What would you do?

What Would You DoHillary Clinton was elected president in 2016, she took office 1/20/2017. It is now mid-summer 2018. Clinton has Hillary Clinton evil presidentbeen issuing one Executive Order after another covering just about anything. The Supreme Court is not overturning any EO she issues. The Republican Congressional leadership, Paul Ryan and John Cornyn are rubber stamping anything Clinton wants to do.

Last March Clinton issued an EO requiring all gun owners to register their guns. Some protests broke out in more FBI-SWAT-002conservative areas. The FBI swooped in using MRAP military vehicles and fully militarized SWAT units to make arrests. Over 250 people were killed while resisting arrest. In every instance the FBI said the people were reaching for weapons in their shirt pockets. 35 of those killed were under the age of 12. 87 of those killed were over the age of 75. Only the most grainy video has been released for each of the killings during the arrests. None of the videos shows any gun.

You are fearful for your family and their safety, you register each of your guns according to the EO.

On July 4th , during a Independence Day celebration, Clinton announces her latest Executive Order…gun confiscation. Each person will be required to turn any gun other than a single shot 20gauge shotgun or a .22cal single shot rifle. All guns must be turned in within 10 days to the local police department.SWATteam

After that 10-day period you will be considered automatically guilty of a 1st degree felony, a warrant will be issued for your arrest, and all of your assets are forfeited under the Civil Asset Forfeiture laws. On day #11 FBI SWAT teams will begin raiding homes of suspected gun owners who have not turned in their guns. The FBI makes a statement that anyone whose home they raid will be considered highly armed and highly dangerous subject to being shot on sight.

Later that night (July 4th), your best friend comes over with someone who you have never seen before. They want you to join a local militia group that will begin ambushing police officers that next night. They leave without you giving them an answer. You just can’t get behind ambushing anyone. As they walk out the door, the new guy says he really hopes you won’t turn into an OpSec problem.

You have hidden several guns at your weekend cabin property. It is a 800 mile drive to get there. The guns you hid there are unregistered.

The next day another best friend who works for the local Sheriff’s department stops by, not in uniform. He tells you he can get you an AR that is not registered and not traceable. He assures you that you can get way with not complying with the new law with this AR. He tells you his buddy will give you a really good deal because he knows you are a prepper and “we will need guys like you when the bullets start flying.

So, answer the following questions:

  1. What do you tell your best friend that is also a deputy?
  2. What is your most important threat/risk right now?
  3. Who do you align your family with? Why?



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4 thoughts on “What would you do?

    • BIngo! That is a good Situational Awareness. Staying aware of what is going on and who is approaching you with what idea is important. Remember how the FBI does business today. They infiltrate then promote an illegal idea. Then they prosecute the group for having the idea. Not all law enforcement is bad. But, if they are suggesting an illegal act, then they are probably trying to create a prosecutable environment even if they are the ones responsible. “If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is” makes plenty of sense. AH

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  1. 1. What do you tell your best friend that is also a deputy?
    No, because he is law enforcement it could be a trap
    2. What is your most important threat/risk right now?
    Who do you trust? How do you know you can trust them? This is a pickle.
    3. Who do you align your family with? Why?
    It’s a case of you have to trust someone. You can’t trust the government. You are not sure of the resistance. It’s a difficult decision, but you decide to trust the resistance and align with them. You do it because you are a second amendment guy. You change your mind and get the untraceable AR. You join the group your other friend recommended. You know this is an irrevocable decision and will endanger your family. It is a matter of principle that you uphold the constitution. Further, the governmental actions look too much like totalitarianism. Your conscience pushes you to resist the illegal actions of a tyrannical out of control government

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    • Well though out! There is no easy decision or answer to this scenario. Sometimes you get presented with a “right/wrong” situation. Sometimes you get a “good, better, best” set of options. Whatever the situation, think it through and keep your priorities in-place. Listen to your instinct and that still small voice. AH


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