What would you do?

What Would You DoNorth Korea hit the US with an EMP strike from a satellite that they had just put into orbit a couple months ago. No one was expecting it, the strike occurred two months ago. The electric grid is down, the transportation system is all but non-functional. There is sporadic violence breaking out even in your small town. The big cities are pretty much a mess, gangs control large portions of the cities where even cops will not longer go.

You have been faithfully following the advice on AHTrimble.com for two years now. You feel you are 100% ready for most of what is to come. You have 3 years worth of food for your 6 person family. You have heirloom seeds for two year’s worth of 2-acrea gardening. Your family has been practicing with their weapons regularly and you actually work on tactics together as a family. You even went so far as to practice “immediate action drills.”

Your kids range in ages 13 – 19, 2 girls, 2 boys. They are on-board with the whole prepping thing since the beginning. Now that the grid actually went down and TSHTF they almost worship you since it turns out you were right all along.WhatWouldYouDo-Church

Your family attends a great church around the corner, about three blocks away. You have been going there for years and know most everyone there. Your kids love it, your wife is part of the women’s group leadership. Your two oldest children both have “special interests” at the church as well.

Yesterday during the Sunday Sacrament Service, the main speaker talked about home some families are really struggling and have little to no food left, their children are hungry. They reminded the congregation that the government can no longer provide food; even the basics any no longer available because that supply is drying up as well. But not to worry…the church leadership has a solution.

The concluding speaker gets up…the leader of the church. He outlines the new program:

  1. We are all Christians and we can all help each other out by working together.
  2. No one has to starve and the children don’t need to suffer.
  3. Everyone in the congregation will bring all their remaining food to the church…all of it, everyone.
  4. The food committee will then hand out the food to each family as it is needed.
  5. All the seed will also be brought to the church and another committee will be in charge of community gardens. Everyone will be expected to work in the community gardens. And the food from those gardens will be handed out by the food committee.

Your spouse thinks this is a wonderful idea, everyone works together for the common good of everyone. No one suffers, everyone benefits.

Do you participate?

  • If yes, why?
  • If no, why?



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4 thoughts on “What would you do?

  1. That’s a.tough but very relevant question. This is your church family that you have known for years, not a group of strangers. You have enough food for 3 years, plus seeds. I would give the church a 6 month supply of my food, asking the other families that have “enough” to contribute. I would give them half of my seeds with the stipulation that I will oversee the garden committee, or if others donate seeds make up the committee of only seed donors, and, after a successful harvest, seeds will be reimbursed (this may take several harvests) If everyone would do that there should be sufficient food for those who are hungry to be fed until the garden can supply food without having to depend.solely on stored food.

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    • As soon as the “word” passes to the rest of the community (or your “church family” runs out), they will come you what you have left. When people are starving the niceties like “church family” and “greater good” will quickly devolve into “who has what we need, and how do we get it”.

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  2. This will not turn out well. I was done as soon as I read “bring all their remaining food to the church…all of it”. That doesn’t lead to “No one suffers, everyone benefits”, it leads to “everyone suffers” but someone ELSE decides how much me and mine suffer. If I had a secondary location, I would be gone before the next day was over. Staying would depend on how well we kept pre-crash opsec. If the word gets out you have food (or more than you admit), the others WILL come for it. The question is, will I stay and starve, stay and have to “ballistically discourage” my neighbors, or bug out?

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