Frequently Asked Questions – 3/29/2016

frequently asked questions prepping FAQ

  • How many “incidents” have you participated in over the length of your career?

Thousands all together. Of those I would say several hundred wildfires that were of notable size. About five of which set records in the US. I have been on maybe 20 or so hurricane incidents. Maybe 4 or 5 times that many for really bad weather that didn’t qualify as hurricanes. The rest were just everyday emergency calls for one thing or another, house fires, vehicle accidents, HazMat, extrications, etc.

  • You write a lot of articles that are anti-cop, why?

No, you are wrong. I have written about some bad Law Enforcement Officers. I have a number of good friends that are Peace Officers and they understand my feelings, they see it too. There has been a serious shift in the country about the role of police. They went from being defenders and protectors of the general public to strictly enforcing laws…mostly against citizens, and protecting the political/ruling class. With the militarization of the police they started taking on a whole new role in the country…and it is not good for citizens or the Constitution.

  • What makes you think you are a prepper expert and people should listen to you?

That’s the great thing about the Internet, read and believe anyone you want to. As for me, I put my experience and qualifications out there for people to see and evaluate. Then folks are free to believe me or not. I always encourage people to judge my information against commonsense and their own experience. Then do as you wish with whatever I have to say. I am only an “expert” if you view me as one.

  • Sometimes the stuff you write paints a desperate and depressing view of the world, why?

I am not into “fluff” at all. I am going to tell you what I think and how I feel. I am not going to back on or changing, not even diluting, what I think is coming. If I did I would be lying and hurting your Situational Awareness. I want to be the one who tells you like it is, then you can prepare for it or not. But remember, I have a whole lot of hope for the future. Ultimately I believe that Jesus Christ returns to earth. In the meantime we have a tremendous opportunity to learn and grow. And when the day finally arrives that all our preps are needed, we will be able to reach out to family, friends, neighbors, community, and our congregations to help them as needed. So my outlook for what happens is bleak in one respect, it will be a glorious opportunity in so many other ways.

  • You talk about “bugging out” but I’ve never seen you talk about walking somewhere to get there. Do you think you will always have a vehicle to drive?

There’s a lot to that question, let me take it in pieces. A bugout is not my preference, sheltering in place is always my preference. If I have to bugout I want to drive so I can take all of my primary supplies and gear with me. I think there is a small chance that we won’t be able to use a vehicle. If I can’t drive, then I will walk and I have my gear designed to do that. But, I greatly increase my chances of dying walking, so my preference is to drive. The chance of having to walk I calculate at under 3%.


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