience. Squeaky wheels do get greased. I believe our best hope lies with those few States who have the balls to say “ENOUGH”. There are some signs of it in the nullification movements even now. Should a financial collapse happen, the Fed’s will have nothing left to bribe the States with. Most States receive a sizable portion of their income from the Fed’s, and asking State politicians “What will you do if that dries up?” will be a good place to start. If some of the States make a stand, that is when the support of the people will become paramount. In the mean time we must prepare, and not just physically, but also prepare the minds of our neighbors and the local/State leaders.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. beeste, I am really glad you enjoyed the article this morning. I write from my heart to those that will listen. What we are living through are amazing times…history that will be written about for sure. Pass the info and article around to all of those that you think would benefit from it. What else is going on that you have been thinking about? AH


  3. Gosh this is beautiful. I’ve been wrestling with “now what” – and this addresses so much of what’s been spinning around unanswered in my brain; though it was basically what I’ve been doing all along. Just now we need to ramp our game up a notch – and sharpen our focus and clear the cobwebs of distractions from our primary mission. It’s crunch time.

    Liked by 1 person

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