onPoint Tactical : Urban Escape and Evasion class with Kevin Reeve {April 4 – 6 : Los Angeles}

onPoint Tactical - Kevin ReeveKevin Reeve at onPoint Tactical is putting on his famous Urban Escape and Evasion class in Los Angeles on April 4 – 6. This is the class that many Special Forces take as part of their training onPointTactical Urban Escape Evasionregimen. Kevin has taught this class to some very special people. And yes, I’ve taken this class! It is incredible beyond my ability to explain. So I am giving you a head’s up that it is coming up on April 4 – 6.

Kevin has also been gracious enough to offer $100 off to any AHTrimble.com Lock Picking is an essential urban survival skill for grid-downwebsite visitors. All you have to do is tell Kevin that you want the AHTrimble discount before you pay for the class.

To learn more about this class → < click here >

To get pricing information and/or enroll in this class → < click here >


You will love this training !

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