SitRep 2/11/2016

Situation Report (SitRep)Economic –

SitRep - EconomyWe are approaching a set of trigger points that is indicating a definite confirmation of an economic downturn. However, the trigger points we are approaching signal a potential sharp fall. Here are the triggers I am concerned about –
1. US Stock market is well below 16,000 and staying there. The stock market is horrifically volatile right now. It is more difficult than ever to be able to recognize when the market truly tanks. Most people will think it is just another bad day or two or seven.
2. European and Asian stock markets continue to drop significantly.
3. European banks are getting killed and there is serious conversation that they may be in default territory.
4. The VIX is approaching 30.
5. Gold just breached the $1200 ceiling.
6. The 10-year bond is nearing the 1.5% yield range.
7. Oil is hovering in the mid-$20 range.

I keep trying to find that one key indicator which shows me that we are not going to recover. But, sadly, I can’t and I don’t there will be any one indicator or signal that we just fell off into the economic abyss. Well, there will be one clear and indisputable signal…a “bank holiday” announcement or actual unannounced event. That will tell you without any doubt that we just completed a fundamental transformation into a totalitarian state.

Economic Summary:

We are in seriously bad shape economically on both the national and global levels, but you already know that. But, we are headed into, actually already in, a new phase. I am not sure where it ends up. This may be the “final” drop or just another reset to skim more trillions of wealth from the majority to the select few ultra-wealthy. But we are in a phase to be sure.

I would not be heavily invested in the stock or bond markets right now. I would stay away from the bond market completely, 100% stay away. If you are wanting to be in the stock market I would not be more than 20% in the market. I am still doing dollar cost averaging and buying into a well-managed Fidelity account. But, I am only doing that with “new money” contributions, no existing money.

As always…keep working on acquiring your prep items. Concentrate on the correct priorities. If you have extra money and the safe and correct ability to store it, consider purchasing fuel for storing. At the current price it is a real deal. Don’t forget the “stabilizer” for long-term fuel storage.

Civil War (civil disturbance) –

Civil War (civil disturbance)This is an area that is rapidly changing and getting worse. We are seeing a coalescing of the government and media to demonize anything “patriot” oriented. This occurred back in the 1990’s when the federal government created a well-coordinated multi-agency plan to crush the patriot movement. The Feds are doing so again.

We saw the killing and arrest of patriots in Oregon by the FBI. We saw them surround the refuge with military vehicles to force a conformation with the remaining holdouts. Then we saw the arrest of the elder Bundy at an airport in Oregon.

The Bundy patriarch was arriving in Oregon to assist a local politician convince the refuge holdouts to surrender. But, the FBI wanted nothing to do with a peaceful surrender. They intervened with a highly armed SWAT team to arrest the 70+ year-old man.

I stated multiple times lat year that this was coming, I am just surprised that the FBI hasn’t killed more of the patriots in carrying out their highly militarized program. In the 90’s they killed almost 100 people to prove they meant business and to crush any opposition to the government. So the FBI isn’t done yet.

I am working on an article that will explain more of what is happening with this.

Election –

ElectionsWe now see that the front runners are beginning to clearly materialize. We have a hardcore socialist/communist on one side and a nationalistic fascist on the other side. Either will be devastating to our country.



Summary –

SitRep SummaryThe US continues to be close to collapse. Any number of triggers could push the country into a complete collapse from which we will not recover. The government and the political/ruling class will not allow “power” to be lost to citizens. They will do whatever it required to maintain both their wealth and their power. That is where we are now.

But, let there be no doubt…a collapse would play right into what they want. The political/ruling class see a “fall” as the perfect opportunity to enact whatever policy they have heretofore been unable to bring into play. Example: While gun control continues to inch forward it isn’t anywhere near where TPTB want it to be. They want gun confiscation…period. However, with things the way they are now, they can accomplish that. However, if there was a “crisis” in the country, especially involving “militias”, “patriot groups”, veterans, etc. then they could enact emergency powers and enact whatever gun control measures they want. And the public would be demanding it…to stop the violence.

But, remember…the only violence was by the FBI. They are the ones that set-up the ambush, they are the ones that opened fire on Finicum. They are the ones that are brandishing the full-on military weaponry. And in the 1990’s highly armed government agents are the ones that raided the Davidians and began a fire-fight that killed ATF agents and civilians. It was the FBI that attacked the Davidian building with military vehicles and burned 78 men, women, and children to death. It was the FBI that attacked the family at Ruby Ridge killing a child and mother.

And the FBI, along with other federal agencies, are not done yet. There will be crushing oppressive action coming against “patriots”. There will be more militarized actions against US civilians. There will be more killing by FBI personnel. It is coming…do not doubt that.

Keep your eyes open, look for the truth in what is happening, the media is working with the FBI to spread/spin a story that has absolutely no truth to it. They have to…


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