SitRep 3/24/2016 – Part #2 (urgent)

Situation Reports (SitReps)Yesterday I began this series of articles. I hadn’t really intended to write anything at all about this particular subject at this time. However, I became overwhelmed with promptings to do so. I hope you bear with me, read all of the articles in sequence and I truly believe you may find some real value in the information. In the last article I will share the solution to the long list of challenges that lay ahead of us.

Yesterday in the article I posted outlined that many people are fearful, many are are deeply concerned for their safety, and most everyone in the country is frustrated…frustrated to the breaking point. I referred to my article from March 18th and the coming violence, who would be responsible for it, and that there was no avoiding it. I also went to great lengths to explain exactly what the FBI thinks is the greatest threat to America over the last 15 years and the coming decades. The FBI doesn’t think it is Islamic terrorists, not crime syndicates, or any of the usual suspects. The FBI thinks the greatest threat to America today are domestic terrorists. The FBI refers to them as “patriots”, “consititutionalists,” etc.

Unfortunately the FBI also lists 72 indicators of potential domestic terrorists that should be very concerning to the average American. I know I am somewhere in the solid 60 something ranking of those indicators. You might be as well. Simply visiting this website probably qualifies you for 10 or 12 of the indicators of potential domestic terrorists.

March 18th article – < click here to read >

Yesterday’s article – < click here to read >

In this article I will go into –

  • Some interesting poll results about what people are thinking in regards to America as a police state.
  • I will share some interesting facts about the FBI.
  • How the FBI will affect the Consitutionalists and the Patriot movement as well as many conservatives such as Tea Party members.
  • I will also explain what a “totalitarian state” is and outline a few facts in that regard.

Before I continue I was to ask one thing of you…I am going to make some claims and relate some events; do not take me at my word. I want you to validate and verify anything that you read that you think I am misrepresenting. I have done my research and I know what I am saying to be true. But, I don’t want you to take my word for it…prove to yourself what I say either right or wrong. I am purposely not providing sources. Although I use a minimum of two distinct and unrelated sources before I put something forth as truth. But, I don’t put down my source references intentionally. If I was to get a name, word, date, or punctuation wrong then some people would say that proves everything I write is wrong. So, I take the other tact…if you doubt me, then prove me wrong. As you go through that process you will prove me right. Well, that is if you use unbiased, objective, third-party information.

One last note…I am not a professional writer, I am not a journalist, I am not a professional investigator, I am not very good at writing and I am a horrible speller. Please forgive the unprofessional appearance and content of these articles.

The Police State Called America, Courtesy of the FBI

FBI-SWAT-002How bad it has gotten in America? Over two years ago I ran a poll to see what people were thinking. 10.5% of those that responded felt we, the United States, were not a police state. 89.5% of those that responded stated that we, the USA, are a police state of some kind. An amazing 76% felt that government controlled almost everything we do and “it was getting worse”. Over 20% felt we were as bad, or worse, than Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, East Germany or China in regards to being a police state.

And who can blame them?

But before I tackle the “police state” issue let’s review the FBI for an example…albeit a painful one. Here are some interesting tidbits about the FBI…

  • October 2014 at a speech, FBI Director Comey demanded that all electronic device manufactures build FBI Director Comeysurveillance capabilities into their devices. And, the FBI be given unrestricted access to those devices to use at will without court oversight. He then went on to state that American citizens have no right to encrypt anything and then he threatened Apple and Google to not provide encryption capability to their users.
  • FBI personnel knowingly and deliberately perjured their testimony thousands of times to illegally convict people in federal court from 1980 – 2000 in thousands upon thousands of criminal cases. It could still be going on, we can’t tell for sure because the FBI will not release any facts related to continued personnel misconduct.
  • The FBI leadership illegally used their agents to conduct surveillance on members of Congress and Presidents, and then used that information to blackmail them.
  • The FBI illegally worked with the IRS to target Conservative and Constitutional groups from 2009 to the present.
  • The FBI leadership, starting with J. Eager Hoover, illegally used their agents to conduct surveillance on members of Congress and Presidents, and then used that information to blackmail them over a multi-decade time period.
  • The FBI worked tirelessly during WWII to intern Americans in concentration camps based on race alone.
  • FBI leadership headed the interning of Americans in WWI.
  • The FBI has had untold numbers of veterans locked up in mental hospitals without Constitutional due process.
  • The FBI falsified records that led to the Ruby Ridge Massacre. The same massacre where the FBI’s infamous Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) issued “shoot on sight” and “green light” orders to FBI personnel Hutaree Militia in Michigan fiasco, FBI jobagainst a man and his family. Subsequently, the FBI killed a child and a mother of the Weaver family.
  • The FBI tried to set-up, through entrapment, the Hutaree militia group. When a judge heard the case, he laughed the FBI out of court because it was so blatant that the FBI committed entrapment.
  • The FBI was intimately involved with the Fast & Furious gun-running scheme by the ATF. And the FBI, says the ATF, was primarily responsible for getting the gun into the hands of the Mexican cartel criminals that killed a Boarder Patrol agent.
  • The FBI for decades issued “shoot on sight” order on criminal suspects they were investigating and listed on their “Ten Top Wanted” list.
  • The FBI shot a man to death in 2013. A man who was in custody and being questioned. Originally the FBI story was an “unarmed man” attacked FBI agents while he was being questioned. Then the FBI story changed stating the man was armed with a knife and attacked FBI agents. This was a man that was already in FBI custody at the time he somehow came across a knife. And, the room was full of FBI agents and other law enforcement officers when the “attack” took place. And, the man was shot six times in his torso…then once in the head. Strangely enough…no video exists of the interrogation or the shooting. And again, strangely enough, the man was shot right after he refused to sign the confession that had been prepared by FBI personnel.ATF FBI Waco Massacre of religeous group
  • The FBI lead an attack in 1993 on a religious group in Texas with military armored vehicles. The FBI attack started a fire where 76 men, women and children were burned alive.
  • In 2016 the FBI lead the ambush on a convoy of Patriots movement personnel. The FBI characterized it as a “routine traffic stop.” But, it came out just days later that they used a “Dead man’s roadblock” that is specifically against FBI policy. The FBI also claimed that one of the individuals was shot and killed when he reached for a gun. But no evidence of a gun has ever been presented in any form by the FBI. The FBI tried to cover-up the murder by saying that only three shots were fired and all of those were by Oregon State Troopers. However, it was later discovered that “numerous” shell casings were found that were directly tied to the FBI’s notorious Hostage Rescue Team. It was then obvious that the FBI had lied about the incident being a “routine traffic stop.” And the FBI massive cover-up continues indicating the ambush operation was planned for weeks and the HRT opened fire and hundreds of rounds were fired at the vehicles as the occupants laid on the floorboards trying to stay alive. Months later the FBI has yet to provide a single piece of evidence indicating that anyone in the vehicles were ever threats at any time. However, evidence is being leaked that the FBI and Oregon State Troopers planned and trained for the shooting to kill one or more of the vehicle occupants.
  • In 2016 the FBI, under the leadership of Director Comey, ordered Apple to provide them with unlimited, unfettered, unrestricted, non-court ordered access to all Apple products. The access to all Apple devices would be at the sole discretion of the FBI outside of any legal system and in direct violation of the Fourth Amendment. When Apple refuses to comply with the FBI order, based on Constitutional grounds, the FBI via the Department of Justice sued Apple to force submission to FBI orders.
  • In January 2016 the FBI tells high school teachers (grades 9 – 12) to teach a FBI developed block of school material. The FBI course material is called “violent extremism awareness training.” So we now have the FBI developing high school curriculum…and in that training of children the FBI uses the terms “anti-government,” “extremist” and “terrorist” interchangeably. The FBI is now teaching our children that anyone who expresses any anti-government feelings, or relates any anti-government facts, is now to be considered an extremist or potential terrorist. Many educators are now asking, Is the system now “public education” or “government education”?
  • In 2014 the FBI eliminated virtually all rules on FBI personnel access to NSA surveillance information on American citizens. No court order is required, no notifications to any legal system are required, no restrictions are imposed, and no limitations are enforced. And we know from Congressional testimony and released documents of the unconstitutionality of the massive NSA surveillance of United States citizens. When questioned by Congress for answers to the new Constitutional violations, the FBI responded “Changes have been implemented based on PCLOB recommendations, but we cannot comment further due to classification.” There is zero accountability of FBI activities in regards to unconstitutional surveillance activities targeting American citizens.COINTELPRO-001
  • The FBI’s COINTELPRO program (COunter INTELligence PROgram) consisted of surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting and disrupting domestic political organizations. The Director of the FBI ordered FBI agents to “expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, neutralize or otherwise eliminate” the activities of political movements and parties, especially their leaders.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was only one of thousands of the FBI’s targets. The FBI leadership wrote, “In the light of King’s powerful demagogic speech. … We must mark him now, if we have not done so before, as the most dangerous Negro of the future in this nation from the standpoint of communism, the Negro, and national security.”

Shortly after that declaration by FBI leadership the FBI began a program trying to blackmail King into committing suicide. The FBI’s blackmail attempt failed but in April of 1968 King was assassinated by James Earl Ray. However, later the King family won a lawsuit against Loyd Jowers and other “co-conspirators.” The jury findings linked the US Government (allegedly the FBI) as one of the co-conspirators. The US Department of Justice investigated the allegation and rejected any link to the FBI. Note: The FBI works for, and under the direction of, the Department of Justice.

During the same period the FBI program also targeted Malcolm X. The FBI stated goal was to ferment dissent and hatred among the leadership of the group that Malcolm X belonged to. Malcolm X was murdered in 1965 by Nation of Islam members. John Ali, national secretary of the Nation of Islam, was an FBI undercover agent and identified as the primary agitator of hatred against Malcolm X.

  • While COINTELPRO name is no longer used in the FBI today, there is still the exact same program in operation, just the name has been changed.
  • Primary technique of FBI Special Agents to extract confessions through intimidation or blackmail vs. solving crimes through investigation. Where confessions aren’t forthcoming, FBI interrogators will routinely deploy the usefully ambiguous federal felony charge of making a “materially false statement to a federal agent” to punish those citizens who refuse to submit to the FBI’s attempt at blackmail. FBI agents – like all other law enforcement personnel in the United States – are trained and encouraged to lie as an “investigative technique.”  FBI agents face no criminal, civil, or administrative punishment for lying in the course of an interrogation.

FBI agents can, and do, confront us with as many documents as they chose, bearing the forged signatures of our family, friends, co-workers, or alleged co-conspirators – and it would be just a skillful interrogation technique rather than a prosecutable deception.

So why is the FBI such an important factor in the equation?

The FBI and the Patriot Movement

So it is obvious to any unbiased and objective person what the really FBI is at its core. And, we also know that they sought revenge on the Patriot movement since Bunkerville. Since then, and in conjunction with Malheur Refuge, the FBI has arrested dozens and even killed in executing their revenge. And, they are far from done. They are in Montana right now, as we speak, preparing to arrest or kill Jack Ryan from the Malheur Refuge situation.

So why is the FBI planning to decapitate the Patriot movement…including the operationally planned killing of its members? Why doesn’t the government simply understand how much they, the government, are violating and  over-stepping their Constitutional role…then correct it?

The answer to the question is very, very simple. The federal government does know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they have over-stepped their Constitutional role. They know they are in clear violation of any number of Constitutional provisions. The FBI Director Comey unquestionably knows that the FBI is violating the Bill of Rights and is acting against, violently so in some cases, US citizens. And the Federal government has no intention of correcting is wrongs and reversing course back to Constitutional restrictions on its power. It is their plan, their desire, and their intention to do just what they are doing…and escalate their activity even more.

What? Yup! The federal government knows exactly what it is doing…they are establishing a “totalitarian state.” If Totalitarian State - USAyou are not familiar with that term, it means that the government recognizes no limits to its authority and regulates, or attempts to regulate, every aspect of public and private life. This form of government stays in power through massive propaganda campaigns, through mass media that is controlled by, or in cooperation with, the government.  Political activity is usually controlled by a small ruling class group of people, or all political activity is repressed altogether. The economy and education system is strictly controlled, regulation and restriction of speech is the norm (think political correctness), mass surveillance, and widespread use of police violence and/or intimidation are key indicators. Secret courts and secret legal proceedings are used against US citizens.

So why totalitarianism? Because that removes power from people and moves it to the government for the benefit of the political/ruling class. Normally you see totalitarian states being established right before a fascist government comes into power. Democracies are a dreamland for those seeking to establish totalitarianism because the people can be so easily manipulated at first through promises and fear tactics in cooperation with mass media.

Totalitarian State

Constitutional Republic vs. Totalitarian State

Once established a totalitarian state funnels power and wealth to a clearly defined and select group of people. These individuals reap the rewards of the average citizen’s work and efforts. The special group usually comprises of 1% of the total population or less.

Is the United States headed in that direction…or already there?

Well, I conducted a poll just this week and the results are…

  1. Less than 15% felt the USA was not a police state.
  2. 98% felt we have lost substantial freedoms in the last 30 – 50 years.
  3. 14% felt we had lost considerable freedoms and liberties but that was OK because the federal government was taking care of us.
  4. Two-thirds felt we had lost at least 75% of our freedom and live in a police state.
  5. 35% feel the government controls everything we do.
  6. 18% feel we live in a total and complete police state.

Tomorrow I will continue this series of article. I will go into relating a totalitarian state to the USA as it stands today. Then I will talk about how the citizens of our country win and what we can do.

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