SitRep 3/18/2016

Situation Reports (SitReps)I was really enjoying a good cup of hot chocolate this morning well before sunrise, really good. Then I started thinking about my conversation last night with my best friend. He makes me think, challenges me, and usually Hot Chocolate in the morninghelps me to clarity. Unfortunately, that was the case last night. That is what I would like to share with you besides some bits and pieces of a few other things.

Let me start off saying I am finishing up a huge project on handheld radios. I have been researching some alternatives to the Baofeng Baofeng UV-5RAUV-5RA just in case it becomes scarce and to find a more powerful version that would be an alternative…or addition. I am about 10 days or so from starting to publish my results. I am excited and think you will find a lot of value to the outcome.

You will also notice I am putting up on the website notifications of Kevin Reeve’s training onPoint Tactical - Kevin Reeveover at onPoint Tactcal. I am doing so because Kevin is a good friend, provides outstanding prepper training of incredible value, and I am 100% convinced that you can benefit from that training.

Lastly, I am still working on more indexing of articles to make it easier for ya’ll to find useful information for your situation and your needs. It is very time consuming but I am committed to doing it. I want you to find what you need. And, let me know if there is something specific you want or need.

Now, on with what I want to share with your this morning…

My buddy and I were talking last night about where we are as a country and what the upcoming election will do to us. Yeah, kind of a weird way to say that, “…what the upcoming election will do to us.” But, what it will do to us has already started.

We have seen Black Lives Matter disrupt several different candidate rallies. We have seen protesters as Trump rallies physically assaulted. We even saw one reporter viciously attacked by a Secret Service agent, the attack was completely unprovoked. We saw a Trump rally canceled due to a very high threat of violence by the leftists. But, it doesn’t stop there. Black Lives Matter said there would be violent riots if Trump were elected. And we heard Trump say that there would be riots if he doesn’t get the GOP nomination.Election2016-001

What does this all mean?

It means there is a “no-win” situation coming at us at full speed. We, meaning American people, can’t win from this election. It is obvious to me at this point that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be the nominees for their respective parties.

Clinton’s nomination will really tick off the most extreme left elements of the Democrat Party. And those folks have already shown a clear propensity for violence. Trump’s nomination will really alienate the Constitutionalist and Libertarian elements of the Republican Party that have been supporting Cruz. It is so bad in the GOP that a significant percentage of Republicans say they won’t vote for Trump even if he is the GOP nominee. And other polls show that almost 1/4 of GOP women won’t ever vote for Trump…but will vote for Hillary Clinton.

So here is a little rundown –

  • The Democratic Party is deeply divided between the Liberal/Progressives and the Communist/Socialists. With a moderately strong anti-establishment feeling in the party.
  • The Republican Party is divided between the establishment Liberal/progressive and the Constitutionalist/Libertarian elements. With a very strong anti-establishment feeling in the party.

So for discussion sake let’s go back to the Clinton vs. Trump election run-off. You now have the anti-establishment Communist/Socialists really upset on one side not happy with their nominee. You have the anti-establishment Constitutionalist/Libertarians upset on the other side not happy with their nominee. Now the election results come in…

Election2016-002If Clinton wins:

    • You have the country headed towards disaster following in the footsteps of Obama.
    • She will send the national debt into orbit by increasing the size of the welfare state exponentially.Election2016-004
    • Further weaken our military.
    • Reward all her Wall Street and banking buddies.
    • Kill what few rights and liberties we have left.
    • She will open the borders to more illegal immigration which will in-turn destroy the middle class even more by sending more millions of Americans into the unemployment lines.
    • She will be an utter disaster for America domestically and internationally.
  • If Trump wins:
    • Every minority organization will go berserk. Expect Black Lives Matter to riot in every major city.
    • We will return to a “world’s policeman” mentality.Election2016-005
    • You will have the Republican establishment in Congress stymie his efforts.
    • You will have every Democrat in Congress band together to stop any Trump program.
    • The Democrats in the Senate will filibuster whatever appointments he tries to make to the courts given the slightest reasons.
    • The Constitutionalists and Libertarians will be further alienated from the GOP.
    • Privacy rights will be reduced due to his police state strengthening.
    • Some even predict a clear move to a “Hitler-style” of government.

Now, I might not be right on every single aspect of each perspective winner but I think I have a pretty decent grasp on what could happen. Even if half of it does actually take place then we find ourselves in a “no-win” situation America is dividedregardless of who wins the election come November. And I refer to the country as a whole and how it will divide us as a people even further. The conflict between increasingly isolated groups, factions actually, of people will deepen dramatically. Clinton and Trump are not leaders who unite, they are people that create divisions. Both are followers of the “win-lose” mentality. In order for one group or person to win, others have to lose.

But, what the heck does that have to do with prepping and you?

All we have to do is see a group like Black Lives Matter riot enough to interfere with transportation. Or immigrants would strike and not pick crops. Or any other numbers of possibilities take place to disrupt our country’s normal flow of commerce the country could, I said “could”, tumble down like the house of cards it really is.

What happens to the patriot movement when Trump would go after Apple to support the FBI is eliminating any last hope of privacy?

Or, what happens to the economy when Clinton forgives all student debt? And then implements some form of free college education?

There really is no end to how badly things could go in this country regardless of whether Clinton or Trump is elected. We are too far fractured as a country already, just imagine how much worse it would get.

So I ask you, especially those of you in larger cities, consider the position and situation you are in. Look at what you can do to be better prepared to deal with what may come as a result of the election…or during the election. I ask you to not be caught unawares and unprepared.

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  7. So what happens if we do not have an election? I see that possibility. What would have to happen to cancel the election? Granted we have had elections during very trying times. However, the political climate appears to me to be different than those other times.

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