Tips: Lost

Stranded Vehicle in winterIf you are every lost in a very remote area with a vehicle and need to be found there are a couple of things you can do –

  • In daytime, remove a tire and burn it. The thick black smoke will BUrningTire-001be seen from miles away. But, only burn one tire a day. There might not be an airplane flying over, or a person accidentally looking your way that day. Burn a tire each day for 5 days. Yes, 5…you have a spare tire. And yes again, burn your spare tire first. Burn a tire at a different time each day to help spread out the chance that someone will see you.
  • At night, pull out a headlight so you can hold it in your hand. Directly wire the headlamp to the battery so you can hold the headlamp in one hand and touch the wire to the battery with the other hand. Point the headlamp at any airplane that you see flying over. Flash the light this way –
    • 3 short flashes
    • 3 long flashes
    • 3 short flashes
    • Pause, repeat…if you can’t remember that…just flash the light in sets of three flashes.


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