Baofeng UV-5RMHP Radios Now For Sale !

AH Trimble Grand Reopening of our radio shopAH Trimble is once again selling Baofeng radio kits!

On 4/5/2016 we temporarily closed our doors to do our job…which is finding you the best price and performance radio! Radios that can be used everyday or during times of emergencies, disasters, or even during a grid-down event. I think we did our job really well.

My goal is to provide complete two-way radio packages that are ready-to-go for all of your emergency, disaster, or grid-down needs. That means you turn on the radio, press the button, and start talking. Yup, I want it to be that simple! offers complete radio kits with all the needed accessories and each radio is fully programmed for your specific area and needs. We have done all the hard work finding the right accessories, tested each one thoroughly, and matched them to meet the best performance & price point you can find.

"I have to say that I almost spent way too much on some radios from Amazon. 
You were an answer to my prayers! I had no idea what I was looking for but after reading your 
articles about how anyone can own a Ham radio I knew I had to find out more. You made it so easy 
for me by modifying the radios you recommended with better antennas, programming them, and even 
adding a better battery! I never could have done all this on my own. I would have ended up with 
something that I would have no idea how to made it possible for me and my family to 
have emergency communication. Thank you for always being easy to get in touch with and answering 
my questions. I'm hoping to get my license very soon!!! By the way, I loved your books!!!"  
Amanda, Texas

Our packages are broken into two types of kits; 1) basic, 2) advanced. Each package is meant to meet a particular need and allow anyone to get a fully functional two-way radio at an affordable price. The basic package will get your most essential needs met. The advanced package will step in an really get you going with a comprehensive radio set-up that can meet 90% of the average person’s needs.

Baofeng UV-5RMHP radioBaofeng UV-5RMHP is hereIf you are familiar with the “old” store, the “old” radio, and the “old” radio kits you will notice I now include the much more powerful Baofeng UV-5RMHP handheld radio. This little beauty can outperform the UV-5RA model by as much as 50 – 100% in some cases!

I posted a full review on it yesterday. < click here to read the review >

The downside to the Baofeng UV-5RMHP is its availability…there is only one US supplier that I was able to find. But…I was finally able to acquire a bulk purchase of the new Baofeng UV-5RMHP radios so they are ready to go on sale.

They are ready to use because I have been testing that new model for several months now and I am am confident that my testing has proven it to be a solid upgrade to the older, lesser-power UV-5RA radio. I also listened to my existing and potential customers and I have enhanced the “advanced” package quite a bit. The advanced package now includes –

  • Cloning cableArama radio Headset baofeng
  • Aweek Covert Dual-Band Antenna
  • Arama Headset

Maxmoral UHF Female to SMA Female Plug RF Coaxial Adapter ConnectorI also replaced the Tram 1185 antenna adapter cable with a single solid-piece adapter. While the cable was a quality USA made cable, the solid-piece adapter removes one potential source of failure. It also brought the price down.

Speaking of which…I was able to purchase some components in larger qualities as well as finding a new supplier or two. Both of those moves helped keep the price in check. And, let me tell you, that was a challenge! As these little radios and accessories have become more popular they also became more expensive. I did a lot of sourcing of components…and some soul searching as well in order to keep the prices as low as I possibly can.

But, I am making money off of each radio I sell. Not a lot of money, but enough to keep paying for new prepper gear and equipment to purchase so I can evaluate that gear  and equipment for posting reviews on the website. Selling the radios provides the reviews you read on this website. The money has to come from somewhere and I don’t want to turn this into a “paid” website or start splashing web ads all over it like some sites do.

And, that being said…thank you for trusting me with your purchases. It honors me to have your trust and I work hard to keep it. Thank you for the support.

So here are the new radio packages that I am offering for sale – < click here for more information >

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