One thought on “Something to think about…

  1. Boy, do I have issues with the “pledge”. First of all, I don’t pledge allegiance to a piece of cloth. I also don’t care much for the things “the Republic for which it stands” has become. Not much of a Republic any more, unless you compare it to the Imperial Republic of Rome. One nation, under the gods of expediency, political correctness, and cronyism. Indivisible? Hardly. The founders, particularly Jefferson, wrote at some length about splitting into smaller, but still manageable Republics as we grew. To stop that the tyrant known as Lincoln made total war on other Americans, suspended civil rights, and lead the killing of hundreds of thousands. He said he would let slavery survive if it would keep the union together. “These united States” as the founders called us, have become THE UNITED STATES, and we are worse off because of it. With Liberty and Justice for all? The Liberty to do as we are told, within Federal, State, County, and local laws. MILLIONS of laws, regulations, and administrative codes. Justice for all? All the well connected. All the well heeled. All those not targeted by the politicians and bureaucrats wielding those millions of rules. What is is we are supposed to pledge our allegiance to again?


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