What would you do?

What Would You DoThis article, and several more to come, build off of an earlier series that posed a scenario to you where the grid just went down…and what would you do. I want to move on and put us a little further into a situation, and ask the question, “What would you do?”

Today is Friday July 8th. The economy fell apart two weeks ago, the stock market crashed so low that the government closed it down until the economy stabilized. There was talk the last week that criminals, gangs, and drug cartels are taking advantage of the situation. They are leveraging their criminal activity and their large supply of cash to become stronger and a more formidable force. The government has just announced that:

  1. The banks will not open on Monday as normal.What Would You Do bank holiday
  2. No debit cards will work either until further notice.
  3. Credit cards will work as normal at merchants, but not ATMs until further notice.
  4. The US Treasurer has issued a statement that it will issue a universal debit card to access cash that is currently in your bank account. No other debit cards will be accepted at any bank or vendor.
  5. On Monday July 18th all banks will reopen. But they will only be open to issue the new USTcard issued by the US Treasury Department. To obtain the card you must turn in all other debit cards at that time.
  6. The US Treasury also says that no cash will be accepted for any financial transaction until Monday July 25th. At that time the old currency will not longer be legal. A replacement currency, all paper bills, no coins will be put into service.
  7. On Monday July 25th banks will only be open to exchange old currency and coins for new currency. The banks will only provide the exchange services for 48 hours. After which time you will no longer be allowed to swap currency, new for old.

You’ve talked to your spouse about this. Your spouse thinks there is no need to worry, no reason for alarm, it all makes perfect sense. No one wants criminals to profit from hard times. On the other hand, you have been visiting AHTrimble.com for over a year now and the SitRep postings tell you something way different than what your spouse is thinking.

You have a gut feeling that this is a move by the federal government to finally be able to track every single financial WhatWouldYouDo-002transaction and eliminate any secondary economy.

What two actions do you and your spouse now take in regards to the news regarding the upcoming Federal move?



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2 thoughts on “What would you do?

  1. First thing is this. I already pretty much live off the grid. I keep just enough n the bank to make my bills each month.A financial collapse is the least of my worries. If the “Grid” were to go down, I already have in place a back up Gas and Solar generators. I have a Well for water and Septic for waste. I have Horses for travel if necessary, and we grow our own food, and hunt our own meat. And yes, I have sufficient arms to protect it all with the Military training to use them. I may be old, but I grew old in a profession that most die young in.


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