Combo Book Deal – Special Offer !

Special Book Offer - My JournalMy Journal book series special offerI am offering my first two books, softcover edition; My Journal – Surviving the Collapse and My Journal – Going Home for sale for $30.00

Along with the books I will sign each book and include a “dedication” if requested. Shipping will be free; USPS Priority Mail.  I will also include a free PDF version of each book.

For $30.00 –

  • Two signed softcover versions of My Journal $30
  • Free eBook version of each My Journal books
  • Free Priority shipping.
  • Dedications for each book upon request.

My Journal book series special offerBuy Now Button with Credit Cards

3 thoughts on “Combo Book Deal – Special Offer !

    • Glad you like ’em! They were fun to write and I am working on a couple more in that series. What do you think hit you the most of “what would I do”? AH


      • I think it was whether or not I would invest so much in the purchase of silver and or gold. I feel it may be better to purchase items such as food (long term storage kind) and ammo and maybe medical supplies. These can be used for bartering and would be useful to you as well. I’m that thinking that silver and gold can only be used as money and can’t be used for anything else.


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