Boafeng UV-5RA – Aweek Travel USB Adapter Charger

Aweek Trave lUSB Adapter ChargerOnce again I have to say that I love the Baofeng UV-5RA radio…it just rocks! For the money it is hard to beat that handheld Ham radio. For more info on the radio…

<What radio to buy? The Baofeng UV-5RA Handheld Radio!>

I am always looking for new ways to keep my UV-5RA radios up and running, that means batteries charged. As you know I mated the charging base that comes with the radio along with a vehicle power adapter < click here to read about that >

But I kept thinking that I would like a dedicated 12vDC charger option. I could have purchase another charger base, then mated it with the vehicle power adapter but I thought maybe, just maybe that option might already be out there on the market. BINGO! it was already out there.

I found it on Amazon and it originally was being sold for $7.00, at the time I purchased it in late January it was selling for just over $13.00. After testing it I decided to buy another for a dedicated unit in my wife’s SUV. Well, Amazon is sold out of them and no date is listed when they might come back in stock. Dang! But, let me continue with the review so you will be ready with the information in hand to buy or not to buy.

This dedicated unit charges your Baofeng radio/battery combination or its battery only in a charger base that is hardwired for a USB connection. There is a cigarette adapter USB charger included in the box. This unit gives you the ability to charge the radio’s battery with any power device that has a USB connection. Here are some options that I’ve tried and like:

  1. Vehicle cigarette socket.
  2. My power box cigarette socket.
  3. My power box USB connection.
  4. My small power box Anderson Powerpole / cigarette socket adapter.
  5. My GoalZero Nomad7 / Guide10 solar charger
  6. My Glowtech60 Solar Kit
  7. GoalZero Boulder 30w Solar Charger
  8. SolPad7 Solaraid Solar Charger

So yes, having a dedicated 12vDC USB charger available for use with your Baofeng UV-5RA radio is a plus in the bigger picture. Here are my testing results…

  • I put the multimeter to it and the voltage at the cradle was spot on at 8.5v – 8.6v, just right for charging the battery.
  • It is delivering that voltage at 400mA which is the exact same amperage as the regular charging cradle operating off of house current.

Here’s a little tidbit of interesting information…The charger bases states “Input: DC 10V” which is exactly what the charger base says that comes in the box with the radio. However, I cut the USB wire and tested the output from the USB plug going into the charger base, it reads 5.12v. So the charger base has been modified to step-up the 5.12vDC to the needed 8.6vDC to charge the battery.

The good news is, you can use any USB plug/adapter to plug the charger base into. Once I reconnect the USB wire I will test it on my computer’s USB just for the heck of it.

So here is my bottom line…when these come available again they are worth buying. It is nice to have an extra option for charging your batteries. I have three batteries for my wife’s and mine radio kits…but only one charger base. I will use this dedicated USB/12vDC option in our vehicles. To hold it in-place I will use Velcro on the base of the charger and another piece on the right spot on the vehicle’s interior. Or, maybe just set it on the carpet when the time comes…the Velcro will hold it securely on the carpet just fine.Buy It !


Hold on a freaking moment!!!!!

I was going to put up a link to Amazon so you could buy it when it came available again. But some jackass third party seller has it on Amazon for $71.00. SO I am not going to put up a link at all, it is not worth $71.00. When they come available again I will put up a link…right after I buy a couple more 😉

OK….hold on a flipp’en second again! I just did some more checking and it looks like eBay has them for $21.00. I will do some more checking and get back with you…


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One thought on “Boafeng UV-5RA – Aweek Travel USB Adapter Charger

  1. I am re-reading “Boafeng UV-5RA – Aweek Travel USB Adapter Charger” and I noticed that there wasn’t an update yet. This cable says it will work for some Baofeng model cradles: . What do you think?


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