SitRep (2/13/2016) – Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States Antonin Gregory Scalia – DEAD

Situation Report (SitRep)Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States Antonin Gregory Scalia has has died.

I will let you look up all the details of his career and life Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States Antonin Gregory Scalia as you deem it necessary. The purpose of this post is to advise you on how this will impact you and the nation.

This is a horrible blow to the country, another nail in the coffin killing America as a Constitutional Republic.

Justice Scalia was a Constitutionalist, and originalist. Scalia was also a conservative.

The Supreme Court was already left leaning with a majority of either liberals or extremist Progressives. Scalia’s death gives President Obama an opportunity to appoint yet another Justice. His earlier appointments of Kagan and Sotomayor made it clear that he will appoint radical Progressive activist judges to the Supreme Court. This is perfectly inline with Obama’s radical Marxist ideology.

If the Senate allows Obama to appoint yet another radical Progressive extremist to the Court then forget the Supreme Court trying to maintain America as any resemblance of a Constitutional Republic. We will be assured that the Supreme Court is lost once and for all if Obama has his way.

Over the last 30 years the Supreme Court has barely hung on to any semblance of keeping with the original intent of the Constitution. However, for the last 120 years the Supreme Court has been steadily moving to the left. With another appointment, Obama will undoubtedly move the Supreme Court  so far to the left that its permanent radical Progressive majority will ensure more and more Progressive laws will be upheld and radical leftist rulings made.

The only, and I mean only, safeguard we have is the Senate. The Senate has the authority to confirm, or not, any SCOTUS appointment made by the President. If the Senate has the courage they can prevent Obama from moving the Supreme Court to the extreme left-wing. However, with McConnell at the head of the Senate don’t count on it. He is a typical Republican Progressive, not a Conservative and not a friend of the Constitution. I fully expect McConnell will strike a deal with Obama to confirm his choice. McConnell will use that opportunity to gain more wealth for himself personally as he has done over his entire career.

However, McConnell would ensure confirmation of any Obama appointment in any event, and do so because McConnell is a Progressive as well. We wishes their agenda to go forward.

Watch for posturing and bloviating, but in the end the Republicans will give Obama what he wants…because it is also what they want…the transformation of America away from the Constitutional Republic and to a Progressive totalitarian state.

SCOTUS-ScaliaRibbonThis is a dark, sad day for the Republic and all freedom loving, Constitutional loving Americans.




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10 thoughts on “SitRep (2/13/2016) – Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States Antonin Gregory Scalia – DEAD

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  3. AH, both you and the Beeste are right on target with your comments. The faux “conservatives” will do as they always have done, make a deal, bend “We The People” over, and call it compromise. There is a small hope that one or two States will have the balls to stand tall (Kansas has shown some grit), but most will dance to the tune of the Federal paymaster.
    The other small hope is that the appointee will be a Trojan Horse, a Reverse Roberts (who was touted as a conservative and is anything but). Perhaps Barry will find a progressive who will actually rule on original intent, rather than the agenda of his party. It’s a nice dream, but not likely.

    Even if we get a new President with an “R” after his name little will change. They all love big government, love the power, love their cronies, and want to be in charge. They just have different cronies than the “D’s”. It’s truly the Welfare and Warfare State.

    Cruz MIGHT make a difference, but he would have to fight the House, Senate, and the entrenched bureaucracy. The media and the 49% who pay no taxes would make him a one term lame duck.
    Rubio? A NeoCon sock puppet.
    Trump? A life long crony capitalist liberal opportunist who has favored assault weapons bans and unlimited use of eminent domain laws.
    Jeb? Does the term “Bushwacked” sound like deja vu?
    I already saw that movie twice.
    Bernie? Hill & Bill? Listen for the sound of swirling water, we are circling the bowl.

    Stay frosty, keep your powder dry, and keep your eyes and ears open. We live in interesting times.

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  4. Beeste, I really, really apologize!!! I never, ever intended to give you the impression that I thought Washington would do anything other than fail us 😉 And I agree with you 100%…the only hope is that somehow the states would find the courage to take back their rights. But, I have no faith that they will…too much money involved. Great shall be that day… AH


    • I just attended a two day symposium sponsored by our states group supporting the Compact for America. Dinesh D’Souza, Kris Anne Hall, lots of others. Learned a lot about the Balanced Budget Amendment/Compact for America. Asked a ton of questions. I think it’s one of our best options. The most effective way to cut off a giant’s power is limit his pocketbook. And the number of safeguards and kill switches they have built into the process and planning are pretty impressive.

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  5. My heart, or what’s left of it, is breaking. But I think perhaps you’re wrong on one point. I have no hope for the beltway. They’ve failed us completely. The only hope we have of maintaining any semblance of a constitutional republic is if the states wake up and reclaim their power under the Constitution. Will that happen? Not likely as the people of America are fast asleep and don’t give a flying crap about old dead presidents and old pieces of paper as long as they have their bread and circuses. Stock, lock and load my friend. The great and dreadful day is coming.

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