Only by Blood and Suffering | LaVoy Finicum

Only By Blood And Suffering by LaVoy FinicumI have written a fair amount in regards to the killing of Robert LaVoy Finicum, but it wasn’t even a small part of what I felt in my soul the next day. At work the next day a co-worker, a self-professed conservative and lover of the Constitution, made light of Finicum’s murder. Ten minutes later I had walked away having verbally laid open my more violent and angry side of my personality. My co-worker was shocked, he had never seen that side of me before, none of them had. I had stopped just short of physically threatening him if he didn’t shut-up. He has never said another word to me about LaVoy Finicum or the Burns Massacre since.

I honestly didn’t understand my reaction that morning other than it came from deep within me, from some dark corner of who I am deep inside. All that kept running through my mind was a father of 11 and a grandfather, killed in an obvious intentional ambush, was dead at the hands of the US government.

Within a couple of days, while doing my research on his killing and his killers, I found out LaVoy had written a book, “Only by Blood and Suffering – Regaining Lost Freedom.” I am not sure when LaVoy had written the book, it appears the copyright is 2015.

I read the 241 page book in a matter of hours yesterday. To say I was compelled to read it is an understatement, I simply couldn’t put it down. This morning I woke up at 3am, wide awake, I knew I had to get up and start writing a review. As you know I can be very harsh in my criticism of people, books, ideas, etc. I speak my mind. But, there is also a side to me that is deep, spiritual, and generous to a fault. This book touched that side of me far beyond what I ever expected.

I can’t know what was going through LaVoy’s mind as he wrote the book. I would have asked had he still been alive. Having published two books myself, I know how my writing process works and I wondered if he enjoyed a similar, or even better experience. Trying to figure out how to write this review I struggle for the right words to frame my reaction, my emotions, my experience while reading the book.

I read the book with a sense of profound reverence. I felt as if I was looking into the man’s soul. No, not the main character, but the writer himself. It was as if I could see who he was in a spiritual realm.

True enough, it is obvious that LaVoy knew what he was talking about when it comes to rights, freedoms, liberties, the Constitution, the federal government, and so much more. The footnotes surprised me, but lent credibility to the real story he was telling. While I enjoyed the book’s story-line, characters, and action, it was the “ring of truth” that really touched me. But, it also made me feel as if LaVoy knew what was coming his way in this life.

I honestly feel that LaVoy knew what life was going to be for him, what his role was going to be, and how he would impact and influence people in ways that would be profound, lasting and meaningful. I finished the book last night just before bed knowing I had been introduced to a man of ancient wisdom and a deeply prophetic soul. And “old soul” who had been a warrior for God in the pre-existence, and a man of conviction and courage in the fight for freedom in this life.

I am eternally grateful for Robert LaVoy Finicum writing this this book. I struggle to tell you why exactly. If you read the book already you may understand exactly what I am saying. If you read the book in the coming weeks or months you may find that you understand me. I can’t exactly place the words on the screen that sufficiently represent what I am feeling.

I know he was a giant spiritually in so many ways. I now know that he was murdered by a piss-ant of a man that isn’t worthy enough to shine his boots. I know that the federal government couldn’t let a man like LaVoy live…so they didn’t. There is a feeling in my soul that wants to rail against those that plotted, conspired, and eventually murdered LaVoy. I want to shake the conspirators and murderers like rag dolls trying to make them understand what they have done. But I know it would make little difference to their corrupted souls or their brainwashed minds.

I find myself strangely not angry at those men who killed LaVoy. I find myself disappointed in them, and I have pity for them because they are a mere fraction of a man that LaVoy was/is. I doubt that the conspirators will ever begin to know even a minor part of LaVoy’s knowledge of those things that are sacred.

I think that is the greatest gift that LaVoy gave me through his book…not to be angry at those dark forces of evil that work so hard against the founding principles of rights, liberties, and freedoms. They very forces that killed him.

Thank you LaVoy…thank you. Your contributions to this life, to this world, is immeasurable. The light, both spiritual and temporal, that you brought to us can light the way…if we are willing to see it.

Rest in peace Cowboy…rest in peace.

In memory of Robert LaVoy FinicumI would like you to buy his book. It is worth every single dime you will spend. The money goes to a worthy cause…his family. Please purchase the book here for the funds to go to the family :

Note: If you click on the picture of the book cover it will expand to a larger view. Spend a moment or two and just study that picture. You will be glad you did.


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6 thoughts on “Only by Blood and Suffering | LaVoy Finicum

  1. just read the book this weekend – and was also awestruck at how the author framed his beliefs (and Truths) in this novel. I value it highly


  2. I agree with you 1000% A.H. I have been touched, and broken hearted, and gut wrenched by LaVoy Finicum and his murder like I never would have expected possible for someone I have never met. I wrote a review and left it on Amazon yesterday – hope you will too, it drives sales, and his family deserves all the help they can get; here it is:

    “I’ve read a handful of post-apocalyptic type novels – Patriots, One Second After, the “Home” series – enjoyed some more than others. Only By Blood and Suffering is definitely my new favorite. At times the others could be overly technical, or so full of graphic gore and violence it was just too much. What Finicum’s novel brings to the genre was evidenced by the man himself, and his life and death.
    First, the book is such a reflection of the man. As he liked to say about himself, I’m just a simple man, just a redneck. While that was a gross underestimation of his intelligence and depth of knowledge and understanding and character, that direct, laconic, uncluttered economy of expression is reflected in Blood and Suffering . The book has a simple, unfussy, unpretentious strength and power, much as he did. The story line is engrossing; it’s a real page turner and once you get swept away it’s hard to put it down. Jake Bonham looks the Beast straight in the face, and doesn’t blink or back down – neither did LaVoy Finicum.
    The other main thing the book is brimful with, also like the man, is heart and soul. While the main characters are strong and tough as nails, they are also tender, and compassionate. It is much more than just a post-apocalyptic vision, but weaves into the story the forces that fight to take away liberty as we speak, and the fight to preserve it that we all have to decide if we will be willing to stand and make. I have to wonder how much of the future LaVoy Finicum really saw, not just for our nation, but for himself. He paints a picture of a grim future that we are all headed for, and reminds us that we need to all prepare to weather it – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. There are tough decisions we will all be called upon to make; we’d be wise to wrestle with those moral and ethical conundrums now. And, as the book and LaVoy Finicum’s life both remind us, there will be a dear price to pay, and gut wrenching and heart breaking sacrifices to make, if we are to stand and defend our families and our freedom.
    Nobody appreciates that fact better today than the Finicum family. Where will you stand? It’s so easy for so many heedless and heartless people to mock the man; which of them even know the meaning of freedom, or of sacrifice, or of courage? Fools mock, but they shall mourn. They will be the first ones cut down by the blood and suffering that the future holds for all of us.
    “How, as Americans, had we come to this? …Such foolish words. Such blind people….They thought…that the party would never end. Now the tin can had hit the wall and the party was over. The payment had come due, and it was paid by blood and suffering.”

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