NEW index of website articles…

I listened to my website visitorsI listened!!  Yup, occasionally I will listen and get something through my thick skull. Actually, I’ve been working on this for a while now…but it takes a whole bunch of time.

I have created a new “Contents/Index” page that lists articles by subject. It is a lot easier to find previous articles based on whatever subject you might be interested in. Check it out Contents/Index < click here to view >

Please take a minute and check out that new page…you will find a whole lot of value to it!

But, I didn’t destroy the old Contents/Index page, I changed it. I listed articles by each of the seven common threat/risk categories of all emergencies, disasters, or grid-down. I will be doing more work on this page, but it is ready to go!  Check it out Info by Threat < click here to view >

Enjoy the new page

4 thoughts on “NEW index of website articles…

    • Glad it meets your needs! Working on a couple other ideas as well.
      Anything that is of interest to you, or anything that really stuck out to you?


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