> > Ka-Bar BK-2 Knife (Becker Campanion) – Follow-Up – Update

Ka-Bar BK-2 Becker CompanionMan, I kind of hate writing this follow-up to the review I did on the KaBar BK-2 Becker Companion knife. I would suggest you read the first part of the review before reading this follow-up, everything will make more sense.

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Well, let’s get the good news out there first. I was able to put a pretty decent edge on the knife. I was even able to get a decent point on it as well. It will never equal my CRKT Hissatsu. Then again, the BK-2 isn’t meant to be a high quality knife like the Hissatsu. The downside is…I had to use my new WorkSharp to get the edge on the BK-2. I can probably keep the edge on it now with just my stone but I am not sure.

Here’s the downside, remember I mentioned that the cheap plastic grips/handle on the BK-2 really, really suck? But, I was willing to keep the faith that I could turn this into a “keeper” knife with a little work and a little more money. So I ordered a pair of Micarta grips for the knife.

When they came in I loved the color, very sharp looking. But as I looked at them closely I started to be less and less impressed with their quality. But, I was going to keep an open mind.

I tested the new Micarta grips for fit and quickly realized they didn’t really fit all that well. The grips were a slightly under-sized allowing for the tine to be felt all around the edge of the grips. Now, if they had been slightly over-sized then I could have taken a very fine file and smoothed it all out to a precision fit. But that wasn’t possible, I wasn’t going to start grinding away on the tine to make it match the grips.

I was impressed with the “nut holes” on the grips, they fit the nuts perfectly and held the nuts securely in-place with no slop as I tightened the screws down.

Once I had the grips on there I felt encouraged that I was going to really like this knife. Sadly, that is just not the case. Here’s why:

  1. I don’t like the grips being undersized. I don’t like feeling the tine in my hand when I should be feeling the grips.
  2. The grips cover the glass pummel on the end of the tine. I imagine it will still work, but why cover-up a working piece of the knife.
  3. The knife still doesn’t feel balanced in my hand. It feels awkward in my hand.
  4. While the edge is sharp and the point is plenty good enough for piercing, I am not sure how long that will last.
  5. The knife is still the Jack of No Trades, and Master of None. In other words –
    • It’s not a fighting knife at all.
    • It doesn’t feel like a combat knife either.
    • It simply isn’t a good hunting knife.

So, is it a good survival knife since it is none of the above? No. Plain and simple “no.”

To me a survival knife has to be a combination of a fighting knife, a combat knife, a hunting knife, as well as having solid bushcraft characteristics. The KaBar BK-2 Becker Companion is a good bushcraft knife. But, in my opinion, it lacks any of the qualities of the other three kinds of knives. So, no, it is not a good survival knife.

If you wanted a knife to replace the KaBar BK-2 Becker Companion with extreme quality and perfection of manufacturing it would be the ESEE 5 knife. The ESEE is a little more expensive. But then again, you get a knife that is at least three times as good as the BK-2…probably more when you really look at it.

Bottom line…”Do NOT buy” the KaBar BK-2 Becker Companion knife!


Thumbs Down Review


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6 thoughts on “> > Ka-Bar BK-2 Knife (Becker Campanion) – Follow-Up – Update

  1. First, what is “tine”? Second I don’t believe this knife was designed for a fighting or “tactical role” it it a survival/ bushcraft knife. That’s it. Grips being undersized? What are you talking about? Post pictures! The knife doesn’t have a glass breaker( the Esee 5 does), it has a hammer pommel! You do realize that both handles can be modified, right? I think you made up your mind you hated it before you tried it


    • Hey Will, Thank you for your feedback, I appreciate it. Great catch on the “tine”! I’ve updated it to the correct “tang” which means the blade steel is, or is not, extending into the knife’s handle. Dang auto-correct did me in and my editing (or limited editing) didn’t catch it.

      Now, let’s address some of your issues:
      Glass breaker – “The grips cover the glass pummel on the end of the tine. I imagine it will still work, but why cover-up a working piece of the knife.” So you can see that I clearly said that it does have a glass breaker BUT
      the new grips covered it up.
      I think you made up your mind you hated it before you tried it – “I am pretty brutal with my expectations. This knife failed on two fronts and that earns it a “Do not buy!” I may change my opinion once I get a new handle on. I will let you know.” is how I ended part 1 of the review. If you read what my expectations are you will know why I was rating it a “do not buy”, but you may have different expectations for your knife (or knives). And notice that I gave that rating AFTER I tried it out. In part 2 I tried a pair of the best handles on the market for this knife. Once again it didn’t meet my expectations of a survival knife. So both ratings (original and update) were after I tested it and then tested it again after modifying the handles. I outlined 5 reasons I didn’t like it as a survival knife…all AFTER I tested it. So, sorry Will…I tested the knife out twice before giving it my final “do not buy” rating. And if truth be told, I really wanted to like this knife before I tried it out…but the field testing proved my initial impressions wrong.

      Sure hope that helps you understand my thinking and testing Will. Have a Happy New Year!



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  4. Own a Becker BK5. Plastic OEM grips work okay, and some 120-grit sandpaper makes gripping more friendly. Was going to order Micarta but then most likely a scale liner would be needed, possibly two, and thought that when the OEM grips go, I will cross that bridge when I get there.
    The “bushcraft” style of the BK2, in my opinion, would have been nicer if it were in a slightly upswept sheepsfoot design, as hunting chore of field dressing and butchering, is more in line than batoning. Hatchet chops wood better and why ruin a blade edge if avoidable. But knife corporations know better. Sales marketing.


  5. FYI. Gerber Strong Arm Knife.
    After reading your review, and based on my prior experience with the Gerber brand, I bought one of the Gerber Strong Arm Knives. It is a really good knife and sheath. Full tang, sticky feeling grip, and a versatile sheath with very good retention, even without the strap. Worth the money. Apparently it’s everything this one is not.


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