SitRep 3/24/2016 – Part #3 (urgent)

Situation Reports (SitReps)The day before yesterday I began this series of articles. I had absolutely no intention to write anything at all about this particular subject at this time. As I said yesterday, I became overwhelmed with promptings to do so. Please bear with me, read all of the articles in sequence and I truly believe you may find some real value in the information. In the last article I will share the solution to the long list of challenges that lay ahead of us. I believe the time you spend will be worth it.

Yesterday’s article clearly showed why people are justified in their fear and for their safety. I also went to great lengths to give real, concrete, truthful examples of who just one militarized government agency really is and what they do to American citizens. In other words why they are but one threat that faces American citizens today.

Unfortunately the government also lists 72 indicators of potential domestic terrorists that should be very concerning to the average American. I know I am somewhere in the solid 60 something ranking of those indicators. You might be as well. Simply visiting this website probably qualifies you for 10 or 12 of the indicators of potential domestic terrorists. I went through those indicators so you can understand just how horrific our government sees the best of our citizens.

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In this article I will go into –

  • Winning, can we and how do we win.
  • I give clear and undeniable examples of how the government controls every aspect of our lives.
  • I show how we are no longer a country governed by the “rule of law.”
  • Then I begin to open the door about what we do.

How Do We Win?

Well, define “win” first. If you are thinking “win” means that we defeat or prevent a totalitarian state being established…well, we simply don’t win at all. Nope, it is already too late for a win to take place. That window of opportunity has closed. Actually, that window closed a long time ago during the Clinton years. The window was locked tight by Bush after 9/11. Some would say that when we elected the first CIA operative as President we had sealed our country’s fate. Yes, Bush #1 spent his life working for the CIA…and we elected him president regardless.

Can I be a little more clear? Sure I can!

There is no political process left wherein we can prevent or reverse the establishment of a totalitarian state in the USA.

Neither party has any desire to restore the Constitution, to reestablish a Constitutional Republic, or move power from the government back to the people from which it was stolen.

Am I serious? Yes! I am telling you clearly, with 100% surety, that no politician, political party, political movement, man, or women can ever do those things to bring our country back to its founding principles. It is absolutely impossible…period!

Why? Once power is acquired by government it is never given up willingly. It is the very nature of man, that given a little power, begins to exercise unrighteous dominion over others. And once they taste that power over others, and the ability to control people, those with power do everything they can to acquire more power to ultimately control everything.

Go all the way back to our founding as a country. England had virtual absolute power over the colonies, America. The colonists didn’t like it, they wanted self-determination as a free and independent country. Did England acquiesce and say “Sure! No problem…here is your liberty and freedom to be your own country.” Not hardly. The King of England began a brutally violent campaign to crush any notion of freedom, liberty, or rights. They were in no mood to relinquish the “profitable” colonies. England simply made too much money from the efforts of the hard working colonists who were taxed and forced to comply with every whim of the English government.

Over the course of last 210+ years the federal government has slowly seized the rights that had been endowed to citizens. Since the start of the Progressive movement over 125 years ago the movement of power from people to government has accelerated dramatically. With the election of the first radical left-wing Progressive presidents, Woodrow Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt, the movement to a totalitarian state exponentially increased in speed. With the election of Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama the totalitarian state was assured…and irreversible.

And the proof is in the actions of today’s federal government. The average working person pays well over 50% of their income in taxes. Less than 50% of the country bears the burden of supporting a massive federal government through a forced seizure of income. On top of that the federal government controls virtually every aspect of our lives –

  • The Department of Education controls every aspect of education from pre-school through high school.
  • The Department of Education also controls the entire student loan program, and virtually all of the college grant money.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency controls all land in the United States through environmental regulations…even down to puddles of water on your property.
  • The Department of Labor controls all aspects of interaction between an employee and an employer through regulation and its own court system.
  • The Department of Agriculture controls all aspects of farming through regulation, law, and policy. The also control, with absolute authority, millions of acres of land that has been removed from private owner use. This department also regulates virtually all aspects of food production.
  • The Department of Interior controls, with absolute authority, 10’s of millions of acres of land that has been removed from private owner use.
  • The Department of Health and Humans Services controls the healthcare industry.
  • The Department of Transportation controls all forms of transportation in the country, all of which is subsidized by a huge tax burden on American citizens whether they use any particular form of transportation or not.
  • The US Department of Treasury through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac control 90%+ of all home mortgages.
  • The Federal Reserve (a private company contracted by the US government) regulates all aspect of the banking industry.
  • The Federal Communications Commission regulates and controls every form of communication within the United States.
  • The Federal Trade Commission regulates every aspect of business and stock trading.
  • The Food and Drug Administration controls all aspects of drug and food development, production, and marketing in the country.
  • The Department of Justice controls the entire legal system in the country.
  • The Department of Homeland Security is the mega-department that controls the enforcement arm of the US police state. DHS controls or monitors every aspect of freedom of communication, speech, and movement in the United States.

I could go on and on but you get the point…the federal government controls every aspect of our lives. There is nothing in our lives that isn’t regulated and controlled by the federal government. I can pretty safely say, the same thing about what they impose taxes upon…virtually everything.

And whatever the federal government misses, the state and local governments pounce on. Many areas of life there is considerable overlap in regulation, control, and tax imposition.

Unfortunately, it has been clearly proven beyond any unbiased doubt, the current US government controls,  highly armed, militarized SWAT teams protect the governmentregulates, and taxes far, far more than the oppressive English government, that we rebelled against over 200 years ago, ever did. And our federal government has far more violent enforcement power today than England did. Our federal government today has dozens of agencies with law enforcement authority…men with guns. Actually, the federal highly armed, militarized SWAT teams protect the governmentgovernment has dozens of agencies with highly-trained, heavily-armed, militarized SWAT teams. Yes, even the Department of Education and the Department of Agriculture have these heavily-armed and fully militarized special operations teams.

And even an agency that is strictly a land management, the BLM, has highly armed, militarized SWAT teams protect the governmentone of the most aggressive, trigger-happy special operations units.

So where are we as a people today? Simple…we are screwed…completely and totally screwed. The federal government has seized almost all of our rights, liberties, and freedoms. What they haven’t seized, they regulate and tax to the point of absurdity.


So what do we do to change it?

Nothing, absolutely nothing. There is nothing we can do.

The Bundy’s tried to expose BLM illegal activities against ranchers. They have been crushed, jailed, assaulted, and

BLM special operations unit prepare to open fire on peaceful demonstrators in Bunkerville.

BLM special operations unit prepare to open fire on peaceful demonstrators in Bunkerville.

will lose everything they have and spend years in prison.

When patriots tried to protect demonstrators from being fired on by a high-armed BLM SWAT team they now find themselves being rounded up and imprisoned by the FBI.

When the Hammonds where being crushed by the same BLM the Patriot movement tried to expose the tyranny of the federal government through their protest at Malheur Refuge. They have been crushed, jailed, assaulted, and killed for their actions.

What about the elections…can’t we make changes through the elections?

I’ve talked in great detail about the elections. Regardless of who wins the election the government will grow in Police Department Military Vehicles used against citizenspower and wealth. The people, the citizens, will continue to lose rights, liberty, and freedoms as we have had for the last 100+ years. The law enforcement agencies will continue to increase the violence against citizens that they deem enemies of the state. The law enforcement agencies will continue to be given military weapons and armored vehicles from the federal government with Police Department Military Vehicles used against citizenswhich to use against citizens that try to advocate for freedom and limited government.

The only winner of elections is clearly the government. The people, the citizens always, always, lose.

So you respond, “OK, so what do we do…or what can we do?”

Absolutely nothing…in the bigger picture. Yes, you read that right. But there is more to that answer than that simple, overly simple, answer. Let me explain…

National level politics is controlled by money, and that control is strict and absolute. The amount of money to affect politics at the national level is staggering and totally out of the reach of everyone but the top 1% of the wealthy in the United States. Some might mention Trump as the exception to that statement I just made. No, Trump is the perfect embodiment of that example.

You have a two-party system that has iron-clad control over the political system in the United States. You can’t go anywhere in national politics outside of those two parties. Ross Perot, who ran for president through the Reform Party, was the only viable third-party candidate to enter a presidential race in modern history. But, he was only able to do so due to his own massive personal wealth. While he polled well for a while running up to the election, he failed to be a realistic contender when it came to the actual election.

Going back to Trump as an example of a non-party national political figure finds us in a Perot-like environment once again. Trump was only able to become any kind of viable candidate due to his own personal wealth. And that wealth is in the neighborhood of $5,000,000,000 (yes, that 5billion) or more. And Trump didn’t try to run third-party, he is joining the ranks of the modern GOP party which is decidedly and increasingly Progressive vs. conservative. The GOP has virtually no Constitutionalist representation anymore.

So effecting national level politics is simply not possible unless you are firmly entrenched in the two-party ruling class or you are a multi-billionaire. And I would venture to say that if you are reading this article you are neither part of the party ruling elite or a billionaire. Just saying 😉

Moving on to the ability to influence at the state level. Once again…this is virtually impossible unless you are part of the two-party establishment or have massive amounts of money at your disposal. Now, that being said, an individual can accomplish more at the state level such as the passage of certain legislation outside of the political party power and money model. But, it is difficult at best and requires massive time and effort. But once again, no large-scale political shift is possible.

The restricting factors once again are lack of power and money for the average person. If you are a Cuomo family member you have the power and money. Like the Cuomo family there are numerous political family dynasties scattered around the country controlling state politics effectively locking-out the average person. In those state political environments you have generations of power and money at work ensuring political influence of the established political power brokers.

As you get into the county and city level political environment there is far more ability for the average person to have political influence. However, this doesn’t apply to large cities such as New York, Chicago, etc. These cities are virtually locked-up by large influential political families or organizations (i.e. unions, race, etc.). Medium and smaller municipalities can be available to the average person…but, political influence is just as rare to anyone outside of the two-party system.

John AdamsFounding Father John Adams said:

“There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution.”

George Washington said in his farewell address that a two-party system will lead to despotism and eventually a dictatorship which would crush liberty.

Benjamin FranklinBenjamin Franklin warned:

“Those factions [two-party political system] which are perpetually dividing the nation.“ But he didn’t stop there, he outlined what would drive the two-party system, “the love of power, and the love of money.”


James Madison James Madison spoke to, not just the two-party system, but to the dangers of democracy as well,

In all cases where a majority are united by a common interest or passion, the rights of the minority are in danger.”

Clearly he warned us that should a simple majority gain power in a democracy, the 49% not in power will suffer greatly. We see that in play today. Why?

With the adoption of the 17th Amendment to the Constitution the last effective check and balance on a despotic federal government was eliminated. That single stroke of evil genius removed any and all influence or control that the states had in the affairs of the federal government. It relegated the states to the position of colonies subjugated by a modern day English King.

But, you say the United States is a democracy and was founded through the American Revolution to be a democracy! No, if you said that you would be 100% incorrect. The United States Constitution established a republic based on the Constitution.

A republic is a form of government in which the supreme power rests in the body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by representatives chosen directly or indirectly by them. And those elected leaders exercise power according to the rule of law. Our Constitution outlined very clearly the restrictions on the powers of the federal government…and those restrictions were vast. And in so doing, gave the overwhelming majority of governing power to the individual states.

Do we have a Consitutional Republic form of government today?

I say clearly and unreservedly “No!”

While citizens do have the power to elected leaders, the elections essentially give us only two choices. And those choices are controlled only by those is power…the two-party system. How often do you hear people commenting about “voting for the lesser of two evils” when it comes time to cast a ballot?

And since when do our leaders govern through “rule of law” in almost any matter any more?

Our federal government today virtually rules over every aspect of life primarily through “regulation,” “policy,” and “codes.” Those are not the “rule of law” that the Founders spoke of, or wrote restrictions against in the Constitution. You have massive bureaucracies today writing 16,000+ new regulations per year. And each of those regulations carries with it a criminal or civil legal penalty should you find yourself violating it. You could find yourself in prison for the rest of your life for simply violating any number of hundreds of EPA regulations.

Take the Bundy situation in Bunkerville, Nevada…did they violate the law? No, they violated BLM grazing regulations. Once they ran afoul of the BLM bureaucratic regulations they found themselves being charged over $1million dollars in fines. No “rule of law” allows for that. Actually, from a strictly technical reading of the Constitution the federal government isn’t even allowed to own any land at all outside of some ports, forts, and administrative buildings and facilities. Land in the United States is to be owned by its citizens.

Why do you think federal income tax is referred to as “tax code”? Actually is is officially referred to as the “Internal Revenue Code” but all the same, what is the size of that code?

Let’s look at the origins of the code, 400 pages in 1913. As of 2013 it was almost 75,000 pages. Do you think every page of that is “law” passed by Congress? Of course not, it is mostly regulation and policy written by government employees and political appointees. But, let’s look at a slightly larger issue for a moment when it comes to income tax and true rule of law.

The 16th Amendment to the Constitution is the basis for the federal government to establish a federal income tax. But, for that Amendment to be legally adopted as law it had to be legally ratified by at least 36 states at the time the Amendment was proposed. Secretary of State Philander Knox declared the Amendment ratified in 1913 allowing the federal government to then enact an income tax. However, upon closer scrutiny we find that only 21 states “legally” ratified the 16th Amendment. Here are the ones that didn’t legally ratify the 16th Amendment –

  • Kentucky legislature illegally ratified it because it was not presented to the state legislature by the Governor. And the version of the Amendment ratified by Kentucky wasn’t worded the same as the 16th Amendment.
  • Oklahoma, the legislature changed the wording of the amendment so that its meaning was virtually the opposite of what was intended by Congress, and this was the version they sent back to Knox. Yet Knox counted Oklahoma as approving it, despite a memo from his own chief legal counsel, Reuben Clark, that states were not allowed to change it in any way.
  • Tennessee law prohibited their state legislature from acting on any proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution sent by Congress until after the next election of state legislators. But the Tennessee legislature illegally ratified the Amendment anyways.
  • Texas and Louisiana violated provisions in their state constitutions prohibiting the legislatures from empowering the federal government with any additional taxing authority.
  • Twelve other states (Mississippi, Ohio, Arkansas, Minnesota, New Mexico, West Virginia, Indiana, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Colorado, and Illinois.) violated provisions in their constitutions requiring that a bill be read on three different days before voting on it.

So, would you say the 16th Amendment was legally ratified? Indisputably the answer it “No!”

If the Constitutional Amendment was never legally ratified, the basis of federal income tax is not legally provided for by “rule of law.” But, does that stop the federal government? Of course not. The lust for the money that a national income tax would provide to the federal government was overwhelming. And through the huge sums of money forcibly moved from private citizens to the federal government, the power that money would bring was irresistible to the political powers. The radical Progressives won the battle of money and power, and the people lost the “rule of law.”

The United States has not been a Constitutional Republic since the ratification of the 16th and 17th Constitutional Amendments because we are no longer governed by the “rule of law” since 1913.

Tomorrow I will conclude this series of articles. I will answer the question “Now what?”

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