How close to Civil War are we? (Part #2)

CivilWar-002Yesterday day I began this possibly unsettling, possibly provocative article. But, that question has been asked of me many times and I felt it deserved some attention. Why? Because it is pertinent to today’s circumstances. We’ve had Bunkerville and Burns…plus other similar events recently. And this is just the beginning. People are waking up to the realization of a totally corrupt federal government. A government that is not interested in preserving the the rights, freedoms, and liberties of its citizens. The federal government today, and for the last 135 years has had one goal…accumulate power and wealth unto the political class.

“How close to Civil War are we?” has probably never been a more valid question in the last 170 years.

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I left off yesterday asking the question –

Where are we today in the United States and are we setting up for rebellion or civil war?

  1. We have horrible race relations that have gotten worse by an order of magnitude at the hands of Obama. There have race-based riots taking place in the past year.
  2. We have many forms of “taxation without representation” against producers. Many people pay a combined total of 45 – 60% of the income they earn. And all polls and surveys show that 90% of citizens feel they have no say in what happens in Washington.
  3. We have a federal government that has no check or balance to it anymore, it is a virtual tyrannical institution. With the passage of the 17th Amendment, the states no longer can effectively stop the federal government steam roller.
  4. We have a huge divide economically between the top 1% of the wealthy and the other 99% of the country’s citizens. You have had protests and demonstrations over this issue in the past several years.
  5. We have a federal government taxing the producers (corporations) in this country at an unprecedented rate, the highest in the world. Companies are leaving the country in droves and taking good jobs with them.
  6. We have politicians running government, at leas the federal government, whose sole interest is the quest for power and money. Federal politicians only view citizens as a means to gain a political job…and then seek power and wealth.
  7. We have a huge nation debt incurred by a combination of war expenses and a huge welfare system combined with politicians who use federal money to buy votes. It is absolutely impossible to ever pay our national debt, or even substantially reduce it.
  8. And we have ideological differences that have divided the country to a level never seen in this country, at least as bad, if not worse, than the Civil War days. You have current political candidates that represent Socialism/Communism on one side, all the way to the other extreme, national fascism. While Constitutional-based candidates are scoffed at and mocked.the coming second america civil war

To me this adds up to only one possible, inevitable, outcome…civil war.

Now the question really is, at what level of death and devastation will the citizens suffer. And that suffering will no doubt be at the hands of the government when those politicians take action against those that they see as the rebels. The politicians, whether in Washington or state capitals, have only a single desire, mission…retain their own power.

We are already seeing a taste of it. Most demonstrations or protests are met with overwhelming police presence. When the strength of the regular police is insufficient, in come the paramilitary units with military-grade weaponry. Militarized police during grid-down, ready to kill civilians to get whatever they want and to remain in power.When that is insufficient, the politicians don’t hesitate to call in the full weight of the military. That tells me that the politicians are ready, willing, and ready to use whatever force is necessary to crush opposition in order to maintain their power.

On the other hand, I see a growing base of demonstrators and protesters more willing to use violence against anyone and anything around them. And yes, there are a few “rebels” that seek peace but change. But, since they believe in defending themselves, the federal government sees them as particularly dangerous. Hence, you see the FBI killing of Robert “LaVoy” Finicum as a clear message to any individual “patriot” or group aligned with Constitutional principles.

History has proven over and over again that Americans are willing to demonstrate, protest, and even rebel against a wide range of injustices. America was founded on protests, demonstrations, and finally violent rebellion. The Declaration of Independence clearly demonstrates the right of, the duty of, Americans to resist, and if necessary overthrow, tyrannical forms of government.

History has also proven that government, including our own, will have no reservation in responding with whatever sociopath president declares Martial Law with LEO and military behind himlevel of force and violence is required to put down any perceived challenge to their authority and power. The federal government will even kill its own veterans.

In 1932 desperately poor and out of work veterans went to Washington DC to ask that their Bonus Certificates from WWI be redeemed early so they could afford food and to keep their homes. The protest was peaceful until police attempted to breakup a camp of veterans and their families. Police escalated the situation by attacking the veteran’s families. As the veterans defended themselves police opened fire killing and injuring vets and family members alike.1932Bonus CertificatesMassacere

The President then ordered the military to attack the camp. Military infantry, cavalry, and tanks attacked the camp under the command of General Douglas MacArthur. There was over 50 casualties of veterans that day at the hands of the Army, and the veteran’s camp was burned to the ground.

Our United States federal government, like any other government in the world, past or present, has only one goal…to maintain authority and grow its own power.

History has proven that there are certain common denominators for rebellion in our country:

  1. Deep ideological differences,
  2. Serious economic problems,
  3. Racial problems,
  4. Government’s willingness to use violence against US citizens,
  5. Over taxation, and
  6. Unresponsive federal government to the concerns of US citizens,
  7. A feeling of hopelessness by citizens that the government is no longer listening or acting to their benefit.

What real choice is there?

Again, rebellion is inevitable…it will occur. The only unanswered question is, how extreme will the government respond.

Current events point to a civil war…history ensures it.

For preppers this is yet another item of Situational Awareness to keep on the radar. It is not the reason to prepare. You should already be preparing, that is why you come to this website…you are preparing for emergencies, disasters, and even grid-down. That is just who you are, you want to be able to take of yourself, your family, and those closest to you.

But, I do ask the question…Is there anything else that you might be able to do to prepare for the coming civil war?

Again the answer is obvious…Yes, more of what you are already doing.

Finally, don’t worry about the coming civil war. That rebellion will come and you will have absolutely no power to stop it or diminish its devastation on this country. You, as a prepper, can only have your house in order and be prepared to group together with other like-minded people to protect your families, neighborhoods, and communities.

Which group will you find yourself in:

  • The Constitution loving folks who see the government as part of the problem, or,
  • The big government, anti-constituionalists, collectivists who think government is the solution.

The time to decide who you are is now. Later, after the rebellion starts, it may be difficult, if not impossible to have the option to choose which side you are on.

Prepare now! Your family needs you to.

You either “act”……..or you are “acted upon.”


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4 thoughts on “How close to Civil War are we? (Part #2)

  1. When the people commence to look to the federal government for their support, and if they don’t receive what they feel they are entitled to, they will strike against the power which is withholding that to which they consider themselves entitled. Just as in times past, men have struck against the companies who gave them jobs and provided them with a livelihood when they felt they were entitled to higher wages or shorter hours.

    In both cases the recipients are not grateful for what they are receiving. They are angry because it isn’t more. The difference lies in this: When the strike is against a private company there is an independent unbiased police force to maintain peace and arbitrate the case in court, but where the government is one of the parties to the dispute there is no appeal to anything except force.

    The employees can come to hate the government and its officers just as they come to hate the company and its officers when the law is not based upon moral principle. When the law can no longer appeal to either reason or justice, and where it is nothing more than a power which takes what is available and dispenses it with an arbitrary hand, with no fundamental principle to guide it in saying how much is to be given to which group, people lose respect for such a law and the police power which enforces it. No appeal to justice, reason, or compassion will prove effective. The people who are the backbone of civilized nations—the thrifty, hardworking self-respecting independent honest class—cannot respect such a law.

    Where the right of private property is protected man is encouraged to look to himself to supply his wants. He is even forced to this just as nature and nature’s God decreed: Thou shalt eat thy bread by the sweat of the face. But when government announces that it will now see to it that his wants are supplied, he no longer feels the need to rely upon his own brains and body. That man loses respect for the rights of others. He looks to the use of force to provide for his needs. He looks to force which takes from others what they have created, and the more he is pampered the more he demands. He comes to believe what the government tells him: That there are no property rights which may not be invaded to provide for his wants. He no longer regards it as necessary to conserve and limit his desires or to save and provide for the future. In our complex economy this is the worst possible attitude, for when it breaks down the suffering will be most intense.

    When a government encourages and advocates the belief that force may be used by groups, acting together through government to despoil others of their property, the reliance upon force becomes accepted. As the reliance upon force becomes accepted and as the numbers increase who depend upon government largesse, the greater becomes the problem of restraining this group when government can no longer supply their demands. The government must resort to force to keep them in place when their demands reach that point (which they soon will), where it is impossible to give them what they ask. Civil war will occur just as it did in Rome.

    There are always large numbers in any society who are industrious and thrifty and who respect the rights of others to own and control property. These people know within themselves that it is morally wrong for the government to take from them the fruits of their own labors and saving practices and give to those who won’t work and won’t save. As the immoral practice of government grows, disrespect

    for law also grows. They no longer can be counted on to uphold and obey a law they know is immoral and is at variance with their conscience. The foundation of any stable government is respect and voluntary obedience by the masses of the people. When this is destroyed, free government is no longer possible and dictatorship becomes the only answer. Such a form of government must resort to a policy of foreign war to keep the people united in any respect. They must conduct a war against some real or imagined foreign government and cry danger in order to get any support.

    In such a government only the corrupt will accept positions of responsibility, or those who are so blind that they are unable to see the perversion of government. Such a group will not scruple to stay in power. The love of power becomes the dominant aim in their lives. No means is too devious or too reprehensible. They will use force, lies, bribery, murder, and imprisonment to hold their opponents in check.

    The loss of political and economic freedom is an inevitable consequence of socialism. Self-government becomes impossible because centralized planning displaces all local planning. As immorality grows apace, the people are unable to act in concert in sufficient numbers to put respectable and moral men in office. Each group is striving to protect its own selfish and government protected interests. Any man who stands up and says this is all wrong is vilified, maligned, and literally torn to pieces by the mobs who want government to continue to protect their labor monopoly, business monopoly, subsidy, welfare check, etc.

    The moral element, seeing that it is impossible to restore government to its proper function, begins to plot its violent overthrow. This is the only recourse they have. Appeal to the ballot box is futile. Death is preferable to slavery to them. If there are no moral reference points, then government becomes nothing more than an instrument of force which treats man as if he were just another beast of burden. Not only does the government presume to own and control all land and natural resources, but it arrogates unto itself the power to treat each citizen’s labor as its own, to dispose of as it pleases, and even to direct what labor shall be performed.

    (Personal Journal of Elder H. Anderson, / /1962)


    • Looks like Mr. Anderson nailed it. 1962 or 2022 human nature is the same. For some, free stuff and zero responsibility is a perfect world, until it runs out. Then there will be hell to pay for all of us.


  2. I agree with your points, with one point clarification…

    The huge divide between the top 1% and the other 99% of the country is a perception, not a reality. Thomas Sowell, in his book Wealth, Poverty, and Politics, shows that people regularly move from the bottom 10% to the top 10% (or even the top 1%) and back down again during their lives. The “top 10 percent” or “bottom 10 percent” is just a snapshot, not a permanent situation. Furthermore, it is government intervention that is making upward mobility so much more difficult, and class warfare gives the politicians someone else to blame. For purposes of a potential for civil war, this perception becomes reality and can spur people to action.

    It seems to me the most likely cause of armed insurrection (other than an SHTF scenario) will be some final overreach of the government. A few weeks ago a friend of mine forwarded this link to me:

    My friend was in panic mode asking “Is this real”, and “what will we do about it” (it’s not real- it’s a very well done hoax). He is a church-going family man, not a wild eyed radical by any means, and he was ready to start filling sandbags. For a few minutes (until I could research it), I too was having an “oh shit, here we go” episode. The comments column for the piece was also very indicative of how volatile this type of thing could be.

    How close to civil war are we? I think it depends on just how arrogant and stupid the government is.

    “I didn’t know I was a slave until I found out I couldn’t do the things I wanted.
    The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress. 
Find out just what people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue until they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both.”
    Frederick Douglas


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